(Please note:  With the Chauvin case coming to a head  I feel it is urgently necessary to get certain messages to different groups immediately.  If you agree please assist best you can with distributing this post).


My Fellow Americans this is a difficult and dangerous time.  We need to be real about that. 

Regardless of if you are on “The Right” or “The Left”, we cannot afford to pretend that the divide we’ve got going on is just going to go away.  It will not.

Communication is not optional if we want to all get through this peacefully.  There is absolutely no need for even one more person to get hurt over any of this, no matter how bad things may seem.

A few major urgent key points:

-We all have the same enemies.  No matter if you are Left, Right or Center we have the same enemies at the end of the day.  No matter what race or background or gender identity or anything else.  No matter if you are Law Enforcement or not:  Please believe me as God is my witness we have the same enemies.

What we are experiencing in our country right now is textbook “Divide & Conquer”, and it is not coming from just inside our country.

Let’s be clear:

The common enemies we all share want the races to kill each other.  They want good American Patriots and good American Law Enforcement professionals killing each other.  They want LGBT and straight killing each other. And on and on.

They hate all of us.  Every one of us.  They are playing all of us and that is working alarmingly well.

-PATRIOTS: As upset and as frustrated and as pissed off as we all are, it is critically important that we pray for and support and FORGIVE Law Enforcement.  They are Americans too and they are in an absolutely terrible position.  No matter what they do they have someone getting pissed off at them, and none of this is their fault.  I understand the anger people have felt over the Oregon incident and others, with a lot of accusations of oathbreaking going around.  But we must keep things in perspective:  Our country is under absolutely vicious levels of economic attack.  Everything about everything is unprecedented.  If only for the sake of Christ we have got to afford grace to Law Enforcement because they are in an absolutely impossible situation and they are at tremendous risk and that is without us holding their feet to the fire at this time.  There will be time to air out grievances later, but right now they need our support EVEN IF you don’t think they deserve it right now.

We are talking about people who for YEARS have risked their lives for all of us on a daily basis, for far too little pay.    We cannot forget that.  Now the George Floyd Derek Chauvin thing is coming down, and it is not looking good at all.  There is a very high probability that absolutely nobody is going to be happy with how that turns out.

To those on the Left:  There has been a tremendous amount of misunderstanding over my post entitled, “A Warning To The Left”, so if you are on The Left I am going to talk directly to you for a minute and I hope everyone follows along:

That post is not a threat, it really is a warning which I’ve communicated with the hopes of averting absolute disaster. We MUST talk about the things mentioned in that post, or it is 100% guaranteed that terrible widespread violence will occur in our country.  Nobody wants that.

“A Warning To The Left” By Vic Freeman CLICK HERE

Please understand something:

This divide is not something that is just going to go away on it’s own.  It is not going to be swept under the rug. An absolutely incredible number of people are extremely angry over the election, regardless of how you feel about the election we have to face that fact.  Another fact is that the majority of the 70+ million people who feel the election was stolen are gun owners.  On that:

When I tell you the truth I am not trying to “provoke” or “incite” violence.  I am telling you the truth and I pray to God that hearing the truth may WAKE UP people to the realities of the extremely dangerous situation we are all in.

Pretending that there are no 100 million gun owners, and being in denial of the fact that a terrifying number of them are more pissed off than they ever imagined possible, denying those facts are NOT making anyone safer.

Let me be absolutely clear:

1. I do not want even one more person to get hurt over everything that has been going on.

2. I am asking you to LISTEN to what I am saying, and I am asking you to share it with your friends (yes I am actually asking Leftists to share “A Warning To The Left” because I am telling you WE MUST ALL have this conversation.)

It does not make your friends safer to pretend that people aren’t extremely angry at this time.  It is what it is, and refusing to talk about what it is does not help. So PLEASE:

Please read the post in full rather than jump to conclusions.  You will see that I am literally telling you HOW to make 100% certain that nobody else gets hurt over this horrible situation we are all in TOGETHER.

Regarding ANTIFA:

If you are ANTIFA or and ANTIFA supporter I am telling you that I am NOT what you assume. I am extremely familiar with what you believe and what you stand for.  I used to think EXACTLY like you do if you are ANTIFA.  I understand how you feel and I have been angry about pretty much what you have since before I was a teenager even.  Where we disagree has to do with the WHO’s and WHY’s of things, and I disagree that violence is the right way but I understand you have felt that you have to get people’s attention (which you most definitely have, that mission is definitely accomplished).

PLEASE listen to what I want to tell you:

The America you hate is NOT how America was ever meant to be.  The fact is, for those of us who call ourselves Patriots, we hate the CAUSES of your anger, we hate what has been done to America which has led to your anger.  You hate how things are in America and I have news for you: So do we.

There is no need for even one more ANTIFA member to get busted over this shit.  YOU HAVE BEEN HEARD, loud and flipping clear.  So while I don’t expect you to believe this:  Ain’t nobody happy about how things are. Okay?  And it IS and WILL be addressed, and for whatever it’s worth I am not personally okay with you being angry ongoing and you can call me crazy if you want to but I will find ways to see your anger properly addressed and I’ll never give up on that.  NOBODY should go through life angry and whether people agree with your reasons for being angry or not, it is entirely clear that you are not going to be ignored.  So, I hope you guys go into some kind of “wait and see” mode before any more of your people end up in a cage because that is not necessary and would only delay the process of fixing everything for all sides in this.  POINT MADE guys, so let’s at least take the time to let the new communication we gained in 2020 work:  Before 2020 most Americans didn’t even know who ANTIFA was, and how are people going to respond until they know who you are and what you want?  Well, everybody knows you now, and I hope you can be temporarily satisfied with that as a big step in the right direction.  NOW we can make some real progress:  IF you are game.  I hope you are.

To BLM: 

To the members and supporters of BLM, the best way I can address you is to share a true story about what happened to a black friend of mine.   It’s in a post so if you want to see it then PLEASE CLICK HERE

In Conclusion for now:

I hope and pray that everyone can work harder than ever to communicate with each other about how each other feels.  The censorship is extremely dangerous so we have to work together to ALL communicate how EACH OTHER feels.

God Bless you and yours no matter what “side” you or on or what “group” you are with,

And God Bless America.

Sincerely, your brother American to and beyond the end,

Vic Freeman

Ephesians 3:20


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