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Imagine you’re an Elite psychopath who has covertly done horrifically terrible things to a whole lot of people for a very long time.

Now imagine that due to the Internet and a lot of other factors, the truth about what you have done to people is about to come out.

Now imagine that you are vastly outnumbered by all of the people you have so horribly wronged.  Imagine you are outnumbered to an extent which terrifies you to your core.

Are the Jabs beginning to make more sense yet?

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If you were an Elite psychopath, what could you do in such a situation?

You could do the following:

Since you expect that people will be angry enough to attack you when they find out what you’ve done, you be proactive by staging fake attacks to blame on them.  You conduct fake attacks which look like the attacks you fear and then you point at the “attacks” you’ve staged and you declare, “We MUST make certain this never happens ‘again’!”

In this way you “justify” tyrannical controls towards your effort to make certain that no one can every hold you accountable for the things you’ve done.

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Since you don’t live among the potentially dangerous masses of “little people” you’ve screwed over for decades  and who your predecessors have screwed over for more than a century:

You’d want to limit the travel of the masses of “little people” so that they can’t travel to where you live.  You’d want to invent reasons for them to:

“Stay Home Save (Elite) Lives”.

Since limiting the travel of everybody all at once wouldn’t be practical, you’d want some way to determine who will accept and submit to your abuse and who is a potential threat to you.

Since you agree with Plato when he said, “He who tells the stories rules society” and you’ve taken note that Plato did NOT say, “He who tells the TRUTH rules society”:

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You pummel the brains of the masses with false information so that they cannot make Reality Based Decisions.  You are RELENTLESS with this, since as NAZI Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels said:

“A lie told once remains a lie but a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth.”

Finally for now:

You’d want to kill and/or dramatically weaken those you’ve screwed over and you would NEED to do that BEFORE a critical mass of people learn the truth, OR things could go very badly for you and your associates.



For over 2 years the nonsense has gone on.

For over TWO YEARS the efforts of absolutely everyone has accomplished absolutely nothing.

For over TWO YEARS the SAME “Key Influencers” have been flapping their lips…and all combined have achieved ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

How much more of the same do you need to see before you try something which will actually work?

How many protests do you need to see fail?

How many times do you need to contact your “representatives” only to find out that doing so was a complete waste of time.

How many letter drives?  How many petitions?

How many times do you need to “Vote” before you realize it doesn’t matter who you “vote” for? 

When will you realize that EVEN IF by some miracle the “elections” were to be fixed: 
It doesn’t matter which of two candidates you prefer to get screwed over by.

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