Do not judge, or you too will be judged. -Matthew 7:1

Let he who is without sin cast the first…brick?  Or is it cast the first soup can?

Racist Until Proven Woke: Extortion As A Virtue CLICK HERE

SHOCK VIDEO: Black Activist In 2017 Video Brutally Exposes The “Demonic” Left’s Planned Civil War CLICK HERE


West Africa has an absurdly long history in the slave trade. Black-on-black crime goes way back as it turns out.

In fact:

The West-African Slave Trade began wayyy before there even were any American Colonists. Yes: Fact-Checked TRUE. And…wait for it…

The African Slave Trade continued long after slavery was abolished in America for everyone other than Democrats.

What do I mean by that? What’s my point you ask? Here is my point:

YOUR ancestors’ S#!T stank too. Yes it did. No matter who you are. You’re only kidding yourself and the astonishing number of morons out there. Your ancestors weren’t perfect, unless that is your one and only ancestor is Jesus? Otherwise you have one of two choices:

1. Get off your high horse.


2. Lose the moral high ground along with the minimal respect the actual adults in this country have for you.

A Warning To The Left” by Vic Freeman CLICK HERE


They already know America is not racist.  It’s just Marxist manipulation.  That’s it. 

They call America and everyone in it “racist” for one reason and one reason only:

To divide.

Of course it’s not news to say that the approach of the Left is divisive, but the following will be news to some:

The approach of the Left is not divisive:  Division IS their approach.


When they call you “racist”:

You simply call them “Divisionist”.

Divisionism is literally the only thing that all this “racism” and “White Supremacy” nonsense.

The Left Uses “Racist” and “Fascist” As Slurs Because They Have No Intelligent Point Nor Argument: CLICK HERE

I get it: It’s horrible when a human being of any color is killed by a Law Enforcement Officer. (It’s horrible for the Law Enforcement Officer too, who in most cases are in for a lifelong struggle of incomprehensible difficulty just to hopefully cope with it).

BUT, I’m an adult and so I’m warning you that I’m about to say an adult thing:

In a country of 330 Million…and of the sheer size of the U.S. of A…if you put ANYTHING on the front page every time it happens in this country it will look like an epidemic.

If you put it on the front page every time someone is struck by lightning it’ll seem like a damn holocaust. Then the perpetually-opportunistic Left would call for DEFUND LIGHTING and they’d get tons of support from SJW’s for that too.

Did you know that an average of 34 kids are rushed to the ER in America choking on food? PER DAY? Yes, and many of them unfortunately die. Are we going to DEFUND SOLID FOOD too?

No, we are not and the entire thing is a Big fat Lie and a joke.

“You Were Born To Be Militarized.” CLICK HERE

WHY IS IT that there is always some kind of issue going on with these shootings? I mean, people on The Left act like these folks were just walking along the sidewalk whistling an oh-so-happy tune, and then a cop just randomly walked up and shot them in the face. No, I haven’t seen that before have you? There’s always something like fake bills and drugs or a nice young lady about to drive her eatin’ knife through someone’s heart, or they are going for a weapon, or, or, or.


It’s all just a manipulation so don’t even get sucked into that discussion any further.  Do not get sucked in, and do not get SUCKERED in.


“NO: You are a DIVISIONIST.  You are a divisionist and you want people to fight for your benefit even if it means people die and that is VILE”.

All Military-Style Weapons and High-Capacity Magazines have been declared 100% legal


The Marxist Left is using the ridiculous and bogus “Systemic Racism” scam to justify their wholesale theft of absolutely everything, but that isn’t even the worst part.

Far worse than their wholesale theft of everything (including all decency, all elections and all peace of mind) is:

WHERE they are going with this whole “White Supremacy” nonsense.  That would be…(drumroll please)…….


As in:

Tearing the Constitution up along with all of the rights inside of it.  I mean, we can’t proceed any further in this Nation with documents written by racist white supremacists can we? Not if we are to ever “heal” the “racial divide”?


Here’s how we “heal” the so-called “racial divide”, tell them:

“Hey YOU?  Yes you over there, the one crying like a baby about all the meanies while you throw a temper tantrum like an overgrown infant, yes HERE’s the thing:

YOUR ancestors’ s#!t stunk too.”

“Did you get that?  Unless your one and only ancestor is Jesus?”

Everyone in America is supposed to hang our heads in guilt and capitulate to ANYTHING the Leftist Marxist Communists want, for “Racial Justice”?  Are you kidding me?  The only equality involved in Marxism is that Marxists hate every race equally.  Well they especially hate the Useful Idiots they play for a fool and use, because they have no respect for them on top of hating them.

It is time to call full-on BS on all of it, or pretty soon the only thing whites will feel guilty about will be getting swindled right out of our Constitution and every last right in it.


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