Not long before 1/6…

Not long before 1/6 I began getting invited into a lot of “3%” Groups on Telegram. I was told that “Guys really want to hear what you have in mind”.

I was excited about this, as I had been working hard to get my NON-VIOLENT SOLUTIONS for restoring and securing our Republic out there.

So I began sharing my plans with the “3%” groups, plans which utilize 100% NON-VIOLENT actions such as exceedingly powerful (and 100% LAWFUL) Economic and Informational objectives as “offensives” while reserving ALL use of weaponry strictly for DEFENSIVE SECURITY ONLY.*

*(In this way we have the powerful offensives we need to defeat any and all enemies WITHOUT EVEN REQUIRING WEAPONS for ANY purpose other than DEFENSIVE STANCE SECURITY).

AND THEN TRUE COLORS WERE REVEALED (What Color Are Violent Intentions)

After I had begun sharing the GREAT news of my plan:

I was very suddenly BOOTED and BLOCKED from EVERY one of the 3% Groups which had enthusiastically invited me onboard.

Since I was previously acquainted with people from general gun discussion on FB, including some I knew to be Leaders of “3%”, I began reaching out to them trying to find out why I was booted and blocked by all and with absolutely no warning or explanation.


When I FINALLY got a reply I asked, “WHY?” What I heard next, well decide for yourself:

“We don’t want to hear about no FUCKIN’ community buildin’ man, we just WANT THE FUCKERS TO HANG!”

So I had to ask, “Well WHY THEN was I EVEN INVITED in the first place?!”

The reply I got fit right in with all the other statements of the literal NAZI’s I came to discover the “3%” are:

“Well SOMEBODY was spreading the idea around that YOU were going to lead an ARMED MARCH on Washington, D.C., and everybody wanted in on THAT. But it was somebody else saying that so FUCK OFF”.


The 3% are NOT what they publicly claim.

I have since been able to determine, including through my sources which include more than a few retired Military Intelligence that the 3% are under CONSTANT surveillance (which according to multiple sources is “exponentially heavier than they realize”).


The surveillance IS NOT simply to “keep an eye” on what is going on:

It is for the purpose of BUILDING CASES because they are all going down and soon.

If you are in the “3%” group hear me loud and clear:

-You NEED TO RUN LIKE HELL away from that group.

-You need to PUBLICALLY DISAVOW it so that YOU DON’T GO DOWN with them.

Your leaders are playing CHECKERS against EVIL GENIUSES and they are going to get you KILLED.

That is IF they don’t get you ARRESTED and THROWN IN A HOLE first, never to see the light of day again.

Is that what you want?

Is it?

A lot of folks say I am “bashing” the 3%.  I am not.

What I am “bashing” is people getting slaughtered.

What I am “bashing” is people getting arrested for doing nothing more than exercising their God-given rights as affirmed by the 2nd.

What I am “bashing” is people getting J6-ed, which is exactly what is going to happen to everyone even remotely associated with the 3% group.


More than a few of our investors are retired Military Intelligence.  Now think about the meaning of the word “Intelligence” and realize that THEY WON’T GO ANYWHERE NEAR the 3%.

Do you understand?

Do you want things to GET BETTER?

Do you want to get back to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness?

Do YOU want to THRIVE?

If so you need to understand:

Involvement with the 3% will DISQUALIFY YOU from every good thing because INTELLIGENT people will have absolutely NOTHING to do with them.

And THEN…….

Involvement with the 3% will get you KILLED.

IF that is it doesn’t get you THROWN IN A HOLE first never again to see the light of day.

Is THAT what you want?

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