By the time you finish reading this post, you will have a whole new level of perspective on what’s wrong with America.


You’d probably think it would be easy to give houses away?

If that’s what you’d think, you’d think wrong.

I don’t mean, “give houses away”.  I mean literally try to give actual houses away.  As in for real.

To make things even more interesting:

Offer off-grid power and an on site Lifetime Food Supply with each of the houses, that way people won’t ever starve to death or freeze to death or die of the heat, even while the majority of Americans will soon suffer one or more of the above.

Now HERE is the most interesting part of all:

Imagine God has told you that the houses are to go to people of God specifically…BUT you of course know that EVERYONE on the planet will be a “person of God” all of a sudden if they can get a house out of it.  So what should you do? 

HOW will you fulfill this mission without accomplishing the precise opposite of what you’re called to do?

HOW can you know who REALLY listens to God and who just says they do?

Here is what you should do…

Let people know what you’re offering and when they DEMAND proof that it’s for real:

Say nothing and ask God to tell them.


What comes next is a whole lot of weird.

I’m sure you’ve heard the quote:

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”?

Well Edmund Burke must have seen the future because what comes next in the scenario describe herein is as follows:

Good men will do absolutely nothing.*

*(In this context I mean good men and women).

The evil folks will be VERY busy bees however.  For example:

Next you’ll lose your account on “No Censorship” MeWe, not because you broke any rules but because a shocking number of self-described “Christian Patriots” will spend all day and all night reporting your “scam”.

They have no evidence mind you and not one actual victim to claim, they’re just upset that you even offered to love your fellow Americans.

In spite of possessing not one shred of evidence, they will bear false witness against you faster than you can say what you’re working to stop (that would be Globalist Genocide).

They don’t have a single victim of this “scam”, because no such person even exists. And so:

As sad as their behavior might make you feel for them, that’s nothing compared to how sad it makes you that they’ve effectively murdered everyone on MeWe, as they falsely poison everyone there against what would have saved their lives and the lives of their families.

And that’s not even to mention that now the vast majority of people who spend all day and all night on MeWe will never even hear about the life saving offer.

But you still want to save the lives and families of people who use MeWe, AND AS SUCH:

You ask others to share.

And good men do nothing. 

Absolutely nothing. 


So next the good men do nothing and the men who pretend to be good only offer demands. 

Again they demand proof you’re for real. 

Again you say nothing and ask God to tell them instead.

Again God shouts in their ear.

Again they hear absolutely nothing because in spite of the “Christian Patriot” front they put on they are just like the rest of the world:

Completely deaf to God with no works behind their “faith”.


Imagine you can fix things that nobody else can.

Imagine you really can do everything you claim.

Imagine you know that nobody else is even close.

Imagine you know that obscene numbers of people are about to die along with your country.

Imagine you know how to fix it and that literally nobody else is even close.

Imagine that because of this you can barely even sleep no matter how hard you try.

Imagine your relief when you pray and God replies with:

“I called on you to offer and that’s what you’ve done.  If they won’t receive that is not on you.”


Have you ever noticed that narcissists assume that anything beyond their understanding is “impossible” and that anything beyond their ability has got to be a “scam”?

As far as narcissists are concerned, not even God Almighty can do things they don’t personally understand and have the ability to do.  They are God in their own mind after all.

Speaking of narcissists:

Have you ever noticed that narcissists assume that anyone claiming to selflessly do for others must be a fraud?

Narcissists never selflessly do anything and whenever they claim to do so, it’s a lie or a trick.  The world revolves around them and as such they assume everyone to be a fraud because that’s what they are.


Less than 1% of entrepreneurs have the ability to raise cash.  0.9% to be more precise.  That 0.9% includes me.

I’m not talking about loans, or credit or credit cards, or money from family and friends, or personal funds.

I’m talking about raising cash from perfect strangers.

It’s a particularly elite ability and I happen to be in that top 0.9%. 

I was also in the top 0.9% of every category in school.

I am in the top 0.9% of literally anything else I’ve ever tried.

I’ll be in the top 0.9% of literally anything I ever decide to try.

The above are not the self-centered opinions of a narcissist:

The above are FACTS.

I give all glory to God, so if I don’t seek to glorify myself then why do I even tell you these facts?

I tell you these facts so that you understand the following:

Big problems require YUGE solutions and VC is the YUGEST solution ever to be successfully executed. 

Many people say that VC is impossible and in a sense they are right:

For THEM it IS impossible.


*OUR ENEMIES THINK IT’S IMPOSSIBLE (which is part of the point: They didn’t plan for VC and won’t even see it coming even as it unfolds in broad daylight).

Thankfully VC is not impossible for everyone.

It’s not impossible for me.

And NOTHING is impossible for God.

And if God is for us who can be against us?  

I will tell you who:

People about to lose that’s who.


A lot of suspicion has been raised about my insistence that I will build an off-grid capable town for you.  A town complete with manufacturing facilities, massive commercial auquaponic greenhouse complexes, homes for your families and a lot more too.

Even more suspicion has been raised about my insistence that I don’t need a penny from you to do it, that I won’t ask you for money and that I will refuse to accept your money even if you offer.

There’s GOT to be a catch right?

What’s the catch?

There is no catch.  It’s very simple:

I am choosing to utilize and apply the highly unusual gifts God has given me in order to…

-Put you, your family and your community into Big Business for yourselves with facilities you will have ownership in so you can crush the America-Hating Companies into economic dust.

-To put you into homes you will own outright on land you will own outright without ever owing any bank anything, even if you have no jab, no job, no money and no credit.

-To get you and your family and your community set up with comprehensive Off-Grid capability with all the food production you, your family and your community will ever need even in a worst case scenario such as the one approaching.

-The above is just the tip of the iceberg.  Imagine the rest of the iceberg.

*P.S. The “iceberg” I’ve described above is the iceberg that will make the tyranny of Globalism in America sink faster and harder than the Titanic.

So the “catch” is:

I am actually sincere.  I am actually working in service to God, Country and YOU. 

It’s that simple.

Just imagine that.

(p.s. If more people want to help that would speed things up and it would save and bless more lives, but regardless I am doing this for and with those who are willing to believe beyond 5 minutes from now and who as such put actual works behind their faith.)


Our America is in BIG FREAKIN’ TROUBLE.  It’s really, REALLY bad folks.  It’s far worse than 99% of AWAKE Patriots know.

I love America with all my heart and because I do:

For me the time since the start of 2020 has been like a nightmare I can’t wake up from.  Especially since I know precisely how to fix it.  It just never ends and it never will unless we end it.  I was going to say it’s hard to know where to even start as far as what the worst parts are, but seeing masks on American kids takes the cake.  That’s the single most disgusting and disturbing thing I have ever seen in my earthly life, and I don’t even have kids so I can’t even begin to imagine how Patriotic parents feel at this time.

But I still love and believe in America, and I’m doing VC because I believe the KEY to saving America is:


I love and believe in America because I love and believe in YOU.

The mess in DC isn’t America:

YOU Are America. 

YOU and your family and your community are America.

America isn’t who the media says it is and it doesn’t live where those politicians live:

AMERICA is who YOU are and AMERICA lives where YOU live.


We The People are on our own folks.

Nobody is coming to save us:

They’ve come to destroy us.

Nobody is going to help us:

They are trying to erase us.

We can get our America back and I know precisely how we’ll do it.  BUT:



It is GO TIME and we have a lot to discuss ASAP.

I hope you’ll join us at our Q&A audio chat livestreams where you can be together with the group and speak and ask questions or just listen.  The info and links are below my signature.

I pray we’ll see you there, because in order to make it, our Country needs all of us at this time.

God Bless America and God Bless You and Yours,


Your Brother Patriot To And Beyond The End,

Vic Freeman

Ephesians 3:20

John 3:16


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