So right now, as you read, I have the distinct displeasure of officially welcoming you to WWIII. 

Don’t let the absence of Nuclear Armageddon fool you, WWIII is a much different kind of war than most people expected WWIII to be.  This is the kind of war that can conquer entire nations and decimate entire cultures without a single shot being fired.  No nukes even necessary.

The enemies of America don’t want to nuke or invade America, they want every memory of America erased from within by their American collaborators.  Then they want their American collaborators to invite them to walk in through the front door.

In 2015 during The Third UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction, the UN slogan, “Build Back Better” was introduced.  It’s no coincidence that the Organized Crime figurehead who is currently pretending to be the 46th President of The United States would use a favorite slogan of those whom he actually serves.

“Build Back Better” is only half of the slogan though and 2020 makes a lot more sense when we fill in the unspoken second-half of the slogan:

“Build Back Better…after we burn it down.”

The “Powers-Which-Should-NOT-Be” never tell the whole story.  They only advertise the good sounding part.  Then all of humanity learns the horrible truth through experience.  For example…

UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction” sounds nice enough on the surface doesn’t it?  “Disaster Risk Reduction” can’t be a bad thing can it?  Unfortunately the title of that conference is as accurate as The Federal Reserve is Federal.  In other words it’s the opposite of what it’s called.

Here’s what that conference would be called if the name of it told the truth:

UN World Conference on Reducing the Risk of Failing to Fully Exploit the Disasters We Manufacture.”


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