*(Before we begin there is a very serious first order of business to address:  If you do not share this post, everywhere you can and like a madman or madwoman with your hair on fire, then I’m sorry not sorry but you don’t not want to save our Republic to any effective degree whatsoever and you should just resolve to love your enslavement.

There is no further time for sugarcoating so I will tell you the following straight up and I don’t give half a horses ass hair how it sounds:

I’ve been saying for some time that the biggest mistake The Enemies of All Liberty & Sovereignty made in 2020 was that they pissed off people who are way smarter than they are. We are dealing with evil geniuses to be sure.  But some people are even smarter than they are and here I am.

After being screwed by treasonous AWS just as Parler did and after being screwed by treasonous Duda as well, we now have a much more secure site up.  This is a big deal, especially due to:

My (Vic Freeman) Facebook vaporized just before midnight on November 2, 2020.  If that doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about me at this time, then I do not know what else to tell you at this time.

If you sincerely want to save Our Great Republic then:

It is GO TIME.

Sincerely, your brother Patriot to and beyond the end,

Vic Freeman

Ephesians 3:20)


Want to finally know what we can do about the rapidly increasing tidal wave of problems which are disintegrating our once great Republic?

Are you sitting down?

Q: Why is it so damn hard for politicians and bureaucrats and other government types to simply leave other people the hell alone?

A: Because then they’d have to get a real job. 

It is time to stop reacting and to start acting.

Do not be distracted by anything happening in DC or in the media. It’s all a big BS distraction.

All of the many complicated “issues” they deal with and talk about can be put into one or both of just two categories:

Getting more money or getting more control.  That is all they do.  Literally everything else they do is towards one or both of those ends.

Okay, so now that we have summed up the entirety of DC we can stop reacting to those pathetic suit and pantsuit wearing vessels of epic treason and focus on acting on our own behalf’s.


We all know what the problems are.  There’s no need to rehash it all here.

It’s one thing to identify and discuss a problem, but it’s another thing entirely to actually do something about it.

For over a year now Patriotic Americans have been identifying, posting, sharing and discussing the many problems.  We have been telling each other the truth and agreeing with each other all day long, 24/7/365.  We listen to each other but nobody else is listening to us.  (Well our “Justice” System and Federal Law Enforcement listens in, but they do not pursue any justice and their only function at this point is to make sure nobody else pursues any justice either.  There are a lot of great Americans in the Federal Agencies, but they are in even greater risk of the very Federal Agencies they work in than everyone else is combined.  Good people have no safe place in agencies who at the top commit treason for a living, and like those who are in the standing armies which our Founders called, “The greatest mischief which can occur” and called the greatest risk of all to the liberties of the people, they need to get out ASAP.  They need to get out and like women in dangerously abusive relationships they need a safe place to go before they do.  Make no mistake, at this very time we are all under siege by the most evil people who have ever walked this earth and a great many of those people wear suits and ties and call themselves “the government”.)

Government is supposed to administer on behalf of  and represent We The People, that’s it.  They are not to have any measure of authority over anyone.  Calling them or even Law Enforcement, “The Authorities” is a monumental abuse of the term.  Law Enforcement is supposed to enforce laws but they are no “authority”.

We The People and our Law is the only legitimate authority here.  OUR Law, aka The Constitution.

Anyone who seeks to make or enforce unconstitutional laws act in treason against We The People and THE Law of this land. 

It has been often said that, “Unconstitutional laws are not Laws”.  This is 100% true, BUT:

Until now nobody has had any plan whatsoever to do anything about that. 

I am going to ask you to do us the honor of sending you further info, but before I do that a few things must be made 1776% clear:

We absolutely DO NOT advocate nor tolerate ANY offensive acts of violence whatsoever, upon anyone, at any time, for any reason, with absolutely NO exceptions.  We do not plot, nor even think about, any attack of any sort. 

We #NeverAttackAlwaysDefend

We are extremely Pro 2nd Amendment but let there be absolutely NO misunderstanding:

While we absolutely do need more guns and ammo than ever before in the history of our nation, our purposes and use of weapons is 1000% purely DEFENSIVE in nature.  Our guns are used for ONE purpose and one purpose ONLY and we want nothing more than to never use them for our one and purpose for having them which is for:

As an act of absolute last resort when necessary to defend life, limb, livelihood or property.  And let that make nobody think us soft:

#LeaveUsAlone (We hope to God you can find it within yourself to do that one extremely simple thing, regardless of how difficult that may be to do.)

ATTENTION Patriots one and all:

We must, each and all, make it more clear than anything has ever been made clear in the history of our nation that we as ALL Patriots:


As many of you already know very well, The UN Small Arms Treaty is back on the table, as it was during the Obama administration.  So now we are back to what Eric Holder himself described (on video) as in his own exact words that they must, “brainwash” Americans and especially young people to think differently about guns.

So, we are back to False Flags.  Make no mistake:

There is absolutely no question of IF we will see more false flags, it is only a question of when and where.  Furthermore, given the obviously heightened aggression and desperation of this regime (aka, the ridiculously illegitimate joke of a regime collectively referred to as “the Biden administration”) it is more of a question of how many dozen false flags we will see before the end of 2020 alone.


The purpose of every coming false flag will be just as the purpose of the 1/6 “riot” was and that is:

The narrative is and will be that if YOU are a gun owner then YOU did it.  You personally.


We should never, and I mean NEVER transport any weapon outside of our own respective county unless it is transported in a manner which renders it inoperable (and if you can’t trust your county Sheriff with your life then don’t take it out of your town).

For example:  If you have to take an AR someplace then take the lower receiver and the ammo on a SEPARATE TRIP.  No exceptions it is not worth the risk.  We all in extreme danger like we never have been before.  DO NOT risk being stopped and found to be transporting ANY operable weapon.  Ever.


NEVER transport even two substances or materials which can be combined with any other substance or material which can be made into any explosive.  Ever.  No exceptions.

Here is why:

We absolutely cannot afford to even be accused of traveling on any highway or any other path of travel with even any remote intention of perpetrating any offensive act of violence (aka attack).

*In the above manner we immunize each of ourselves and each other to being framed up for the false flags which they are doing and will continue to do.

Keep a close eye out for any “drill” planned or unplanned.  Some of you know this already and have for years God Bless You, but what they often do is plan a “drill” in order to have all of the appropriate piece in place, and then they literally film a movie scene to broadcast to the world and nobody will know the difference.  Seen an action film lately that looked damn real too and now they have the Deep Fake Tech.

So, here’s some extremely great news for every member of Law Enforcement:

You are not, and you never will be at any risk of having even a single solitary hair on your head harmed by us Patriots. Furthermore, you will see NO activity from us UNLESS you are overrun or otherwise in danger for your life, in which case we will do everything within the abilities God has given us to help you.  We have no greater purpose for existing than to once again make America a safe place for Americans, and that applies to Law Enforcement professionals just as much as it applies to ourselves and our own families.  We will honor the good and inspired intentions of our Founders which did NOT include considering our sacred 2nd to be any license to do any harm to any person, and let there be no doubt that absolutely applies to those of you who do and have risked your very lives to keep our communities safe for far less pay than you deserve.  So do not misunderstand:  If you are a Law Enforcement professional we love you and appreciate you more than words can say.  Whether Law Enforcement or not, as God is our witness we all know that as Americans every one of us are all up against the same enemies who want nothing less than to rob us of absolutely everything we hold dear including the very minds of our children.

So, to the evil ones who seek to frame us up:

It is over for you.  If you do it any more you will be fully exposed.  We will not fall for it anymore. We will not be pawns in your evil games of deception. 

And of course:

If you even try to come after me or any of my people all you will achieve is to prove once and for all beyond any shadow of every doubt that everything I am saying is 100% truth.



And you will:




Stop molesting our lives.  Stop molesting our Freedom.  Keep your hands off our Constitution.  Keep your hands off our guns.  Stop threatening to rape us with your needles or in any other manner.

#MandatoryVaccination is:


To become in contact with us CLICK HERE

Better yet:

Go through the entirety of this website and sign up in all of the places which you may feel called to sign up for, as:

They WILL NOT take our Republic whom so many have fought and DIED FOR from us.

God Bless you and yours, and God Bless America.

Sincerely, your brother Patriot to and beyond the end,

Vic Freeman

Ephesians 3:20


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