“A stand-your-ground law establishes a right by which a person may defend one’s self or others against threats or perceived threats, even to the point of applying lethal force.”

Threats or perceived threats.

Threats OR perceived threats (as opposed to threats the danger of which have or can be definitively proven).

Do you feel threatened and in fear for your life?  That matters.  Can you prove that the perceived threat which makes you feel fear for your life is a provable threat?  Doesn’t matter.

We PERCEIVE vaccines as being a mortal threat and we do not want them.  Are there scientists who have been paid or otherwise motivated to say that vaccines are safe?  Doesn’t matter.  We don’t believe you and we never will.  No means no.  We do not consent.  Do not force nonconsensual penetration of your needles on us we do not want them.

If would-be victims of Nonconsensual Rape-Via-Needle fight back:  Do not blame the victims.


#NoMeansNo #LeaveUsAlone #MandatoryVaccinationIsNonconsensualPenetration #YouSayVaccineWeCryRape #RapeViaNeedle #GoAway #LeaveOurKidsAlone #ThanksForYourOfferOfAutismButWeWillPass #ReducingGlobalPopulationTo500Million


Stand Your Ground laws come from the “castle doctrine” in English common law dating back to the early 1600’s.  Before the “castle doctrine”, common law had “the duty to retreat” which basically said you were supposed to retreat to the “wall behind your back” before using force to defend yourself.   The “castle doctrine” says that you don’t have to retreat from an attack if you were in your home, with the name “castle doctrine” coming from the old saying which says that “a man’s house is his castle”.

We have the legal right to not retreat when we are at home.

The United States of America is our home.


p.s.  Would you like to know about one of the best possible ways there are to incite and provoke potential violence?  I will tell you how…

If you want to really incite and provoke a lot of potential violence, then you will want to do the following:

Go into a Constitutional Republic where people have the right to keep and bear arms and do your level best to force Communism down the people’s throats. 

That ought to cause a ton of problems.  Ideally the people will revolt then you can justify calling in the UN “Peacekeepers” and if all goes really well you can even invite the Chinese Troops who are already standing by in Canada and Mexico to assist.


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