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*NOTE: The rattlesnake does not rattle in order to incite nor provoke violence, but rather in a most sincere good faith effort to prevent violence before it occurs. Silencing (or censoring) the rattlesnake’s rattle prevents the rattlesnake from alerting others when it would be in the best interest of others to watch their step. If rattlesnakes are unable to rattle in warning then those who silenced the rattlesnakes become the direct cause of any venom deployed. -Vic Freeman

“If the representatives of the people betray their constituents, then in the exertion of that original right of self-defense, which is paramount to all positive forms of government, the citizens must rush tumultuously to arms in their courage and despair.”  -Alexander Hamilton

“If at any time the government forms an army, that army must never be formidable to the liberties of the people. The people must never be inferior to any army formed by government in discipline and the use of arms. Furthermore the best possible security against any army formed by the government is for the free people to hold and practice arms for the purpose of going through military exercises as often as is necessary to acquire the degrees of perfection which would entitle them to the character of a well-regulated militia. The people at large should be properly armed and equipped; and in order to see that this be not neglected, it will be necessary to assemble them regularly.” -Alexander Hamilton

“Alexander Hamilton was the most brilliant American statesman who ever lived, possessing the loftiest and keenest intellect of his time.” -Theodore Roosevelt

“Beware the fury of patient men.” -John Dryden

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Dear Leftist/Progressive,

Your life is in severe danger.

That wasn’t a threat: It’s a fact.  It’s a fact that I am taking this time to warn you of because a God you probably don’t believe in loves you.

You should keep reading because below you will find instructions on how to save your own life.

BREAKING: All Military-Style Weapons and High-Capacity Magazines have been declared 100% legal


The first thing you need to do for your own safety will require some study.  Since you don’t even agree to disagree anymore, I certainly don’t expect you to ever agree with this information.  But you need to understand it.  Urgently.

1.  You need to research and understand what The Founders of America believed in and how they saw the world.  Again, I won’t ask you to agree with their views but you need to understand their views for your own safety.

2.  You also need to research and understand the difference between a Republic and a Democracy.

3.  You need to research and understand The United States Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence.

4.  You need to research and study how exactly this country became independent in the first place, and you need to research and study how often it is that history repeats itself.

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You need to gain a deep understanding of the founding principles of THE COUNTRY YOU ARE TRYING TO CHANGE, because you have awakened a ferocious sleeping giant.

As a “progressive” you need to understand WHAT it is that you are trying to progress away from.

Everyone understands that YOU want to change this country hence this warning:

If it conflicts with the Founding Principles of this country it ain’t gonna happen.

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There have always been “Progressives” in America.  There have always been those who wish to abandon Founding Principles in favor of some other way of life.  Thanks to the unprecedented greatness of America, up until now Progressives used to be perfectly free to safely disagree with the very Principles which gave them the right to safely disagree in the first place.  But not anymore.  Progressives used to be safe to disagree, but you aren’t anymore, so what changed?

You see, we used to have civilized processes in this country which served the purpose of peacefully resolving disagreements and conflicts.  Thanks to the civilized processes we used to have, progressives and those who prefer the more traditional American way were able to get through disagreements and conflicts without any bloodshed.  It was a beautiful thing: Everyone could openly express how they felt and believed and there would always be peaceful resolution.  Even if it meant folks agreeing to disagree with each other we could always count on there being peaceful resolution.  They were great times.

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Some examples of the civilized processes we used to have, which used to do a great job of peacefully resolving disagreements and conflicts are:

-Freedom of speech

-The Courts

And a REALLY big one:


All those wonderful processes of peaceful resolution are gone now.  You have “progressed” them all into complete uselessness.  You don’t want freedom of speech and freedom of the press to reign, instead you have chosen to censor, block and ban.  You don’t want to have any more actual discussions, instead you seek to silence all who disagree.  You don’t want courts which are effective in actually resolving any conflict between any differing sides, instead you want partisan human rubber stamps on your benches who are more concerned with activism than they are with justice.  You don’t want actual elections which actually give us four more years of actual peace, instead you just want to take power by any means necessary even if it means stealing the sacred right to meaningfully vote from over half the country.  You don’t want real Law Enforcement and real laws to maintain any real peace, instead you want chaos and no opposition to your chaos and law enforcement which magically appears only when YOU want to dial 911.

Someone should have told you to, “Be careful what you wish for” and if someone tried you should have listened because all peaceful process is dead in this country now.  You killed all of it.  You “progressed” all civility and all morality and all basic decency right into the ground.

It is quite the bed you have tried to make for America, and now you’re going to sleep in that bed alone as your real nightmare begins.

The Silent Majority has never loved your “Progressivism”, but we were willing to agree to disagree.  Many if not most traditional Americans have deeply resented your “Progressivism” for a very long time, but we chose to coexist.

But you have chosen not to coexist as you have tried to cancel and censor everything and everyone you’ve failed to coopt.

You tried to force your progressivism upon America against its will, and now the traditions of the greatest country and culture in human history will haunt you like the ghosts of its Founders and every soldier who ever died for it.

In a sneak attack of cowards you tried to slowly erode the traditions and culture of America by indoctrinating school children with your “Progress” and you tried to erase our monuments so that American kids will never ask, “Who is that mystery man and what did he stand for?”, because you don’t want them to ever ask “why is there a statue of someone not mentioned in my school books?”, because then Marx forbid they might find out that Americans used to be free.

You have targeted and used people as you have ripped off old scabs and have poured salt in the most painful of wounds, just so you could point at those who stop your “progress” and say, “ALL of your pain is THEIR fault!” when nothing could be further from the truth.  You say,  “Destroy THEM for us and we will give you all of their stuff!” along with endless other promises you will never keep.

You have, with High Treason, used medical terrorism to terrify people so you could shutdown and lockdown to destroy businesses and try to make America too weak and too poor to resist your Global Communist masters, as you open the back door to their evil and roll out the red carpet for the global economic tyranny which OUR President whom WE chose in 2016 (and again in 2020) already said NO to.


I could go on, for a very long time, as listing out all of your evil would be like War & Peace minus the peace, so I’ll conclude…


You have “progressed” yourselves into a place infinitely more dangerous than standing between a mama bear and its cubs:

You are standing between Americans and their freedom.  And you need to run, not walk, away from where you are standing.

You need to stop talking the hate you’ve been talking as you shout, “No borders, no walls, no America at all”.

Your marching with, “Death To America” is now acknowledged for what it is:

A declaration of war by YOU upon America.  As you’ve simultaneously destroyed all civilized processes of peaceful resolution in this country.  Those were very bad ideas.

YOU are a bad idea.

The real America doesn’t like you and never has.

The real America doesn’t start fights…but has a very long history of ending fights.

The real America has combat veterans who came back from fighting for freedom only to be told they must wear a muzzle (aka mask) and can’t leave their homes at night, due to a “virus” which people need a test to even know they have it, and which doesn’t kill anyone who isn’t already 99% dead even it they do “have it”.

The real America is tired of being TREAD ON and doesn’t have much left to lose besides ammo.

And you went and disrespected every law enforcement officer in the country and then added injury to insult by defunding them.

And you’ll NEVER again be able to successfully claim that, “Americans have no legitimate purpose for assault rifles” as you’ve burned cities and countless businesses halfway to the ground…while simultaneously Defunding the same police your Leftist gods have always said will handle the every self-protection need Americans have.

The biggest thing you’ve achieved in 2020, is you’ve finally awoken the real America up to why The Founding Fathers of America immediately followed the 1st Amendment with the 2nd.

And there are many millions of Americans who truly would much rather die on their feet than live on their knees.

So you “Progressives” have a choice to make:

STOP your “progress” or it will be stopped for you.

SHUT your mouths like you tried to shut ours, before you cause the Sleeping Giant you’ve awoken to snap.

Because while you may have plugged your ears to opposing views and made a mockery of the 1st Amendment in order to do that:

The 2nd Amendment doesn’t care if you’re listening.

And you can’t buy ammo with EBT.

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*ALERT: In order that less people DIE please share this post. (Let's Be Clear: They are trying to KILL YOU and YOUR FAMILY.) Demolish their plans by sharing this and other posts by "The Weapon of False-Narrative Mass Destruction™" aka Vic Freeman™. *Be Paul Revere With Me™ & SMASH The FALSE NARRATIVE DESTRUCTION Buttons Below to SHARE

51 Responses

  1. Can’t help but laugh out loud at some of the “progressives” posting here.

    You apparently can’t see the irony in protesting the premises of this article. Aren’t you the ones who said feelings now pre-empt facts? Reason and logic have to take a back seat to the truth as defined by “the party”, or at least how the party defines it this week. Or, two quote half of Joe&Ho; “We choose truth over facts”. Well, this article describes how we patriots feel. Who are you to question that by your own standards? Unless you believe, as a class, we really are superior and shouldn’t be allowed the crutch of acting on our feelings alone.

    And spare us the bluster of your imaginary militia. Buying an AR and a bunch of ammo makes you as effective as your inner-city gang minions are with handguns. Are you really willing to give your life for your beliefs? Do you even know what your beliefs are – they seem to change every few months and those of you who can’t keep up are just as cancelled as those of us who hold the same beliefs of generations prior. Do you have any idea of how well we are armed in rural areas?

    Let me give you a taste. Where I live, it’s a rarity for someone to not own at least one AR variant. This includes both genders. The same people typically own multiple hunting rifles and are proficient to at least several hundred yards. I know more than a handful who have true long-distance rifles, routinely shooting 1000 yards. Having several thousand rounds for each weapon is being a slacker. Reloading is commonplace. Most are competent amateur gunsmiths. Home ranges are common and regularly used. Almost everyone carries at least sometimes. We live eat and breathe guns and we use them regularly. Like all the tools we use regularly, we take them seriously.

    Do you have anything close to that on the left? Do you think you’ll even see the shooter who hits you when it comes from this group of people?

    Now throw in the fact that rural areas are where the bulk of the troops come from, and where they go back to. We revere these men and women, value their sacrifice, seek out their advice, take care that there service isn’t forgotten. How does your side treat our veterans? How does your side treat the police? How does your side treat anyone who provides their basic necessities of life?

    You have no idea how pissed off the people are in the places that grow your food, provide your energy, transport your goods and support your cities. You’ve heard of the four boxes, haven’t you? You’ve taken away our soap box, you’ve corrupted the jury box, you’ve nullified the ballot box. You’ve left us with two choices – capitulate to your perverse and ever-changing philosophies and insatiable lust to control us, or use the last box – the cartridge box.

    If you’re surprised, you shouldn’t be. This was your plan. You couldn’t abide by leaving us alone to just live our lives in peace. We tried acquiescing. We tried reason. We tried logic. We tried referencing the lessons of history. We tried everything. But you value power over peace.

    • If this post reads like the manifesto of a mass shooter that is due to the reader not the writer. You’d see the manifesto of a mass shooter in the dictionary too if you ever read it (although I feel reasonably confident that you haven’t read the dictionary any more than you read this entire post before jumping to your premature conclusions and judgements). And you should know that I have discussed this post and everything else under the sun with the FBI as I have called them to reach out to them on numerous occassions due to my knowledge that I have been reported to the FBI more than any other single individual since this entire debacle began. But, they found out what you will now find out which is that I am extremely and very openly Pro-Law Enforcement and they know that OUR people will not only never harm a single solitary hair on their heads but quite to the contrary we are people who would risk our very lives if that were required to save theirs. Your assumptions and preamature judgements could be seen from the moon, as could your extremist bigotry towards God fearing law abiding Patriotic Americans like myself and absolutely every individual I do or ever will associate with. But all of that being said, the thing which will probably shock you the most is that fortunately for you there are people like us who work day and night to secure the safety of people like you who don’t even know who your real enemies are.

      Best and God Bless,

      Vic Freeman
      Ephesians 3:20

  2. Hi Vic I’m a young patriot with a massive problem. I haven’t gotten any pussy since the wuhan virus came. Before id go down to a bar and find a nasty old drunk hoe to plow but bars are still closed and one can only slap the hog around so much. Whats the best way to get pussy these days?

    • Developing a sincere intention to provide actual value to women in return for what you want from them would be a good start. Going to church would help you to do that.

  3. Unfortunately it is time to eat our young. They have been to indoctrinated by Marxists. What they don’t realize is how bad they will have it should they succeed.

    • The name you used on this incredibly spooky and scary post, tells anyone that gives a SHIT about you exactly who they’re dealing with as well as the intelligence level involved in any attempt to have a civil debate with you.
      With that said, have at it Pardoner! I’m sure you gonna dazzle us with some trademarked Leftist douche bag response, but don’t expect anything more from this proud American, because I choose not to waste another brain cell responding to whatever you say. I don’t usually respond to jackasses, but I noticed your a special kind of jackass as soon as I read what you vomited on this thread. So even though I’m now a little bit dumber because of you, it was worth explaining how I and I’m sure many others feel about you and your kind.

    • You’re mad at the wrong people brother. Look at OG Fascist Mussolini definition of Fascism and you’ll see he’s describing Facebook (quote at bottom of this reply). I don’t like the state anymore than you ANTIFA guys do, believe me. I don’t like evil corporations anymore than you do, believe me. What you guys call the State we call the Deep State and The Swamp. Facebook and Twitter are the precise definition of Fascism…and the fact that they hate Trump should be a huge clue to you guys. You’re pissed off at America and we are pissed off at the people who have turned America into the country you are pissed off at. The country you are pissed off at is NOT America as it’s meant to be. You hate the fake version well so do we. You’d love the REAL America the way it’s SUPPOSED to be, unless you don’t like the thought of having no authorities ruling over your head and running your life and making wage slaves out of everyone like the people are nothing but human batteries? Capitalism and Corporatism are both like fire and water: Fire can cook impurities out of your food and save you from hypothermia…but fire can also burn your house down. Water can keep you alive but it can also drown you. As I have often said, “The best way to beat the 1% is at their own game.” -Vic Freeman (yes I quoted myself because as usual I said it best). I understand anger and the urge to finally make some kind of difference, but fighting the most evil global conglomerate Corporations on the planet with brick and molotov cocktails will achieve nothing other that get innocent people hurt and get you in prison or worse, you can’t exactly make the change you want to see in the world if you are in prison or dead. Capitalism is bad when the wrong people capitalize, but it can be equally good and even better when good people capitalize. Corporatism is COorporatism…COoperation…COordination… I get it that you guys are trying to make your point so here’s a question for you: Do you want things to actually get better for the enslaved masses or not? If you guys ever decide you want to free the actual captives rather than running around breaking shit all night then please do let me know. vic@givemebass.com

      “Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.” -Benito Mussolini

  4. I love this and so True they have stomped on the Rattlesnake and now it’s time to bite the shit out of all of them Fuck Around Find Out they are about to.Or another way to put it they have played stupid games now they get stupid prizes

  5. So sorry for the wrong name in my previous post. It was directed to Vladimir Lenin and not James. Much appologies to James.

  6. It appears ‘James’ is another triggered left wing kook who clearly knows nothing about American history or current events, but is certainly heavily indoctrinated into Marxist thought, and is only brave when in a large group or behind a keyboard. Yet another sad, pathetic, insignificant, little boy who clearly didn’t get enough love as a child and now thinks somebody else owes him and his pathetic ilk something. Here’s a novel thought ‘James’. How about moving to a country you like better. I hear Cuba and Venezuela are lovely. Especially this time of year.

  7. Nicely written. Thank you. The silent majority are ready. It will be the old, the young, male, female, rich , poor, people of all races and religions who will be standing with the silent majority. The veterans will lead us, remember those veterans are our sons, daughters, husbands, wives, grandparents, and disabled. We will be the second and third flank, we will be there. Life is not worth living if slavery is the only option.

  8. 1) This country was fascist from the get-go, so fuck you and your fucked heritage. we’re well aware of what we’re progressing away from.

    2) You’ve owned the day for a very long time now, you insensitive socially fascist christian fucks, where we hid under America’s rug, thrown in with everything else you hate from criminals that deserve the condemnation, to others that did nothing wrong other than not subscribe to your way of life while not hurting others. We laid there, the actual silent majority, growing in condemnation for years until, from your own actions, we grew too big to remain quiet any longer. Now it’s our land, and you are history.

    and 3) We work for a living, we don’t own things and sit on our asses like you lazy fucks. We also don’t mooch off of Soviet labor and try to find lazy short cuts to the top while bitching the entire time like you unsubstantial entitled fucks. We get payed a meager salary, true. But that meager salary has been going towards ammo and weapons for a bit now.

    We’re done talking.

    • Coward lefties. You’ll all rot in hell; and I ain’t hating it. Make sure you find Marx and thank him for weeding out the drizzling wet p#%%ies!

    • Bolshevik

      Your factory owners son rich Murdering namesake was a vile and despicable mass murderer and COWARD who destroyed a nation to foment his murderous psychopathic regime.

      In The old Soviet Union the communist elite owned Everything and MURDERED 100 million of the people for resisting the totalitarian communist tyranny. Fortunately they were thrown out in 1990.

      Unfortunately the rich sob’s who have always supported communism brought Gorbachev here and have fostered you communist parasites in America.

      You have NEVER been a majority however, EVER just very good at lying and stabbing others in the back.

      When you communist vermin face real armed resistance you shit your panties and run.

      • AMEN. Communism is an idea which fails to take the absolute worst in human nature into account and it always ends the same way: With a bullet to the head. Those who suffer from the delusion that Communism is a good idea ought to consider how reliable history is when it comes to repeating itself.

    • I have been waiting for someone to say this for a long time the patriots of America are waiting for the call two arms

      • If you think the left can’t shoot back, well, you better hope your god is real. We have plenty of combat vets on our side too, they just don’t LARP at protests because they don’t need to tell everyone how badass they are.

        • I think you need to go back and actually READ this. You are greatly OUTNUMBERED and you had better look. We just do not think like you and we fight only when we have to. But when we have to we will NOT stop . And yes, our God is real and you will cry fire as you spend eternity With the gods you worship!

        • I think you misunderstand. The post was not warning the left that the sleeping majority is going to come actively hunting down and provoking violence. The post is explaining that if given the choice defend yourself or cower, the silent majority will defend. The silent majority isn’t LARPing. They are called silent for a reason.

        • I fought you communist vermin once before. Your much better at burning babies alive and shooting unarmed women in the throat then facing armed soldiers fighting as guerrillas to defend their lives, families Liberty and Property from YOU totalitarian Marxist murdering thugs..

          Don’t worry tapeworm WE won’t make the mistake of giving your communist troopers a chance.

          Remember Kyle Rittenhouse, a CHILD took out three of your armed child molesters last year in self-defense without any training. Just think what will happen when your pedophile fighters face off against OUR combat veterans in the kind of war we were sent to around the world for YOUR globalist governments.

      • What a completely refreshing iteration of what ALL patriots are feeling! Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    • Exactamundo chief. Said a lot better than I could have said. Didn’t Japan say that once? All we’ve done is awaken a sleeping giant? How’d that turn out for them!! Count me in. Signed Ex Army SGT E-5. 72 -79. You’re oath never expires.

      • This website is misguided and victim to the Israeli ploy to divide America by acting like one “side” is at war with the other. In reality the American right and left are supposed to improve the American whole like two halves of a brain communicating with each other, and this is the strength of America. We are the strongest nation in earth and it will always remain that way unless the Israeli plot is allowed to succeed and turn American brother against brother.

        Resist Israeli media. Resist Israeli partisanship. Resist Israeli. Billions upon billions that could go towards improving ALL american lives, instead go to Israeli missile defense systems that but. $200k defensive missiles for one measly RPG, meanwhile people are going homeless in America. The same Israeli machine creates outrage for $10 million for gender programs in Afghanistan, in the same bill where Israel receives half a BILLION for more rockets… Doesn’t that seem like a diversion?

        Resist the Israeli ploy to divide America. If this website is not made by an Israeli shill i.e. a true American, then sir you have fallen victim to the Israeli scheme.

        • Hi Jeaux, Vic Freeman here. The post “A Warning To The Left” addresses what you are saying, did you read the post in full? I do not disagree with your statement, “In reality the American right and left are supposed to improve the American whole like two halves of a brain communicating with each other, and this is the strength of America”, but I have to say: You mention communicating, specifically the American right and left communicating like two halves of a brain and that this is the strength of America? The key word being COMMUNICATING… When one side is censored with not only aggression but hyper-aggression: That is not communicating. (Please read the post it covers this problem). When there is less or no communication due to the speech of one side being largely silenced… Well as I specifically cover in our post, “Why Doth The Rattlesnake Rattle”, the rattlesnake rattles not to provoke or incite but rather to warn with the intention of avoiding a fight. This post truly is a most sincere attempt to warn everyone of the FACT that when the rattle of the rattlesnake is silenced then all he has left is his teeth and his venom. Similarly, this post does not seek to incite nor provoke violence: It is notifying everyone of the fact that widespread violence of epic historical proportions is 100% inevitable unless people wake up to the truths mentioned in the post, “A Warning To The Left” by Vic Freeman (me). I do hear and understand your every word, I have and do point out on a regular basis that at the end of the day we all face the same common enemy, which are people/forces which I refer to as, “The Dividers”. And I love to say, “What does the truth have to do with Divide & Conquer?” BOTTOM LINE: I hear you and I understand so I have to be 1776% honest: Anyone who does not want to see this country devolve into full on kill or be killed needs to share this post and The BULLETin™ Blog as if their liberty and their very life depends on it, because Our Republic depends on it and if our Republic falls instead of being restored and secured as we are working 24/7/365 to make sure happens, then life will become something nobody even wants.

      • You are so full of shit with your anti semantic PLO loving propaganda. The fact that communism has seeped into the Democrat party is so blatantly obvious and their financial ties to China have crippled them from ever walking away. The division in our country comes right out of the Soviet playbook that the Marxist party in America has propagated through colleges across this country as a means to churn out little red soldiers to do their bidding. When it comes to spitting out hate, their are none better than those in academia who focus on those whose minds aren’t fully developed and easily manipulated by those they seek approval from.

    • The usurpation of the Federal Government by Big Finance, Big Tech and Lobbyists

      President Woodrow Wilson, Democrat Socialist and promoter of United World Federalism (today called the New World Order) established the insidious ground work for the gradual takeover. The Federal Income Tax along with the Federal Reserve became the building blocks to change the complexion of the economic strategy from a Free Enterprise system to Crony Capitalism which in effect is a Socialist/communist form of economic control whereby the wealth and power is transferred to ultra rich entities who rule by totalitarian authority. Wilson planted the seeds and used the Progressive Agenda of frequent and protracted propaganda (Normalcy Conditioning) which enabled them to get the populace to accept improper premise as true and correct.

      Real money (Gold and Silver or certificates thereof) vs. Fiat Currency (Federal Reserve Notes or evidence of debt) and the stability of purchasing power over a protracted period in which supply or expansion of both currency and debt cause boom/bust economic episodes resulting in alternative depression/inflation. Therefore; the relationship between stored value/income to current pricing of goods/services and property is distorted and the subsequent transfer of wealth to parties vested in certain Financial Institutions and Big Corp. Socialist totalitarian powers then control both commerce and government.

      This has been a concerted effort spanning many decades. Franklin Delano Roosevelt deeply entrenched the system, Barrack Hussein Obama put it into high gear and the current illegal administration is in the process of putting the final nails in the coffin of the American Dream by the Democrat Socialist Political Agenda. The general populace is deluded, compliant and helpless. There must be an EPIPHANY, an awakening, to create a general housecleaning of this misguided and evil possession of the strings of government by the major controlling forces that have bastardized our system of government and economic process.

      Hope and Pray for positive reports and creative efforts going forward.
      Be buoyant and well, as we give a bit of backlash to those chaotic, riotous activities in the Twin Cities, D.C., Portland, the border, etc.. Do not expect any evidence that the Democrat Socialist Agenda has any caring for neither Truth nor Liberty in its DNA.

      R T Poet, Minneapolis Minnesota

    • You are a fucking idiot. You narrow-mindedness will continue to be your downfall. Apparently, you’re not smart enough to the there are as many guns on the left as there are on the right because we recognized that you and your ilk would eventually become a danger to the American way of life. When it comes time for you to hunt and kill those on the left, please come to my house first. I’ve got a surprise for you.

      • The name you used on this incredibly spooky and scary post, tells anyone that gives a SHIT about you exactly who they’re dealing with as well as the intelligence level involved in any attempt to have a civil debate with you.
        With that said, have at it Pardoner! I’m sure you gonna dazzle us with some trademarked Leftist douche bag response, but don’t expect anything more from this proud American, because I choose not to waste another brain cell responding to whatever you say. I don’t usually respond to jackasses, but I noticed your a special kind of jackass as soon as I read what you vomited on this thread. So even though I’m now a little bit dumber because of you, it was worth explaining how I and I’m sure many others feel about you and your kind.

      • You do realize that during war the combatants will be using surprise ambush and raids to effect victory and no longer be giving you communist murderers a chance to strike first don’t you?

        The rules will change and 4-500 yard long range fire is going to be removing a lot of communist traitors. Kinda a reverse “Ruby Ridge”

        War is nasty, I’ve been in two, and they are real damn nasty. The best thing IS BACKJ THE HELL OFF and let us live our lives WITHOUT your G-D tyranny.

        • I’ve often asked myself, “Why is it SO hard for Leftists to simply leave others be?” I mean, what’s so funny about Peace, Love and leaving others the hell alone? I even came up with a hashtag in my efforts to communicate with tyrants: #LeaveUsAlone but they still weren’t getting it. Then I realized: I can only imagine how difficult it must be for Leftists to rob others of their money and freedom and leave others alone all at the same time. What do they say about the problem of Socialism/Communism being, “Eventually they run out of other people’s money to spend”? Also if Commies were to give up on controlling the lives of others then they’d have to get a life themselves, which may involve establishing and maintaining meaningful relationships which are actually voluntary and mutually beneficial and…well come to think of it that is far to much to ask of Leftists considering the fact that they don’t know how to give but only know how to take, take, take, take, take…..

    • I’d like to see this posted everywhere! I d like to see it on billboard’s and in newspapers and in mailings to every address in the country.
      Don’t leave one rock unturned, give them fair warning that they will not like what is coming!
      This brought tears to my eyes when I read it! It’s says everything that I’m feeling!
      All I want is to be left alone in my retirement years, but I will will give my life for the freedoms that I have had in my like here at home!

    • Enough is enough with these Progressives. I am a Christian and I love my guns! I don’t want to use them however I will not hesitate to defend my home and my neighbors and my country! God has not abandoned us. He sees the evil that the progressives are and how Trump renewed our friendship with Israel and returned Jerusalem back to where it should be, the capital of Israel. The progressives led by satans minions have tried to undo God’s work through Trump and it will never happen! Trust in God, trust our America and a personal message from a middle aged woman to any liberal who does not retreat, you then declare war and I choose God and Gods side and will die if I need be to bring peace back to our country which was founded on God’s grace. General Washing used to pray to God constantly and we backwoods farmers kicked Britain’s butt and will do it to anyone who threatens our freedom! God bless all patriots and praise God. Ask him for his help, he has not forsaken us! Peace and love from this Patriot!

      • Amen! God gives free will and no one can take what God gives unless we voluntarily consent. Declining to consent can take courage but it’s a courage we must have. Everyone has free will: Some use their free will to do evil, some use their free will to do good, and some use their free will to consent to evil for lack of active faith and courage. I think of our dark enemies much like phantoms: A phantom cannot push you off a cliff when you stand firm as it would pass right through and be unable to move you, but a phantom can say, “BOO!” and make many people jump themselves off of the cliff. God was on the side of our Founders in 1776 and He is on our side now, and now just as then: It does not matter if “all the kings horses and all the kings men” and all of their money and all of their media and, and, and is on the other side, they do not stand a chance against us when we stand firm in active faith and courage and they will lose even faster as we stand firm together in active faith and courage. God Bless you and yours, God Bless our Re-Elected President Trump and God Bless America!

        Sincerely your brother Patriot to and beyond the end,
        Vic Freeman
        Ephesians 3:20

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