How can I say that Gun Control causes all out bloody Revolutionary War in America?

Because it is the ONLY thing which ever has.


The Democrats and their good RINO friends know this (unless they actually intend to use complete ignorance of the history of the country they “serve” as a defense).

In other words they absolutely, 100% know what they are attempting to incite by dumping the most dangerous form of fuel on a highly volatile national situation by menacing The People with illegal Gun Control.

 (100% of all gun control is illegal in the United States under Amendment II of the Constitution.  “infringe”=”To limit”.  “Shall not be infringed” does not mean, “Shall not be infringed except in certain circumstances”.  In other words,  “Shall not be infringed” does not mean, “Shall not be infringed unless”:  There is no “unless”).

Attempting to what?


To incite what specifically?

Specifically, to incite all-out bloody American Revolution Part II.  Literally 1776 2.0.

Suffice it to say they have no plausible deniability, again unless they actually intend to use complete ignorance of American History as a defense.  Oh wait that won’t work either how unfortunate for them (Ignorantia juris non excusat).

April 18, 1775

Every American knows that The 4th of July refers to a Revolutionary War.  I’m not talking about “protests” or “riots” or whatever the media is calling them this week.  I’m talking about fully-fledged all-out bloody war.  (Believe it or not the British tyrants didn’t go away due to being politely asked).

Most American know that our Liberties and Rights are protected by The Constitution only because of a Revolutionary War.

What not as many Americans know about is what happed before the start of the bloody war which gave us The Constitution and The 4th of July.

Long before the shooting began there were many, many years of tensions between the Colonists and the British.  On many occasions the constantly tense situation shifted into extremely tense.  At times there were even “peaceful protests” wherein property was damaged (i.e. The Boston Tea Party).



None of that led to any shooting war.

Of all the years of all the tension only ONE THING incited things into all out war.  That one thing would be:


On April 18, 1775, the British sent several hundred British troops to seize the American colonists’ military stores (“military stores” = the most modern military weapons available at the time and the same kind the British military had) at Concord, Massachusetts.


As the 2nd Amendment protects We The People from ALL infringement (any and all limiting whatsoever) of the right to keep and bear arms…


With as such any attempts of gun confiscation being very highly illegal in The United States of America (with the correct definition of gun confiscation to include any attempt to disarm any American who has not fired their weapon or has not certainly broken any Constitutional Law)…

A critically important question becomes…

In the event of unlawful attempts at gun confiscation(s):

IF Americans were to respond in the same manner in which the men who made our Laws (Constitution) responded in 1775, in doing so would they be breaking our Law or would they in fact be the only party involved in the encounter who would be enforcing any valid Law whatsoever (valid Law=Constitutional Law, with all Unconstitutional “laws” being NOT Law)?

We The People ultimately are the Government.  We are the actual boss.  It is true that we have hired and tasked employees to work in government on our behalf and we have hired and assigned professionals to enforce our laws on our behalf, but:

When you are the boss and people you hired to do critical tasks fail to get the job done, the job still has to get done.  If people you entrusted to handle critical tasks neglect to do so then as the boss YOU better do those tasks.  When you’re the boss and people you’ve trusted let you and your business down do you just shrug your shoulders and say, “Oh well, that really is too bad for my customers”.  No, you do not do that.


Some issues are so deadly that censorship can kill.  Our country and people are in an extremely, extremely dangerous place at this time and being in denial and sweeping these questions and this conversation under the rug is extremely likely to have deadly consequences.

It is critically important that this information get to EVERY American, so please do share.


I’ve often been accused of attempting to “incite” whatever, or “advocating” the “overthrow of government” simply for confronting this dangerous issue head on.

So again I will ask:

Why doth the rattlesnake rattle? (Hint: The rattlesnake rattles to avoid a fight, not to provoke or incite a fight.  Silence (censor) the rattlesnake and all he has left is teeth and venom.  These are FACTS OF NATURE which do not care what anyone’s opinions or politics are).

As far as the ridiculous notion that REAL TALK about this critical issue is myself “advocating overthrow of government”.

Why “overthrow” a bunch of puppets?  What exactly would the point of such a thing be?    Who would even want to “overthrow” a herd of zero-integrity losers who just so happen to have unnaturally sticky fingers?  Furthermore there is absolutely no shortage of zero integrity losers who would love to be replacement puppets.  So no lol, I have no interest whatsoever in myself nor anyone else “overthrowing” the puppets in DC or in any other Capitol. 

We The People are the only Government that anyone is trying to overthrow in this scenario.


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  1. The Bill of Rights affirms our God-Given rights, NOT Gov’t. given (which could be taken away by such)! NON-NEGOTIABLE, AND WORTH FIGHTING FOR. AGAIN!! Our predecessors’ lives and fortunes MUST NOT BE SQUANDERED, FOR THE SAKE OF OUR POSTERITY!!! Our Constitution CLEARLY bestows our freedom from TYRANNY.

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