Imagine if Disneyland had a 1000 yard rifle range, indoor shooting range and a Tactical Training Course?

Now imagine it’s in your town.

Now imagine it has manufacturing jobs which produce exportable goods which enrich your family and your community.

Now imagine it has a wide range of other jobs which market and sell exportable goods which enrich your family and your community.

Now imagine these highest-quality jobs do not require masks or vaccinations.

Now imagine it doesn’t even matter if fiat currencies crash because you and your community produce and sell exportable goods which you can sell for silver or gold or Bitcoin or whatever new currency they come up with.

Now imagine your kids don’t have to be vaccinated to go to a school where prayer is applauded and which does the Pledge of Allegiance instead of Communist Indoctrination each day.

Now imagine that you, your family and your community don’t need the government for anything anymore which means you can simply tell them just #LeaveUsAlone because #NoMeansNo.

Now imagine that your community has 24/7/365 advanced tactical security teams trained by retired Special Forces, which every adult in your community may receive training and participate in, which protect your family and community and livelihood from rioters, looters and arsonists.

Now imagine that your community is fully Off-Grid-Capable including auqaponic greenhouse complexes.

Now imagine the rest of the iceberg.

(That was only the tip of the iceberg).



*The timing of locations in your area depends upon the critically important task of finding the right key person(s) in your area. To nominate yourself or someone(s) else and/or to receive updates, please get in contact via the form below.