I bet I can guess what you did yesterday?  Here goes…

You joined Fellow Patriots in posting and/or viewing posts that expose lies.  Then you and Fellow Patriots agreed with each other all day.  In the meanwhile, the highly-coordinated Left continued taking absolutely everything over.

Then you tell your other friends and family that the sky is blue and that two plus two equals four…at which point they all call you a “Conspiracy Theorist” for committing the capital crime of critical thinking.

That about sum up your day yesterday?

That about sum up every day of 2020? 

That about sum up every day of 2021 so far?

Nazi Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels said, “A lie told once remains a lie but a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth”.

How does the Left and their Mainstream Media and Big Tech Social Media control the narrative?  Most people think it’s because they’re rich and powerful and have a massive distribution infrastructure, but people who think that are incorrect.

The Left controls the narrative and makes the masses believe whatever nonsense they want because they are very highly coordinated.

There are way more of us Patriotic Americans as there are of them, so what’s the issue?

Why does nothing change?  

We are heavily FRAGMENTED while the Left is highly COORDINATED.

While there are and have been a very large number of individuals, groups and New-Media organizations who have all done tremendous work:

Still our coordination doesn’t even begin the compare with that of the Left.


For over a year I’ve been wondering WHO would coordinate things on our side.  I mean REALLY coordinate.

While as mentioned a lot of people and organizations have been doing phenomenal work 24/7, I was like:

“But nothing ever changes?!”


I was in a crowded grocery store when I got the answer to the question of, “WHO will step up and really COORDINATE like never has been done before?”

As I looked around the store I had a thought:

“Can pretty much tell who is going to finally put an end to this nonsense by looking for who is NOT wearing a MASK.”

So I looked for anyone other than myself who was not wearing a mask (I’ve never even put one on once the entire time).

Guess how many maskless faces besides myself?  You guessed it:  ZERO.

As such,

I have launched “narrativeOPS™” and hope you’ll JOIN US BELOW…

“narrativeOPS™” totally solves our massive coordination disadvantage.

narrativeOPS is nothing less than “The Scorched Earth Weapon of False-Narrative Mass Destruction™”.

My fellow American:

The most powerful weapons are not bullets or bombs or anything of the sort.  The most powerful weapons ever known to humankind are:


Words can be utter savagery.  Scorched-earth literary eviscerations of False-Narrative mass destruction.

Such words and related content, when “told a thousand times” to COUNTER the “lies” which become “the truth”…

Well, when we work together in coordination: We will win the war for TRUTH.


I pray that you will.

We will end the control which the False-Narrative has over our Nation:

We will tear down the cages of lies which The Enemies of Liberty build for the minds of America.

We will, “Make The Truth Louder Than The Lies™” and the truth shall set the captives free.



Your Brother Patriot to and beyond the end,

Vic Freeman

Ephesians 3:20

Enlist in narrativeOPS™

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