USA DIES JULY 4, 2022 — Numerous sources who have proven themselves terrifyingly reliable over a lot of years are confirming that the deliberate inflation, fuel prices and food shortages are designed to come to a head on 07/04/2022.  It is far more than likely that we will all permanently lose contact at that time and that THERE WILL BE NO COMING BACK from what will occur.

We have the opportunity to stop it.  Victory City was designed for this and I was born for it.  I will communicate what needs to happen, but whether it happens FOR YOU or not is up to YOU.


Currently there is not any one coordinated group in America large enough to stop what is coming.  Not even close.  The groups with the largest memberships in America are not even 1% of the way there.

EACH AND EVERY GROUP in the country is totally useless on their own (unless you consider delaying the inevitable for a couple of weeks to be useful).

In other words:

If everyone is going to continue insisting to each do their own thing, ALL of them will die.


Over the next several days I will be pinning items in our Main Telegram Group which are strategically designed for maximum effect.  All of my experience and all of my prayers are going into them.

They will get us the membership we need in order to stop the total loss of our Country, Liberty and Lives.  They will get us the membership we need IN VERY RAPID FASHION:

IF they are seen by more than a handful of people that is.

On that:

I will not be asking anyone to share anymore.  It does absolutely no good to ask.  When I compare our traffic when I ask for sharing versus when I don’t, there is absolutely no difference in results.

To put how bad it is into perspective:

We get over 100x more new viewers from SEARCH ENGINES than we get as a result of any human being sharing.

Having said that understand this:

I am BY FAR the most censored individual on the internet and I can easily prove it with exhaustive data and certain other ways.  WHY I am the most censored on the internet?  Here is why:

I am DIRECTLY over the target.  At all times.  And NO:  Nobody else is.  Not even close.

AND NO:  The conservative talking heads are NOT over ANY target.  They are allowed to babble on and on about problems and they are allowed to say ANYTHING so long as it won’t help people with ANY viable solutions.

They can say ANYTHING so long as it LEADS TO YOUR DEMISE, either directly or through DISTRACTING YOU from what you need to do in order to make it.


I have everything I need.  I will be more than fine coming up.  I will be fine even if there IS a nuclear war, and if you know anything about what is required to survive a nuclear blast then you know what that means.

That being said I would prefer that everyone else not die and I’d prefer to actually have a country in the future.  I’ll be fine regardless BUT ONE PERSON doesn’t add up to a country.

So if YOU want yourself and others to be fine too, we can make that happen.  If not well it’s your death because there WILL NOT be another chance for America.


Over the coming days I will be pinning items which have extreme POTENTIAL power for getting us the membership we require in rapid fashion.

I say “potential power” because as metioned:

I will not be asking anybody to share as it is absolutely pointless to do so. If people want to die that is up to people.

I have everything I personally need to survive whatever comes.

As far as everyone else goes:

If YOU are not in a Victory City by July 4th, one of two things will happen:

You will die.


You will wish to God you had died.

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