SHOCK VIDEO: Black Activist In 2017 Video Brutally Exposes The “Demonic” Left’s Planned Civil War, ANTIFA and “Fake black movement BLM”, ANTIFA FUNDED BY SOROS & CLINTON, Las Vegas Shooting was planned by Leftist “Beasts” and was a “Direct Hit” Domestic Terror attack to push UN GUN CONTROL, and more…

For The Most Controversial Post on the Internet, “A Warning To The Left” by Vic Freeman CLICK HERE

You name it The #AmericaHatingLEFT #AmericaLastLEFT did it. ALL 2020 CHAOS, 1/6, 11/3, Economic Sabotage SHUTDOWNS, DIVIDING RACES, Pit all minority groups against largest group in America whites (if Blacks were the largest population segment in America it would be all about “Black Supremacy” because it’s not about destroying Whites it’s about destroying America and whites happen to be the largest and most formidable population segment). And on, and on and on.

Show the world how VILE and NASTY the deeply EVIL and DEMONIC Left is Share this video #ShareForAMERICA We must PROTECT OUR CHILDREN from the Mind (and body) MOLESTATION of the EVIL Leftists who have emerged DIRECT from hades.

STOP their evil #RapeByNeedle Forced and/or Coerced Vaccination is #NonconsensualPenetration = RAPE.



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  1. Time has since shown this man to be correct on a lot of points. I wonder where he gets his information. Consistent with what he says, now in spring or 2021, the left very nearly have black Americans ready to denounce even Rev. MLK’s Dream as “racist” for opposing judgment of people by the color of their skin.

    • Amen. He got his info by being on the ground and present when it was being planned and rolled out. He was (and is) a genuine and sincere Pro-Black activist (as opposed to Pro-Leftist/Pro-Marxist/Anti-White) who watched his real and sincere black movement become infiltrated and compromised by BLM which as he explains is a phony black movement which in fact is a Leftist/Marxist front created, organized and funded by Soros, Clinton and others in order to exploit the “black plight” for their own profit and power.

  2. 100% Correct! Is race still an issue in this country? “yes”. Has it gotten much better over the years? “yes”. Does it matter right now? “no”. It’s those with power and money using the rest of us (of all races) to achieve their aganda. Divide and conquer.

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