Thieves.  That’s all the demons from hell on the Left are.  That’s it.  That is 100% of what they are about.

Behind their every last “virtuous” cause, whether “Social Justice” or otherwise, is a plot to steal something.

For example:

Most of the people in the United States happen to be white.  That means that most of the wealth in the United States is owned by whites.  See?  Think the morally bankrupt scumbags of the Left care about black people?  No, it’s very simple:  “Destroy them for us and we’ll give you some of their stuff after we get all of their stuff”.

“White Supremacy” LOL?  The only supremacy The Left cares about is “Left Supremacy”.  The Left believe they have blacks under control and they’re using them to get whites under control. 

It’s about pitting all the smaller groups against the group most formidable in size and wealth and power.  If blacks were the largest population group in America The Left would be constantly on about, “Black Supremacy” get it?  It’s not an attack on whites, it’s an attack on America and white’s just happen to be the last group they need to bring to heel. (Yes Black America: They think they control you which is the same as owning you get it?  Time to wake up.  Trump wanted more blacks to have jobs and their own money, The Left wants you dependent on them).

Think the Left cares about poor Mexican immigrants?  LOL, no they are fighting Voter ID laws (once again using blacks) while they are importing voters who will be completely indebted to and dependent upon them.  That’s right: They are importing and buying voters with YOUR money.  The Left doesn’t care about poor Mexican people any more than they care about Donald J. Trump.  They are just using Mexican people because all they every do is use people.

I could go on indefinitely with this list, but to what is perhaps worst of all:

DO YOU REALIZE that The Left is stealing the minds of your children?  Pardon me let me rephrase that:

The Left is stealing the minds of your children while molesting the minds of your children.  You know exactly what I’m talking about.

Oh, then there’s that little incident where they stole the 2020 Presidential election along with countless other elections of “representative” puppets.

Better wake up America, it’s time to make a change when your kids are being “taught” (indoctrinated) by people who literally invent new perversions and chant “Death To America” and “No Borders No Walls No America At All”.

Enough is enough.

You will find THE SOLUTION at the link below.


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