The Left has declared war on We The People of The United States. 

“No borders, no walls no American at all” is a clear statement of the intention to destroy our country which is America.  “Death to America” is as clear as clarity gets and requires no explanation.

These are not “political statements”:

They are clear declarations of war.

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The United States of America is won and formed as a Constitutional Republic which has been maintained by blood:

The Left is employing very specific tactics and words of war which are known strategies of Marxist National & Cultural Subversion, which are deliberately designed to destroy the target nation and culture.  The Left is actively employing said tactics and corresponding acts of war within and upon the Constitutional Republic of the United States, for the purpose of overthrowing America and its rightful Government by The Law which is We The People. 

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The Left is deploying strategically weaponized words and phrases of war including “racist”, “fascist”, “White Supremacist” which additionally are slurs which in fact are the legal definition of hate speech:

hate speech (noun) Legal definition of hate speech: speech that is intended to insult, offend, or intimidate a person because of some trait (such as national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, or disability).

The use of these strategically weaponized words and phrases in said context are deliberate attacks strategically designed to divide and conquer America and as such, each and every act and word fitting the definition or description of such is in fact a separate act of war.

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If you are a member of the Left:

or given aid or comfort to

You will want to study up on the Law of war and the above mentioned declarations and acts of war lest you be assumed to also be committing acts of war with intent.

Be aware of the Law of war and the legal definitions and respective legal status of enemy combatant versus unlawful combatant, illegal combatant, unprivileged combatant, unprivileged belligerent, unprivileged combatant.  Be aware which are and which are not protected by The Geneva Conventions.

Be aware that you may legally qualify as any or all of the above, and that you may be legally identified as such at any point in the future, presently or retroactively. The same applies to any and all who have given aid, comfort or concealment to those committing such acts of war.

Be aware that The Law exists on its own and is recognized by We The People of The United States previous to and separate from those presumably elected persons who represent us.  Be aware that those whom we have hired to represent us do not own The Law nor do they possess any monopoly upon the consideration of The Law.

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