The first step to solving a big problem is to properly define it. So let’s define it:

Politics is not the same thing as war.

Politics is when people who disagree debate each other in good faith and civility in order to meet in the middle. That is NOT what this is.

This is a hostile takeover. This is actual war.

Don’t let the relative lack of gunfire and bombs fool you. This is an entirely different kind of war than that. This is a war in which disinformation and propaganda are bullets, economic sabotage are bombs, false-flag attacks are missiles and psychological operations are poison gas. The old tactics of cutting off critical supplies like food and fuel by blowing up roads and bridges has become the nuking of social media accounts and services to cut off the critical flow of accurately actionable information.

Perception is most of reality (as people know “reality”)…

Knowledge is power…

Narrative is King…

………….and as Plato is attributed to have said:

“He who tells the stories rules society”.

Unfortunately, Plato is NOT attributed to have said:

“He who tells the TRUTH rules society.”


We MUST act…ALL of us…NOW.

But how?

*For the Short Version: I’ve put the following into a Master Plan called, “Victory City, U.S.A. EST. 1776™” (BRIEF SUMMARY Click Here) which is ready to deploy in all 50 states.

What should we do? What can we do?

Our country, our kids, our people are being destroyed by LIES. Not by guns and ammo.

We need guns and ammo more than ever before (WAY more), but for 100% purely defensive reasons. ANY offensive actions of armed attack, or any other acts of an offensive nature, is not only unspeakably terrible and dangerous to everyone (especially to all Patriotic Americans):

It is also POINTLESS. Offensive physical actions in this scenario is totally, completely, absolutely, 1000% pointless.

1000% tactically pointless.

We are not being destroyed by guns and ammo, or by any other actual physical weapon or weapons. They don’t even need one single solitary physical weapon to destroy our Republic permanently. Anybody who doubts that: Just THINK. For anyone who still doubts that:

None of the crises of 2020 were actually even real. Sure, viruses exist and they can be rebranded and marketed complete with fancy 3D superzoom CGI graphics which make you feel as though your very eyes are microscopes, and oh man are those ever some scary looking “viruses”. So perfect for scaring the children of all ages.

Ya, I know a marketing campaign when I see one how about you?

I mean, you gotta be able to “see” the “bogeyman” and viruses are way smaller than Osama Bin Laden, so thanks to Bill Gates stealing the plans to the PC and Al Gore inventing the internet, children of all ages can feel fully terrified of the Nothingburger-19 aka Novid-0.

Can you imagine that meeting, “We gotta make this ‘virus’ so scary looking that the sheeple forget all about the math they learned in 3rd Grade.”

*(As a footnote: After 20 years of taking your shoes off at the airport and zero terrorists caught, you have to understand they had to come up with something else to rule the masses by fear with).

Sure, there are chronically racist people like Joe Biden and Kamalama Harris (Wasn’t Harris Indian-American back before Black Lives Mattered and before Joe Biden made fun of Indians?) , But in regards to the damaging effects on society en masse:

All of it was nothing more than weaponized propaganda deployed by the Mainstream Media/Social Media Weaponized Propaganda Machine. (Yes, “weaponized” suggests acts of war and treason because that’s precisely what it all is).

You take anything that happens in a country this big…and put it on the front page every time it happens…it will look like a holocaust make no mistake about that.

If you put it on the front page every time lighting strikes in the U.S.A, and a significant portion of the population would stop going outside and many of them would never go outside again.

As mentioned this is a very different kind of war than we’ve ever seen. Information warfare and propaganda warfare has been a part of conventional wars and conflicts for a very long time, but this is ENTIRELY a war of information and propaganda and related.

It is a war of OPTICS and of NARRATIVE and of a myriad of related things.



*For the Short Version: I’ve put the following into a Master Plan called, “Victory City, U.S.A. EST. 1776™” (BRIEF SUMMARY Click Here) which is ready to deploy in all 50 states.

Here is what we need to do:

1. We need to fully organize, build up and fortify purely defensive positions in our communities (that’s what guns and ammo are for, and we will need to have massive amounts of those to make sure our families are safe).

2. While (and after) securing ourselves, our families and our communities defensively: We need to all fully mobilize in action of a highly coordinated manner*.

*Let there be absolutely no mistake nor misunderstanding:

Aside from establishing and maintaining heavily defended defensive positions, NO armament nor any other weaponry (including fists) should be used.

As mentioned it is critically imperative that we are entirely able to defend ourselves, but there is absolutely no reason nor need for any person to commit even one single solitary act of physical violence, armed or unarmed, for any reason whatsoever other than as an act of absolutely last resort to save life, limb, livelihood or property. It is not even necessary, it would not help a thing, and it would in fact make everything harder to degrees which we do not even want to begin to imagine let alone experience or put our families and our country through.

We are in the process of being destroyed as a nation and as a Republic, but we are NOT being destroyed by guns or ammo or any other such physical weapons or acts.

Furthermore: Any such acts would be used to the absolute maximum by our enemies in order to persecute us, not only with the full blessing of the public at large but to the thunderous applause of the mob. As it is, our enemies already have and continue to manufacture false-flags as part of their desperate attempts to demonize all Patriotic Americans, so let us all MAKE CLEAR in full unison and with resounding clarity that WE:


In this way we completely neutralize a favorite weapon of our enemy (false flag attacks, both real and fake, but typically fake and nearly always involving a very real appearing drill which puts all the pieces in place for them to literally film a movie scene).

This is now more important than ever as:

The United Nations UN Small Arms Treaty is back on the table, just as it was during the Obama Administration. So expect a dramatic increase in #FalseFlag #MassShootings #MassShootingFF, just as we saw during the Obama Administration when that administration was doing everything it could to ram the UN Small Arms Treaty down the throat of America on behalf of their Globalist puppetmasters, by conducting numerous #MassShootingFF attacks.

*Let all become aware: It is not a question of IF there will be #MassShootingFF it is only a question of when, where and how many. It’s probably also a question of how many dozen, due to the particularly vile nature of this “administration” aka organized criminal regime.

“If we do not define ourselves with resounding clarity they will define us however they choose.” -Vic Freeman

So let the definition be as clear as any definition has ever been clear in the combined history of definitions and clarity:

We #NeverAttackAlwaysDefend

3. While maintaining secure defensive positions we shall carry out The Plan as outlined HERE.


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