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Our 2nd Amendment isn’t to be argued or discussed:

It is to be DECLARED.

After it’s DECLARED it is to be RESPECTED.

If it’s not respected it is to be USED.

For every lie told about the rest of the Constitution, a thousand lies have been told about the 2nd Amendment.  This is because:

The 2nd Amendment is the TEETH of the rest of the Amendments. 

There’s a reason The Founders immediately followed the 1st Amendment with the 2nd (and at no time in the history of America has the reason for this been more clear).

As we have seen and especially since early 2020:

The 2nd Amendment is the ONLY Amendment of the Constitution which cannot be (very easily) taken away on the slightest whim of treasonous evildoers and bad actors.

If you think for one INSTANT that the ENTIRE Constitution will be less than fully erased from history without a proper understanding of the 2nd Amendment, you could not possibly be more wrong.


IF you think that there can be ANY meaningful effort to Save America, which does not include EVERY Patriotic American learning to keep, bear and use arms (with well regulated discipline), then you are living in fantasyland.  The Founders knew that there are indescribably EVIL people in this world and every American MUST be or become entirely aware of this fact).


One of the biggest, if not THE biggest misunderstanding which countless Americans have about our current situation is the following:

We are NOT dealing with mere “criminals”.  These days we constantly hear these people referred to as “criminals”.

When it comes to the people which our Republic, every American and THE CHILDREN are desperately VULNERABLE to:

These are not mere criminals they are PREDATORS.

Once folks come to terms with that and understand that, THEN they can (finally) begin contributing in a real way to the 100% NON-Violent & 100% Lawful Restoration & Securing of our beloved embattled Republic which ONLY VC (Victory City, U.S.A. EST. 1776™: CLICK HERE) is ACTUALLY devoted to.

Why does it matter if we’re faced only with criminals as opposed to being primarily threatened by PREDATORS?  Think of method for example:


If a hungry charging lion is coming at you…

Would you hold up a sign in protest?

Would you send a letter to the lion putting them on notice that they’re violating the Nuremberg Code?

Would you file a lawsuit?

Would you gas up and go join a truck convoy/blockade?

Would you contact your “Representative” and demand THEY make the lion not eat you?

Would you simply plan to “vote” next time, and then sleep like a baby under the full assumption that if your current “Representative” won’t stop the lion, then the next one most certainly will?

Speaking of the unsurpassably pathetic joke known as “Voting”:

IMAGINE if you will the MOST significant…HIGHEST-profile…MOST covered…MOST publicized “election”…on the entirety of planet earth.  An “election” to determine nothing less than the leader of the free world…

IF such an “election” were stolen in broad daylight?  THEN would you feel satisfied with your plan to stop the lion by coloring in some circles every 2-to-4 years?

I will assume you get my point (and if you don’t then I doubt you’ll ever get any point).  Next…

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The Founders clearly state in the 2nd Amendment that a well regulated militia is necessary to the security of a free state.

NECESSARY.  The word, “optional” DOES NOT appear anywhere in the 2nd Amendment.

What does “security” mean?

Does “security” mean to ATTACK?  NO it means nothing of the sort (not unless you’re a complete idiot or a government stooge committing a terrorist attack to falsely blame on Patriotic Americans).

For example:

If you were a nutcase and you wanted to have somebody whacked, would you seek to hire a Security Guard for that task?  No, of course not.


If somebody(s) were trying to WHACK YOU and your family, it would be a GREAT idea to hire as many Security Guards as you can afford.  BETTER YET would be to BECOME a fully capable ADVANCED Tactical Security Guard yourself.*

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From petty control freaks to full-on tyrants, those who seek to control others get very, VERY excited whenever they see any form of the word, “regulate”.

In the 2nd Amendment, The Founders wrote that a “A well regulated Militia” is necessary to the security of a free state.  As such, countless regulators have assumed it their business to regulate anything and everything regarding the 2nd Amendment.

Let’s DEFINITIVELY clear that up and end the Gun Control argument once and for all time, shall we?*

*(Keep reading and you’ll see that I am an not kidding nor overstating anything: The “Gun Debate” in America ENDS TODAY.)

First of all, as I have often put it (please pardon me but I’m going to have to quote myself here):

“The Founders did NOT fight and win a war against government regulation so that they could assign the regulation of the means of war to government.”  -Vic Freeman

Now the above should be the most obvious thing in the world, but unfortunately government regulators don’t always find it convenient to recognize nor acknowledge the obvious.


People who want power over you will NEVER tell you the truth about a document which is specifically designed to limit their power.  I am of course referring to The Law (as opposed to the law) of this land which is OUR Constitution.

Second of all:

President Theodore Roosevelt called Alexander Hamilton, “the most brilliant American statesman who ever lived, possessing the loftiest and keenest intellect of his time”.

Let’s look at what the most brilliant American statesman who ever lived has to say about what the Founders meant by, “well regulated”:

If at any time the government forms an army that army must never be formidable to the liberties of the people [this includes ANY force which is armed while being controlled and/or paid by government:  No matter what it is called, whether an individual(s), group(s), organization(s) or anything else.  Bottom line:  If said person or persons is in ANY way formidable to YOUR liberties then THEY are WHO Hamilton refers to].

The Founder with the loftiest and keenest intellect of his time continues:

The people must never be inferior to any army [or any force which is armed] formed by government in discipline and the use of arms*

*[the use of arms refers to full and uninfringed access to, and use of, weaponry which is NOT inferior to arms possessed by government].

“Furthermore the best possible security against any army formed by the government is for the free people to hold and practice arms for the purpose of going through military exercises* as often as is necessary to acquire the degrees of perfection which would entitle them to the character of a well-regulated militia**. The people at large should be properly armed and equipped; and in order to see that this be not neglected, it will be necessary to assemble them regularly.”  -Alexander Hamilton

*The idea that Americans should not be “militarized”, with Facebook’s policy against, “Militarized Groups” being just one example, is AN OUTRIGHT LIE designed to KEEP YOU AND YOUR FAMILY VULNERABLE to every manner of EVIL.  When The Founders referred to Americans being “militarized”, the words they used were such as: “must” and “necessary”.

**HERE we see the FOUNDERS definition of a well regulated militia (as opposed to the FALSE definition which has been given to Americans by people who seek to ENSLAVE YOU and YOUR FAMILY).

***BE AWARE and make NO MISTAKE (as it may be the LAST MISTAKE you ever make and the last mistake your family ever suffers):

ANYONE who lies to you about the 2nd Amendment is TREASONOUS and they absolutely want to see YOU and YOUR FAMILY ENSLAVED and/or DEAD.


Everybody knows “shall not be infringed”.

Let’s make it as simple as simple can possibly get:

The word “infringed”…


“to limit”.

The 2nd does NOT say:

“shall not be TOTALLY infringed”.

Nor does the 2nd say:

“shall not be infringed unless it is infringed a little at a time”.

Nor does the 2nd say:

“Shall not be infringed, except when the arms are too black in color and/or carry beyond a number of rounds which would be a completely arbitrary number if it were not for the fact that the purpose of would-be tyrants is to make sure you can only squeeze a minimal number of rounds off on your attackers so that you can be more easily overtaken before you are Lawlessly imprisoned and/or murdered”.

In the 2nd:

“Infringed” is immediately followed by A PERIOD.  In other words, the word “unless” does NOT appear after the word “infringed”.  Neither does “except when”.  Neither does anything else. PERIOD. End of Gun Debate.


Our 2nd Amendment isn’t to be argued or discussed:

It is to be DECLARED.

After it’s DECLARED it is to be RESPECTED.

If it’s not respected it is to be USED.

You don’t have to like our 2nd, but you had better respect it because if you don’t…

We might be judged by twelve, but you will be carried by six.

Then a jury of our All-American Pure Blooded peers will judge our courage as our Founders would and send us on our way.

And God will judge your treason and send you to hell.

The Left in America should keep at least three things in mind: 

1.  While you can cover your ears to opposing views and make a mockery of the 1st Amendment all you like:  The 2nd Amendment doesn’t care if you’re listening. 

2.  You can’t buy ammo with EBT.

3. There are >400 Million firearms in the U.S.A and 98% of them are in the hands of We The People (with law enforcement and the military possessing a combined total of 2% of the guns in America…it WAS 2% but that was before the Commies DEFUNDED the police so everybody ought to be WAY more polite to each other in the interest of THE PEACE which everybody EXCEPT the Left and their Globalist Masters wants and pray for both night and day).

You see:

We The People know the difference between our Constitution and your Globalist Communism.

You do not tell us the difference: We tell you and I will tell you how it is right now so keep reading and keep your lies to yourself from now on.

The falsely manufactured “Health Crisis” known as “COVID” is Globalist Communism attempting to sabotage the economy of the United States and overthrow The ACTUAL Government of The United States which IS none other than We The People.  Furthermore:  Cheating our elections changes absolutely nothing regarding who the ACTUAL Government in this Constitutional Republic is.

The falsely manufactured “Environmental Crises” known as “Climate Change” is a Globalist Communist plot to overthrow every sovereign nation and every sovereign person on earth and ALL associated environmental regulations are weapons of war and are thus clearly recognized as actual economic weapons of actual war.

We The People are NOT ignorant of history and we know:

IN WAR…fuel supplies and fuel pipelines are always attacked and fuel reserves are always eliminated.  IN WAR…supply chains are always attacked and store shelves always go bare.  You can call such attacks “Environmental Regulations” all you like but We The People KNOW what they are and we KNOW what you are trying to do:

We The People are fully aware that actual war is being committed upon us.

The false accusation of America being a “racist country” is Globalist Communism attempting to discredit everything America is.  America isn’t the problem, America is THE SOLUTION and I’ll give you just one example to start with:  The “White Supremacists” in America ended the slavery of blacks in 1863, while the African nation of Ethiopia ended the slavery of blacks in 1940 while millions upon millions of blacks are still slaves in Africa TO THIS DAY (but that may be my part-white privilege, which only applies in the winter, talking so please do feel free to look that up for yourself).

And the list of Global Corporate Communist attacks upon America goes on and on:

*While in the WH Trump TOLD THEM NO at the UN and Davos and so what we have witnessed is called REGIME CHANGE OPERATIONS conducted IN the United States BY the Global Corporate “Great Reset” aka “New World Order” Psychopaths and their pathetic treasonous domestic(ated) puppets who are using Communism and Commies as their tools to enslave the entire world and especially America.


We The People are the TRUE government, this is OUR Republic, it is OUR Constitution and you will not define anything for us:

We The People define everything for you.

So if you are pushing Globalist Communism, or enforcing it, in this Constitutional Republic:

You will STOP IT or you will eventually die a traitors death, as while WE WILL NEVER, EVER ATTACK you OR anyone in anyplace EVER: We will defend our Constitution, our Republic and our traditional  American way of life IF FORCED TO DO SO.

BTW I have a question for everyone:

What’s so funny about peace, love and leaving others the hell alone?








The ball is in your court and as such your life is in your hands so if you die a traitors death it will by your own doing.

And know this and be aware:

The only enemy more dangerous than men with unlimited resources is men with nothing to lose.

When men with unlimited resources speak of consequences, men with nothing to lose laugh.

When men with unlimited resources shove COMMUNISM down the throat of a Constitutional Republic:

It is THEY who provoke.

It is THEY who incite. 

And any response which may come is an effect of THE CAUSE WHICH THEY AND THEIR ACTIONS ARE.

We God-loving Patriots pray both night and day that not even one more shred of violence occurs in our beloved Land, AND:

It is a very specific and definite purpose of VC to head off ANY and ALL violence which might occur, by providing and conducting 100% NON-Violent solutions

BUT with that being said it takes two to tango…

While WE are beyond willing, resolutely determined and actively working 24/7/365 to KEEP the peace:

PEACE requires MORE THAN ONE WILLING PARTY and even the best men born in a Constitutional Republic can only have so much Communism shoved down their throat before they vomit.

Take your godforsaken Communism…….TO a Communist country: NOT America.



Your Brother Patriot To And Beyond The End,

Vic Freeman

Ephesians 3:20

John 3:16


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