There’s a big dang difference between racial justice and Marxism.

The Left is manipulating the emotions of Black Americans and are using them to gain power and money to use to gain more power.

The “racial divide” is mostly manufactured and driven by The Left and their “Machine of Weaponized Propaganda” aka Big Corporate Media/Big Tech.

This is not to say that the world is a perfect place, it’s not and that includes all countries including ours.  But, how to make the world and our country a better place is where the “racial divide” has been trapped in a perpetually worsening state.

Nobody wants even one more black person to be killed by anyone, especially by a cop.  Cops don’t want to kill anyone, regardless of what the evil Corporate Media says.  Cops who kill any person on duty have lifelong struggles afterwards.  It’s a struggle that most of us will fortunately never experience.  The idea that cops want to kill black people or anyone else is so deeply evil to even suggest that it takes an unconscionable force like Big Corporate Media to push it.

Trying to solve racial tensions with Marxism is like trying to put out a fire with an atomic bomb.  The Left loves it however because they use people as their MO.

Perhaps the worst thing about the current BLM situation is The Left doesn’t actually want to empower blacks. They want to keep people dependent.  To make things worse, The Left drives a wedge between struggling people and those who genuinely want to give them a leg up.

The Left gives nobody a leg up and they do all they can to make sure nobody else gives them a leg up by dividing them from good people.

I know a lot of MAGA folks thankfully.  They are amongst the best people on the planet in my view.  Every last one would give a person in need the shirt off their backs.  And THAT is one of the biggest reasons the Left works so hard to convince black Americans that Trump and his supporters don’t care about them:

Because they do care.


I’ve designed a program called #GetThemOut which addresses problems, in urban Black Communities especially, in a real way.  We hear so much lip service from career politicians, but their “solutions” are never liberating for anyone they claim to need massive budgets and unlimited power to “help”.

#GetThemOut is what can be the largest and most successful prison early release program for non-violent offenders that there has ever been. 

Over half of the black American men in prison are non-violent offenders.  This is unconscionable.

Then, when those men are released, they are tossed back into the same situations in which they lived the difficulties which got them into trouble in the first place. 

It tells us all we need to know about career politicians when they are infinitely more concerned with locking people up than preparing them for a different outcome.

The young men who are struggling in urban areas do not need more government programs:

They need their fathers.

Any politician who will not acknowledge that fact and who will not work to solve it are not sincere about helping anyone but themselves.  They are far too busy profiting from problems to have any sincere intention of solving problems, and they should get a life and an actual occupation wherein they provide others with actual value in exchange for their compensation.

An outline of the #GetThemOut program I’ve (Vic Freeman) created is in a video below.  It’s due for an update but I’ve decided to get this information out right now. 

*If you like what you see and are interested in taking part in making an actual lasting difference for young black men who are having a hard time, please let me know by filling out the contact form below:

Let’s do something for our fellow Americans who happen to be black and who are unfortunate enough to be living in a deliberately mismanaged city aka any city run by the scumbag Democrats (sorry not sorry, there used to be some good Democrats but not anymore. If you are a good person who hasn’t left the Democrat Party I have bad news: The Democrat Party has left you).

Let’s show our fellow Americans through ACTION that we actually care enough to empower them and teach them to fish, rather than have them stuck with leftover scraps of fish from Democrats tables.

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