The AmeriCAN™ Podcast Episode, "Beating BlackRock" 04/20/2022
FAKE Global "Pandemic"...FAKE Global "Climate Crisis"...FAKE supply line "Hacks"...FAKE Supply Chain "crisis"...etc: THE SNAKE HAS A HEAD.
It is completely obvious to anyone there is hope for that the Jabs come to us directly from Hades and are to be avoided at all costs.
Here's WHY the absolutely SPASTIC PANIC to get EVERY person “vaccinated” for a "disease" with >99% recovery rate?
COMPANIES are PUSHING TYRANNY even more than Government is: To SECURE our LIBERTY they ALL MUST GO DOWN, let's BANKRUPT THEM together.
Heed this warning and share it because they do fully intend to kill 14/15 people on the planet including you and you family.
RED ALERT: “Cyber Polygon 2021” is the next Gates/Bloomberg/WEF dry run/dress rehearsal of the NEXT PLANdemic to be perpetrated upon us.