The AmeriCAN™ Podcast Episode, "Beating BlackRock" 04/20/2022
The Benedict Arnold-Judas fools who have and do line up for the false-idol "vaccines" are surely given over to a reprobate mind.
Like, "The Science", Critical Race Theory (CRT) is a selective belief system aka a RELIGION and calls for Freedom FROM Religion.
Psychological DOMESTIC TERRORISTS are pushing the “Climate Change” Agenda which is a DIRECT AND DELIBERATE ACT OF WAR upon The United States.
The unwitting Domestic Terrorist servants of our Global Agenda-pushing enemies are even more dangerous than our enemies themselves.
No I'm not going to talk about "Vaccine Shedding" I'm going to talk about very dangerous and highly contagious communicable diseases of MIND.
President Trump saved our Republic with Operation Warp Speed and make no mistake it was a matter of National Security.
Our enemies are not in DC or any State Capital. They are not American at all and they play governments like normal people play video games.