FAKE Global "Pandemic"...FAKE Global "Climate Crisis"...FAKE supply line "Hacks"...FAKE Supply Chain "crisis"...etc: THE SNAKE HAS A HEAD.
Even 20+ year veterans of Car Audio are absolutely blown of mind, saying such things as, "The box I've been searching over 20 years to find".
What almost nobody knows about President RE-Elect Trump is that he's a tremendously, tremendously YUGE BASSHEAD.
If you voted for President Trump in 2020, there is ONE LAST WAY you can make your vote count for something.
Holding ANY Election before 2020 is resolved is a DISGRACE. Do Right By Trump or NO Republican will EVER hold ANY office in the future.
Is the following statement a threat or a warning: "Never get between a mama bear and her cub."
Nobody else has anything even resembling a comprehensive PLAN to address ALL of the MYRIAD Key Fronts of this NEW KIND OF WAR simultaneously.
Heed this warning and share it because they do fully intend to kill 14/15 people on the planet including you and you family.
Want to see a neat trick called, “The Deep State Ends Today”?
RED ALERT: “Cyber Polygon 2021” is the next Gates/Bloomberg/WEF dry run/dress rehearsal of the NEXT PLANdemic to be perpetrated upon us.
They decide what Biden's Teleprompter says and they want to starve and/or poison you and your family to death .
The Demented & Perverted Commie Left wants to force “Form-Of-Government Reassignment Surgery” upon We The People of The USA. Ain't happening.