We are building The NEW AmeriCAN™ SUPPLY CHAIN of We The People.
Realism NOT Extremism: If you think this is "extreme" then you have very vastly underestimated THE DANGER YOUR FAMILY IS IN.
You can't fix a problem until you face the problem. Here's the problem: There's not a damn thing anyone can do and that BETTER change NOW.
I propose that EVERY AMERICAN keep their respective SHOTS to themselves. What can be more fair than that? Who can possibly disagree?
I have a proposal for EVERY American to consider, regardless of where you stand on these issues.
We are AmericaCAN’s and We The People DO NOT have to take this nonsense any longer and We The People SHALL NOT.
Their System = Their Rules. Nobody has "taken" ANY of the Rights of Americans: Americans CONSENT to their rules by using their rotten rigged System.
[VIDEO] Here is what everyone has been waiting for whether they realize it or not (PARALLEL SOCIETY + PARALLEL ECONOMY w/ NEW SUPPLY CHAIN).