When YOU and your FAMILY are SICK and DYING after being FORCE INJECTED: Remember those who TRIED to WARN YOU.
A Foreign Global Corporate Cabal is ERASING AMERICA and the US Government, National Guard and Military are helping them do it.
The “Pandemic” is a fake Global Health Emergency which is intended to turn the entire planet and especially America into a permanent prison.
Think #2A and arms will automatically save you? You'll be slaughtered unless you're part of a massive and extremely well-coordinated group.
"Justice for J6" Rally of Sept 18 False Flag Attack planned in its ENTIRETY by FBI with Pelosi, Schumer and others (details herein)
We have now 100% confirmed that the J6 “Rally” on Sept. 18 in DC is PLANNED IN FULL by the same Gov parties who planned and executed the staged “riot” of 1/6
100% CONFIRMED: Every Nuremberg Code is being violated IN FULL. This is NOT A DRILL: MURDER is happening all around us right NOW.
The VACCINATED will become extremely violent towards The UNVACCINATED. Take this VERY seriously or it may be the last mistake you ever make.
The Door-To-Door “Vaccine” checks are the first of TWO visits: The first are to determine how much firepower to bring to the SECOND.