Here's WHY the absolutely SPASTIC PANIC to get EVERY person “vaccinated” for a "disease" with >99% recovery rate?
The REASON...they are not stopping the “vaccines” spite of A NUMBER OF DEATHS which would stop ANY previous vaccine long ago...
Do you want yourself and those you care about to have THE POWER TO SAY NO to the experimental "Vaccine" "Jabs"?
Ever wondered why the perpetrators of these evils seem to have no fear of consequences in spite of violating of The Nuremberg Code?
HOW can there be "variants" of and a "safe and effective" "vaccine" for, or ANY "vaccine" for something WHICH DOES NOT EXIST?
When it comes to YOUR FAMILY: A False Sense of Security is the only thing you have in regards to Security.
If people you've hired fail to show up, do you just shrug your shoulders and say, "Well that really is too bad for our customers"?
"You'll own nothing and you'll be happy about it." -Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum (Communist Green Takeover)
*ALERT: The “vaccines” have now killed EXPONENTIALLY more Americans than 9/11: This is a modern day HOLOCAUST of epic proportions.
100% CONFIRMED: Every Nuremberg Code is being violated IN FULL. This is NOT A DRILL: MURDER is happening all around us right NOW.