Have you ever been in a relationship with someone who starts up an argument with you so they can do whatever they want?
[TACTICAL VIDEO] VICTORY CITY, U.S.A. EST. 1776™ Are Highest Security Communities we are building in every state.
Our Republic is not being destroyed by bullets and bombs, and it won’t be fixed by bullets and bombs either.
You ever get the feeling our “Representatives” are just putting on a show?
I have had about enough of this CRAP how about you?
A False Sense of Security is infinitely worse than no security at all.
100% CONFIRMED: Every Nuremberg Code is being violated IN FULL. This is NOT A DRILL: MURDER is happening all around us right NOW.
The VACCINATED will become extremely violent towards The UNVACCINATED. Take this VERY seriously or it may be the last mistake you ever make.
This year, unlike any in our lifetimes, as we celebrate we must remember HOW we got the Freedom we celebrate. Freedom isn't free.