"Justice for J6" Rally of Sept 18 False Flag Attack planned in its ENTIRETY by FBI with Pelosi, Schumer and others (details herein)
We have now 100% confirmed that the J6 “Rally” on Sept. 18 in DC is PLANNED IN FULL by the same Gov parties who planned and executed the staged “riot” of 1/6
The ATTACKERS will be wearing Anti-Vaccine and/or MAGA, Trump, 3% or other militia, and any related clothing and signage.
The Alberta court which could not produce a shred of evidence that "Covid-19" exists also did not swear in any witnesses "Because of COVID".
BEWARE: The Most Prolific Domestic Terror Group in American History are at it again.
"Standing armies are THE GREATEST MISCHIEF that can happen, once established in any country THE PEOPLE LOSE THEIR LIBERTY.” -James Madison