It would help if Patriotic Americans were to stop living the Definition of Insanity as it it were a lifestyle and a religion.
If you voted for President Trump in 2020, there is ONE LAST WAY you can make your vote count for something.
Holding ANY Election before 2020 is resolved is a DISGRACE. Do Right By Trump or NO Republican will EVER hold ANY office in the future.
Republicans need to receive a scorched earth, apocalyptic, burn the godforsaken backstabbing and treasonous Party to the ground message.
Is the following statement a threat or a warning: "Never get between a mama bear and her cub."
Give a Community some Government fish and you feed it for a day. IF that is they agree to force MASKS on children.
If you hire a chef to cook your meals and they stop doing so, do you not eat?
Nobody else has anything even resembling a comprehensive PLAN to address ALL of the MYRIAD Key Fronts of this NEW KIND OF WAR simultaneously.
Patriotic Americans face a Psychotic Global Corporate Enemy who wants not peace but to crush the Sovereignty of America and of every American.
A Foreign Global Corporate Cabal is ERASING AMERICA and the US Government, National Guard and Military are helping them do it.
The “Pandemic” is a fake Global Health Emergency which is intended to turn the entire planet and especially America into a permanent prison.
There is a GOOD REASON America is called, “The Land of The Free and The Home Of The Brave”.  That reason is: ONLY the BRAVE will ever be FREE.
Under guises including school bus drivers and school COVID testing, National Guard is also preparing to "vaccinate" young kids w/o parental knowledge or consent.
As his INCITEMENT & PROVOCATION of law-abiding Americans continues, BIDEN has very severely ESCALATED HIS THREATS to ALL OUT WAR LEVELS.
Are YOU one of the 99.999% of Americans DOING and LOOKING TO the SAME THINGS and SAME PEOPLE over and over expecting a different result?