The AmeriCAN™ Podcast Episode, "Beating BlackRock" 04/20/2022
We are building The NEW AmeriCAN™ SUPPLY CHAIN of We The People.
WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM? (I had to ask because we are solving problems for you).
Imagine you’re an Elite psychopath and the entire world is about to learn of the horrific things you've been getting away with for decades?
What comes to YOUR mind first when you think of ALL the problems facing our Republic? What I’m about to tell you of SOLVES THAT THING.
Fauci's suicide would be perceived as an admission of guilt and the guilt of Big Parma and most of the Medical Establishment by association.
As the wheels come off their “Global Pandemic” Manufactured Crisis, the Psychopathic Global Corporate Predators are more desperate than ever.
STOP expecting politicians to fix ANYTHING. This is OUR Country and it's OUR responsibility: The Buck Stops HERE (at VC).
Congrats! They were just ignoring you when you were sitting down, now that you've "stood up" they're laughing at you too.
*Intelligence confirms that HOSPITALS ARE KILLING perfectly healthy UNJABBED AMERICANS of all ages FOR THEIR ORGANS: Here is HOW...
The tremendously, tremendously YUGE statues are being erected in honor of the greatest President ever, President RE-Elect Trump.
When YOU and YOUR FAMILY are being STALKED by PREDATORS the answer is NOT to make calls or send letters or file lawsuits or wave signs.
For OVER TWO YEARS everyone has been listening to the SAME people while saying and doing the SAME things. It is about time for THE Solution.
You now have AIDS and have sold your soul if you submitted to False Idol Fauci and the "injectable lord and savior" he offers.
The FOUNDERS didn't JOIN Gov Military THEY FOUGHT IT. They'd NOT THANK YOU for your "SERVICE" they'd turn their backs in ABJECT DISGUST.
The US Military is a foreign-operated group of Global-CORPORATE Mercenaries which is a disgrace to the Constitution and an offense before God.
America is (was) free BECAUSE of the BRAVE: Cowards are highly susceptible to brainwashing because FEAR disables critical thinking.