Absolutely nothing that is happening is spontaneous.  It is all designed to get a reaction.  People in a state of reaction take no fruitful action end of story.

We know what they are doing.  It’s all a big gigantic deliberate train wreck.  It’s hard not to rubberneck I know.

We know what they are doing, what I want to know is:

What are YOU doing? What are WE doing?

It is time to GET ON with our lives.  “Let the dead bury their dead” and:

LET’S GO!  Let’s GET ON!  (After you finish reading this masterpiece click link at bottom).

Is YOUR town burning?  Mine neither. 

My TV must be magic, when I turn it off everyone in my world stops fighting. 

Do YOU die of Novid-0 aka Nothingburger-19?  Me neither (you probably figured that out already though).

“IF our Rights are only as firm as the most infirm amongst us then we have no Rights.” -Vic Freeman (that’s me)

Want masks worn to protect the most vulnerable?  Okay go put masks on some fetuses and screw off.

Want to know how to incite and provoke violence just go to a Constitutional Republic with a long and treasured history of private gun ownership and do your level best to shove Communism down its throat that ought to do it.

“Fact-checkers check for and remove facts which conflict with the false-narrative. -Vic Freeman” end of “fact-checking” story, problem solved you are welcome (everything on this post has been fact-checked TRUE and any fact-checkers who disagree have preemptively been fact-checked FALSE).

Where’s my mask?!  It’s buried with all the American soldiers who died for my freedom and THAT matters to ME, #SacrificedLivesMatter screw off. (You should keep your mask on though because if the top half of your face is any indication then you have a pre-existing condition called ugly as sin, just go take some extra Vitamin C and screw off.)

This is NOT a racist country. No: It is not.

There is NO “White Privilege”. (What a joke, I feel guilty a grand total of ZERO screw off)

Want us all to feel so bad about the past of our country? Well when the devil reminds you of the past remind him of his future and the same goes for you, WHO is he who condemns? YOU ARE p.s. Screw off.

Divisionist is the new Racist:

I’m not a racist YOU are a divisionist who wants everyone to fight and that is VILE.   (Oh but if racism isn’t a problem then you will have to get a real job or it’s no mansions in white neighborhoods for you I get it now).

MORE American kids die from choking on food than in school shootings (that’s true look it up so if you’re afraid for your kids I guess they’ll do juicing from now on right?). No, nobody ever defended their liberty with food so take the guns and let the kids choke I guess.

Covid is the new Bin Laden, Bin Laden is the new Soviet Union. Masks put on are the new shoes taken off at the airport (oh the terrorists are still here but they’re too small to see this time how convenient). Just shut up and jump through the hoops as they have been assigned you sheepbot.

Etc etc etc.

What an epic joke it all is.  A big train wreck for our viewing displeasure.  A C-Movie (like a B-movie but way worse as it’s directed by CNN.) But it’s all worth it as long as you are totally distracted from living your life.

And my TV is still magic: ALL of the nonsense instantly vaporizes when I turn it off it really is amazing.


Let the dead bury their dead.



Vic Freeman


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