I, GERMAINE has now made contact with HNWI Security client MENDAX/Q (Julian Assange) who is requesting Lawful asylum in high security communities which have been known to select HNWI’s as PJF (Project Jurisdictional Fortress™) as initiated by Project Mayan in 2012.

I am making this publicly known at the urgent request of Mendax/Q (Julian Assange) as initiated upon the crossing of the Final REDlineS (Shanghai) and with the unanimous agreement of all PJF members and residents, each of whom desperately hope this revelation will serve to minimize the unprecedented loss of life which rapidly approaches in America.


Julian Assange is Q and having arrived in The United States with irrefutable unreleased evidence of the active Global Corporate depopulation operation known as “The Great Culling” (publicly known as “The Great Reset”), which is set to reduce the population of America to <100M before the American 2022 Midterm Election.

The Kill Shot/End Game of DepOP 500M has been urgently accelerated as panic sets in among Globalist Operatives due to The Nationalist Resistance Alliance led by [PLATOV+45] closing in on depopHQ in Ukraine with Worldwide Great Culling now being preemptively deployed in Shanghai as final test of population control tech using Ukraine as both reason and distraction while Globalist DEPOP operatives prepare to deploy the Final Solution in The United States after further weakening the American population using a carefully planned synergy of pretext including total gun confiscation preceded by widespread blackouts and full Martial Law, extreme and sudden food, fuel and other critical supply shortages, comprehensive poisoning of water supply, widespread Soros+Clinton+Soetoro “Civil War” False Flag per 2017 initiated by mercenaries preparing to infiltrate through southern border upon end of Title 42 along with imprisoned operatives released during false health emergency “COVID-19”, additional operations of sabotage.

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-MENDAX and PJF members want it known and confirmed for all who have ears to hear that VC1776 and PJF are one and the same and that the recent widespread deployment of the PJF Model is VC*.

-The PJF Model was designed by whitehat Victor Quillon Freeman aka GERMAINE in 2012 for select HNWI clients and is now publicly known as VC.

*VC = “Victory City, U.S.A. EST. 1776™” (CLICK HERE)

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