Liquid damage Razer repair

Some companies claim they offer liquid damage repair, but they just run the boards through a cleaner rather than replace all the bad components first. This leads to a higher failure rate. When we say liquid damage repair, we go through and replace every damaged component and repair component footprints damage to make the machine operational first, then we ultrasonically clean the board. This leads to much higher success rate and long term reliability. 

Extensive Razer blade damage repair

Even in cases where your razer motherboard has high levels of physical damage or is burned, we can still usually repair it. We have received many razers sent to us after they have had unsuccessful repair attempts at other shops first, and we fix most of them. A lot of times extensive damage is not even visible. Not a problem, we are actual engineers so can always figure out the source of the problem. 

$375 flat fee fixes all razer blade motherboard problems. 

No fix-no fee is our policy but in the event of a successful repair it will cost $375 flat. This includes the return shipping back to you as well. If your device has other issues such as keyboard, trackpad, battery, screen, etc… cost may vary in which case you will receive a custom quote. 

90 day warranty on razer Repair

Once your razer is restored to working condition we provide a 90 day warranty on the repair. Should the repaired issue fail, we will fix it for free within this time frame. 

Components Quality:

We fix our boards in most cases with brand new components of equal or greater quality than the originals from a reputable supplier, “digikey”. In some cases due to part availability we may be forced to use components pulled from “donor boards” but it is not our first choice. 

Cleaning and disinfecting:

All devices are wiped down and cleaned thoroughly with isopropyl alcohol before packing up for the return, so you will receive it back clean and disinfected. Warranty: All devices include a standard 90 day warranty on the repair unless otherwise stated. This means if the repair fails we will fix it for free in that time period.

Have a different device? Feel free to inquire!

Not convinced? We also have the most comprehensive razer repair guide and video series on the entire internet. Click HERE

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I got my Razer Blade back on Saturday and it seems to be working very well. I am glad that it works now and it was a pleasure doing business with you. Once again thank you for your service and good luck on your projects.

Nick Alcon razer blade 14 2017 laptop repair

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I just wanted to let you know I received the laptop back monday and it has been through several power cycles both plugged in and on battery and has had no issues. I can't thank you enough for your follow-up on this and for repairing what I had feared was a dead laptop - a very expensive dead laptop! Thanks again,


kevin Razer Blade repair

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Laptop arrived in good working order. They fixed the burnt power jack issue in an alternate way so that it won't suffer from the same problem again.

Gabriel Razer blade repair

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Thanks to Brenden my razer blade pro has been restored good as new. I foolishly took it to a local shop first who told me there was nothing that could be done due to too much board damage. I then sent to Victory and Brenden quickly proved that theory wrong. Thanks again for the great service.

Michael Razer Blade Pro repair

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Hey Brenden! 
My laptop just came in and everything seems to be working fine so far, thank you so much! I just wanted to ask you if you had any advice or tips to spare to keep this or other problems from happening to the laptop again. I'm not very savvy with laptops obviously, and any advice would be greatly appreciated! 

Steven Cox

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Just got the laptop.
I can’t believe it works!
Thanks for all your hard work.

Christopher Cardone

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Hey Brenden,
It is working fine, thanks :)I just want to ask you a few questions. Can I still play games normally? and can I run my Razer Blade without the battery?
Nilton A Schumacher F

Nilton Schumacher

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Thanks so much for fixing my blade! I hope you're staying healthy during the craziness that is going on.

Robert Montague

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Dear VictoryGroup,
I have received my Razer. Thank you for the repair. Pleasure doing business with you. 
Kindest regards,


Norris Wong

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 Thank you, I received the laptop today. I really appreciate that someone is available to fix things like this, instead of just junking and replacing it.

David W Razer Blade 15