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Critically Important Notice*

This article compiles several problems we’ve encountered with razer blade devices over our time repairing them and provides some guidelines on pushing you in the right direction. Please understand every case is unique and needs evaluated on a 1×1 basis. Don’t assume what you read here is what’s wrong with your device, always check and confirm. If you do not feel confident in performing a repair, or if you lack general electronic/repair knowledge then please save yourself the trouble and submit a mail in ticket Here-   Start a mail in repair

Razer Blade Charging and battery issues:

Battery Icon says it is charging but battery percentage goes down

– In this case your razer blade might say its charging but only go up 1 percent after long periods of time, or it may stay at the same charge percentage or go down and shut off. In this case the likely cause is from some bad(open diodes) with the designator PD1, PD2, PD3. The location of these will always be near the charge controller which is located on the back of the board and which part number depends on device year.

For 2013-2015 blade 14’s

-These use a texas instruments BQ25A charge controller. The aforementioned diodes can be found near it. 

For 2016-2017 blade 14’s and 2018-2019 blade 15’s

-These use an intersil ISL 9550HRZ charge controller. The aforementioned diodes can be found near it.

Razer Blade intermittent charging issues or stops charging under load

If you have a blade 14, blade 15, or pro model

-Be sure to check the charge controller on these! Sometimes the charge controller itself/MOSFETS PQ1, PQ2, PQ3 are also bad. 

-A bad AC adapter can also cause drop out under load. You can measure the ac adapter voltage when this issue happens and see if it gets stuck in protection mode which would be 5-7 volts.

Razer Blade stealth

-It is very common for the USB C power delivery IC to fail. This is on the back of the board and is a large BGA chip. A failing controller can cause intermittent charging issues or no charging issues. 

-Another common cause of no charging on the stealths of 2018+ is a blown fuse on the battery power rail. Be sure to check.

Battery not detected: All razer models

Battery not detected issues when a battery is plugged in can have many reasons. The ITE(microcontroller) on your board sends data to the charge controller on your board which sends data to the battery management system in your battery packs board. A bad data/clock line anywhere in this path can cause this problem. It may be due to a bad ITE, bad charge controller, or bad 10kohm resistors on the data path. For 2013-2015 razers sometimes it is the green/yellow/blue wire on the battery connector itself. Make sure this wire specifically has good contact in the end of the connector that plugs into the board. It could also be that you have a bad battery pack as well, so if you have a spare, its often the quickest/easiest way to check. You will have to go through all these one by one with process of elimination.

Razer Blade Keyboard/trackpad are not working:  

Razer Blade 14 2013-2015 devices

-The keyboard and trackpad are connected from the PCH and supposed to be forwarded as USB devices by a microcontroller called “LPC”. This chip has special programming in it specifically for your razer. If both the keyboard and the trackpad are not working, this chip will most likely need replacing. If you can not program it with identical firmware, your best bet is to pull a used one from a 2013-2015 motherboard. These 3 years LPC are all compatible. If you have only the keyboard not working or only the trackpad not working, it may be due to the keyboard or trackpad themselves as well.

Razer Blade 14 2016-2017, Blade 15 2018-2020, Blade pro’s

Keyboard not working- It is very likely that the keyboard itself is dead if its not working on these models. It can be replaced(best bet is to just buy a new top cover on ebay. )

Be sure to check the cables and make sure each are plugged in to the motherboard correctly and tightly. If you carefully peel back the black tape to the top right of the battery you will find some additional cables that are plugged in, check these as well. 

-If you have a blade 14 2016-2017 and the fans are stuck at max and the keyboard is not working then its likely not plugged in all the way to the motherboard. Fans will stay at max speed if this cable is unplugged. 

-If the trackpad is not working theres a high chance it is dead. We have never seen motherboard failures related to trackpad on the above mentioned devices. However, if the left/right click buttons are not working: There is a good chance that the cable that runs from them to the board over top of the battery got busted. If your battery has expanded it can break this cable and often times tear the entire connector off the main board. It can be replaced.

Razer Blade Not powering on:  

Razer blade 14 models/Razer blade 15 models/Razer blade Pro models general notes:

If the device doesn’t power on, its important to establish if the main power rails are present. You should be getting 19-20v on the source and drain pins of your main power MOSFETS, and 25v on the gate pin. These are located near your wifi card. You should also be getting 3.3v and 5v on the inductors near the area as well. 

If only 25v is missing, you’ll likely need to replace charge controller. If only 3.3/5v are missing, you’ll likely need to replace 3.3/5v regulator near the charge controller.   If 25v, 3.3v, 5v are all missing, then you may have a short to ground. This can be due to many issues. First I would check directly at DCIN connector and see if you have voltage. If you do not, remove power and check fuse. Also verify your charger is supplying 19-20v by disconnecting it from board and putting positive meter lead inside charger jack, and ground on outside. Make sure the DCINJACK is also not burned down which is somewhat common. If it is, you will need to buy a donor board and replace the entire connector and cable, otherwise can do a modification and solder wires directly from board power and ground directly to DC jack terminals.

Finally- if you have 25v, 19-20v, 3.3v, 5v, and it still doesnt turn on, you will want to check and see if you are getting the non always on rails such as the 1.35v for DDR3L memory, 1.xx volts on cpu vcore, and gpu when you press the power button. 

*Specifically for 2013-early 2016 blade 14 models(gtx970m version) – 

If you are missing all of the rails except for 19-20v check the vertical row of ceramic capacitors on the back of the board. See if there is a short on them. If there is, they are probably bad. Remove them all and test to see if short is relieved. If it is, replace them all with a 25v or greater rating and 4.7uF or higher rating(preferably 10uf). If this is not the problem then continue troubleshooting. This does not apply to late 2016 and 2017 models. If you have one of those later models with these symptoms, you probably have a short to ground somewhere.

Specifically for late 2016-2017 blade 14

Wont turn on:  If your razer wont turn on but the caps light key lights up or if the chroma keyboard lights up, the most probable issue will be in your CPU circuit. Take the board out and remove the heatsink. Locate the 2 in parallel fuses in CPU circuit above the VRMS and test them. If they are open, remove them, and in diode mode check the resistance of each side of the pad. If one side is shorted, the VRM’s will be the culprit. Remove VRM’s, verify short is relieved, and replace with new VRM’s and new CPU controller(on back of the board). Then and only then, replace the fuses and attempt to power it up.

If you are only partially missing some of either the 3.3v rail or 5v rail there is a good chance that the FETS directly to the right of the inductors are bad. These are labeled as PQ43 and PQ45. In this case you will want to make sure power is removed from machine and measure the resistance across each pin on the FETS. Then reverse your meter leads and test the other way. If a measurement across any of the pins reads as “open”, that FET is bad and needs replaced. It will most likely restore your partially missing 3.3/5v rail once replaced.

Razer Blade stealth model Doesn’t turn on: 

First check for voltage directly at the usb c connector. You should have 20v, if you do not, then the USB C power management IC on the back of the board has probably failed. This is a BGA chip that will probably need replaced. Replace it and recheck voltage at connector to see if it works or not. If you have voltage present at USB C connector, great! Check your other rails, you should have 25v gate drive on your main power MOSFETS as well as 5v, 3.3v which can easily be measured on inductors on that buck converter stage.  

 Battery not detected:  

Battery not detected issues when a battery is plugged in can have many reasons. The ITE(microcontroller) on your board sends data to the charge controller on your board which sends data to the battery management system in your battery packs board. A bad data line anywhere in this path can cause this problem. It may be due to a bad ITE,which is near the SSD, a bad charge controller, bad 10kohm resistors on the data path. It could also be that you have a bad battery pack as well, so if you have a spare, its often the quickest/easiest way to check. You will have to go through all these one by one with process of elimination.

Razer Blade Pro models 2017-2019

Extremely common on these models is dead cpu. If green power LED blinks on and off and you never get image, it is likely dead cpu.  

Razer Blade Random shut-offs:  

If your device commonly shuts down under load there can be 4 main causes.

If the shutdowns occur on battery only,

its likely the battery is bad. Unfortunately the vast majority of aftermarket batteries are bad, even brand new ones. This can cause shutdown under load on battery power when they are not capable of supplying peak current demands from the system. 

If the shutdowns occur when AC adapter is plugged in,

you could either have a charger that is failing or your device could be overheating. Please download si-sandra or any other sensor reading application of your choice and monitor your temperatures.

If cpu is hitting 100c or gpu is hitting 93C it might be causing shutdowns due to overheating. In this case replace thermal compound on CPU/GPU with GELID GC extreme. Some people like to use thermal grizzly kryonaut but in my test data it is worse. Please do not use liquid metal on these machines. It doesn’t work well on the direct heatpipe contact on the 2013-2015 devices and can also be dangerous if it runs off-it can kill your machine by shorting something out. If your device is not overheating then its likely AC ADAPTER or bad diodes near charge controller. But it could be caused by a large number of things, these are just most common.

Lastly it is a possibility that there is a cracked end cap on a component (usually capacitor) or potentially failing other IC.

Razer Blade 14 2016-2017 Device turns on but freezes on the razer logo everytime: 

You may be able to enter the bios setup, but it wont boot from any drive or USB. In this case your PCH lines for PCIE have failed and it needs a new PCH. Success rate with replacing these is low. I recommend buying a new board in this case. This is one issue we do not repair here.   

Sometimes can be bad RAM modules if freezing with blue screen errors. Success rate with reflowing ram is low and not recommended.

Razer Blade no backlight can have a few main causes. 

On Razer blade devices the backlight circuitry varies between models even if the connector on the board and from the screen assembly are the same. Do not make a mistake of purchasing a wrong assembly for your device or you may have no backlight.


2014 blade 14

Devices only come with one screen version which is the QHD touch. You can not use a full HD screen assembly on this device even though the connectors are the same.

2015 blade 14 

Devices come with 2 screen versions. If you have the one with 8gb ram you must only use a full HD screen. If you have the one with 16gb ram you must only use QHD touchscreen assembly.

2016-2017 blade 14

devices come with both FULL HD and QHD touchscreen versions. You have to make sure the motherboard you have is for the right screen. You can not use a full hd screen for a touch edition motherboard or a QHD screen for a full hd edition motherboard.

 Razer blade Stealth 2016-2017

devices come with either full HD, QHD, or 4k screens. These are not interchangeable. 

Other causes of no backlight?

Always check the backlight fuse to see if it is blown. If it is blown remove and diode check pads to ground to see if there is additional damage possibly on a capacitor or LED driver.-also check to make sure the connector pins are soldered to the board appropriately with good contact.

Razer Blade schematics: 

We have only ever came across 1 schematic when browsing the public web years ago. It is a schematic for razer blade 14 2013 model which does share some similarities with the 2014-2015 model, but almost no similarities to the newer models. You can probably find it if you search online. 

Razer blade repair playlist

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