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The only High Fidelity Bluetooth Speaker for true audiophiles *Estimated lead time subject to change due to hand made. 
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Because The Best Wasn’t Good Enough.™


Extreme Power Efficiency
Not one amplifier on the market came close to our CLEAN power efficiency requirements, so we made one that does. This results in astonishingly loud crystal clear music output on just 10 watts and unprecedented battery life of 24 hours even near the max volume level. 


Made with quality in mind regardless of cost or difficulty
First we have custom made the calcium zirconate capacitors on the fully differential input stage which have distortion measurements equal to the best polypropylene film type capacitors but in an unprecedented small size. Next we have the optimum quantity, case size, and value of lowest ESR capacitors on the planet for decoupling. You can see the 5 of them in the one picture above that are as close to the supply pins of the amp as possible. The 1 through hole polymer aluminum capacitor is mounted on the back of the board just so we could get it closer to the amp. For instance, if we mounted it on the top of the board it would be sitting on top of the ceramic capacitors so we had to get creative. Every 0.1mm closer counts even if it meant we had to hand solder them in there under a microscope. We use 2 oz heavy copper on each layer for improved performance. We could have went with a standard 1oz copper to save costs but that goes against everything we stand for. This little phenoms small size and lack of hundreds of components is not a weakness. For example, we have eliminated the need for output filtering components(which would add additional distortion) through spread spectrum modulation and other EMI reducing techniques in the layout such as via stitching/shielding. These latter techniques are well proven and documented in the literature, however almost no companies implement these techniques. Finally all amplifiers are conformal coated in acrylic for additional protection.                                                                  


aptX-HD™ Bluetooth-Equipped
With aptX-HD™ Bluetooth complimenting the extreme clean power output of our original design amplifiers, we bring you portable Bluetooth speakers which empower true audiophiles to enjoy the convenience of Bluetooth for the first time. We use the CSR8675 from Qualcomm, it is then enclosed inside a metal shield to prevent any outside interference. APTX-HD can be lossless up to 576kb bit rate. 


Kalimba 120mhz DSP
As serious audiophiles and engineers it is paramount that we only use DSP when absolutely necessary. We got the amp, speaker, and enclosure design as close to perfection as possible and then very subtly implemented an extremely clean and minimal DSP to further optimize the frequency response. Not much, but “just enough”. Over the years we have heard DSP done extremely poorly way too many times on other products. It is often overdone, implemented poorly, and results in a distorted sounding mess of unnatural sound. So if you have had bad experiences with DSP in the past we most definitely hear you. Rest assured its done as minimally as possible and is an asset to the design of this beauty.
A lot of brands claim to offer “High Fidelity” Bluetooth Speakers for audiophiles. But as countless frustrated audiophiles have learned the hard way, the reality of Bluetooth audio equipment has never previously lived up to the claims. This BT Speaker is called “The ONLY™” for that very reason: It is the only High Fidelity High Definition Bluetooth Speaker which truly lives up to the exceedingly high standards of true Audiophiles. True audiophiles will go to great lengths in the pursuit of perfect sound. Take us for example: We reinvented integrated amplifiers from a clean sheet and built them by hand from the ground up in our pursuit of perfect sound. Whatever it takes. Then we put them in rock solid Top-Grade American Walnut Hardwood cabinets, highly-custom designed and built, by the world’s preeminent master acoustic-architect of speaker cabinets. We cut the walnut from the same sheet with our CNC’s right here in America, to assure seamless uninterrupted visual flow of the wood grain from top to sides. No expense nor effort spared. The other BT Speakers on the market failed to deliver anything close to their claimed 5 to 10+ hours of battery life, so we built one that’ll go for 24 on a charge (yes, 24 hours). Shoot for the moon and nail it. Do you love the golden age of HiFi? We do. That’s why we say, “They don’t make ’em like they used to…but we do.™” We already have too much cheap materials like plastic and aluminum in our world, so even our buttons are custom carved from top grade rock solid American Walnut hardwood. No detail is too small. So what do you get when epic OCD-level demand for perfect sound is focused into creating solutions which didn’t exist before? You get The ONLY™: The Only High Fidelity Bluetooth Speaker For True Audiophiles.
Finish: polymerized linseed oil, non toxic stain.
Speakers used: Peerless by tymphany. Our enclosure and amplifier are custom made to tailor specifically to these speakers.
SNR: 110db. 
Size: 8x4x4(inches)
Lifetime warranty on the electronics,  if any electronic part ever fails regardless of how much time has passed, we will fix it for free.

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99%-of our best. Extraordinary value., 100%-of our best.

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    Jonas Faust

    As an audiophile this is the first BlueTooth speaker I’ve ever been able to enjoy and this unit actually keeps up with my favorite vintage home hifi equipment.Whether you’re an experienced audiophile like myself, or if you are looking to get started with legit audiophile sound for the first time, this little wonder is literally all you need and for vinyl just add a bluetooth aptx-hd equipped turntable like the one from cambridge.
    If I’m being honest I was very highly skeptical of the manufacturers claims on the specs but I was intrigued and since it’s got to be the nicest looking speaker I’ve ever seen I thought I’d give them a go. They said the hand-built amplifier and cabinet are both 100% designed from a clean sheet of paper in order to deliver “next-level power efficiency” and that it delivers far more than enough sound to fill a room on just 8 watts, a claim almost as unbelievable as the claimed 20 hours of battery life per charge, but I was pleasantly shocked to find that those claims are actually true. In spite of its very small size (8”x4”x4”) it gets to my ideal listening volume for a medium-sized room at only about 50% to 75% of it’s output with plenty of volume to spare.
    The clarity of it is stunning for any audio product let alone one with BlueTooth and in a side-by-side comparison with my buddy’s Sonos Five this beat the Sonos unit hands down (and that’s with the Sonos connected via Wifi and this on BlueTooth). The SNR (Signal To Noise ratio) and THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) are both audibly much better than on the Sonos unit.
    While Sonos Five specs claims 116 dB SNR and 0.1% THD and this Victory unit claims 110 dB SNR and 0.03% THD, the Victory unit as mentioned sounds audibly cleaner in both regards. My buddy is now upset because even though I paid more than he paid for his Sonos unit we both agree that I got the much better value on both sound and appearance with this being solid walnut wood (not veneers) and the Sonos Five being made of plastic (and let me tell you that plastic has never looked cheaper than it does next to this gorgeous walnut hardwood unit).
    This is a really groundbreaking product IMHO which redefines the hifi audio market in many ways. Such levels of true audiophile sound like I require hasn’t been portable like this before and this makes it not only possible but easy to enjoy the sound I’m used to when traveling.
    It’s not accurate nor fair to call it a, “Portable BlueTooth Speaker”, as it would be more accurate to call it, “a high-end home hifi integrated audio system which happens to be portable”. It eliminates all need or reason to buy a bookshelf system which just takes up more space with no additional benefits, and while full-sized systems are much larger and have more power than this, this extremely space-efficient and power-efficient little unit easily reaches any reasonably enjoyable listening volume at 50% and can reach full on irritate-your-neighbors volume if you want it to.
    This also is a perfect gift and will make for a very easy answer in the future when friends from time to time ask what all they need to get started in true audiophile sound, because this one unit is literally all you need and even for vinyl just add a turntable and you’re enjoying legit audiophile sound.
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