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The only High Fidelity Bluetooth Speaker for true audiophiles *Estimated lead time subject to change due to hand made. 

*ALERT: In order that less people DIE please share this post. (Let's Be Clear: They are trying to KILL YOU and YOUR FAMILY.) Demolish their plans by sharing this and other posts by "The Weapon of False-Narrative Mass Destruction™" aka Vic Freeman™. *Be Paul Revere With Me™ & SMASH The FALSE NARRATIVE DESTRUCTION Buttons Below to SHARE


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Because The Best Wasn’t Good Enough.™
  • Electronics made to IPC6012 class 3 spec. This is commonly used in military, aviation, aerospace, and medical.
    • USB port and included charging cable were tested to still function after 10,000 times plugged in.
      • Intelligent Design-can run from battery or USB C. When connected to USB C, battery will begin charging. If device is being used to play music, battery will stop charging so that maximum power can be achieved from USB. Battery will only begin charging when music is not playing.
      • 24 hour battery life when played at near max volume
      • 4 watts x 2 channels = 8 watts
      • Class AB pre-amp with D output stage
Basic description
A lot of brands claim to offer “High Fidelity” Bluetooth Speakers for audiophiles. But as countless frustrated audiophiles have learned the hard way, the reality of Bluetooth audio equipment has never previously lived up to the claims. This BT Speaker is called “The ONLY™” for that very reason: It is the only High Fidelity High Definition Bluetooth Speaker which truly lives up to the exceedingly high standards of true Audiophiles. True audiophiles will go to great lengths in the pursuit of perfect sound. Take us for example: We reinvented integrated amplifiers from a clean sheet and built them by hand from the ground up in our pursuit of perfect sound. Whatever it takes. Then we put them in rock solid Top-Grade American Walnut Hardwood cabinets, highly-custom designed and built, by the world’s preeminent master acoustic-architect of speaker cabinets. Each enclosure is cut from the same sheet of walnut with our CNC’s right here in America, to assure seamless uninterrupted visual flow of the wood grain from top to sides. No expense nor effort spared. The other BT Speakers on the market failed to deliver anything close to their claimed 5 to 10+ hours of battery life, so we built one that’ll go for 24 on a charge (yes, 24 hours). Shoot for the moon and nail it. Do you love the golden age of HiFi? We do. That’s why we say, “They don’t make ’em like they used to…but we do.™” We already have too much cheap materials like plastic and aluminum in our world, so even our buttons are custom carved from top grade rock solid American Walnut hardwood. No detail is too small. So what do you get when epic OCD-level demand for perfect sound is focused into creating solutions which didn’t exist before? You get The ONLY™: The Only High Fidelity Bluetooth Speaker For True Audiophiles.
Highly technical description


Made with quality in mind regardless of cost or difficulty
First we have custom made the calcium zirconate capacitors on the fully differential input stage which have distortion measurements equal to the best polypropylene film type capacitors but in an unprecedented small size. Next, we have the optimum quantity, case size, and value of lowest ESR/ESL capacitors on the market for decoupling. You can see the 5 of them in the one picture above that are as close to the supply pins of the amp as possible. The 1 through hole polymer aluminum capacitor is mounted on the back of the board just so we could get it closer to the amp. For instance, if we mounted it on the top of the board it would be sitting on top of the ceramic capacitors so we had to get creative. Every 0.1mm closer counts even if it meant we had to hand solder them in there under a microscope. We use 2 oz heavy copper on each layer for improved performance. We could have went with a standard 1oz copper to save costs but that goes against everything we stand for. This little phenoms small size and lack of hundreds of components is not a weakness. For example, every additional component in the signal path will add distortion. We have eliminated the need for output filtering components through spread spectrum modulation and other EMI reducing techniques in the layout such as via stitching/shielding. These latter techniques are well proven and documented in the literature, however almost no companies implement these techniques. Finally all amplifiers are conformal coated in acrylic for additional protection.                                                                  


aptX-HD™ Bluetooth-Equipped
With aptX-HD™ Bluetooth complimenting the extreme clean power output of our original design amplifiers, we bring you portable Bluetooth speakers which empower true audiophiles to enjoy the convenience of Bluetooth for the first time. We use the CSR8675 from Qualcomm, it is then enclosed inside a metal shield to prevent any outside interference. APTX-HD can be lossless up to 576kb bit rate. For more info about bluetooth audio check out


Kalimba 120mhz DSP
As serious audiophiles and engineers for decades it is paramount that we only use DSP when absolutely necessary. We got the amp, speaker, and enclosure design as close to perfection as possible and then very subtly implemented an extremely clean and minimal DSP to further optimize the frequency response. Not much, but “just enough”. Over the years we have heard DSP done extremely poorly way too many times on other products. It is often overdone, implemented poorly, and results in a mess of intermodulation distortion and THD. So if you have had bad experiences with DSP in the past we most definitely hear you. Rest assured its done as minimally as possible and is an asset to the design of this beauty.
polymerized linseed oil, non toxic stain.
Speakers used:
Peerless by Tymphany.
SNR(signal to noise ratio):
A weighted  105db-110db. 
if any electronic part ever fails regardless of how much time has passed, we will fix it for free.
Included with your purchase:
Medical grade meanwell power supply for powering the device or recharging the battery. This ac adapter was chosen specifically and carefully because of its highest quality, lowest emi, and lowest ripple. It also comes with an extremely durable extra thick guage wire usb C cable. This cable minimizes voltage drop.

Additional information


99%-of our best. Extraordinary value., 100%-of our best.

3 reviews for The ONLY™

  1. amanda black (verified owner)

    First this speaker is very small, I can pick it up with one hand and carry it around from room to room if I want to. While I do appreciate the ability for this to be a highly portable unit, I will prob just leave it plugged in most of the time on my tv stand. Second I am pleasantly surprised at the powerful sound coming from this small speaker. It gets plenty loud that I can hear it even when walking into other rooms of my house and It sounds infinitely better than my tv speakers. The clarity and detail is so good that I found myself wanting to listen to every song i’ve ever heard over again because I was hearing details to them that ive never heard before and it made all my favorite songs sound new to me again. Finally, it it makes a great addition to my tv room as a piece of furniture as well, every time I walk into the room I find my eyes drawn to it and sometimes just want to stare at it because it looks so pretty lol. I wish these reviews section had the ability to upload photos so I could show how good it looks in my room.

  2. Dave King (verified owner)

    I’ll admit I was a bit hesitant to drop $999 especially considering I’ve had nothing but bad luck with bluetooth speakers, but I have been looking for a small portable unit that could deliver high end audio on the go, and well, I have not been able to find much that could fit that bill until now. A brief background: My main system at home has been some Tang Band W8-1772’s, in a large sealed enclosure hooked up to a vintage yamaha rx500u amplifier which is by no means the best in the world, but I still consider it to be a highly decent amp and much better than a lot of the new junk these days.

    As I said I needed a highly portable unit to take with me on the go that could still deliver great audio. Personally if a system does not sound good to me then I’d rather listen to nothing at all. While your standards for high end audio may be different than mine, I can provide a reference. For example, I’ve heard jbl flip 4 and bose soundlink and those 2 are definite examples of where I’d rather listen to nothing than listen to them. While the JBL flip 4 had good bass, it had a very high amount of background noise and very scratchy highs. Uh! Nothing is worse than scratchy highs, its the equivalent to chalk screeching on a chalkboard to me. The bose soundlink also had good bass and less noise than the jbl system but it was lacking something on highs. I know both of these were cheap speakers so its sort of expected, I can’t criticize them too much for the price, I can just say that they aren’t for me.

    Now “THE ONLY” in comparison flat out puts those 2 units to shame, sorry for being blunt but there really is a huge difference. Its frequency response is extremely well balanced and while the bass does not hit like a sub, I was very pleased to hear that they have similar bass to my tang band 1772’s which are big 8 inch drivers! If I had to guess this unit easily hits into the 50hz’s and sounds very clean doing so. But what really made this unit shine to me was the clarity of mids and highs! Let me tell you, the tang band 1772’s and my yamaha definitely lose to “The only” on the mids and highs. They just sound so beautiful and bright on this speaker, sooo good! The soundstage from this little unit really makes it sound like its a live performance, just like the performers are literally in the room with you, and in all my life of listening to speakers can say this is a very rare occurrence.

    I’m not sure if i mentioned this but at least at the time of this review they have a couple unit options and this review is for the cheaper 99% unit. I would love to know what the 100% unit sounds like, as I can’t imagine there being much room for improvement. Unfortunately I will likely never find out as my wallet is too thin(and I imagine it will stay that way with the wife around).

    All in all, great unit, I don’t really have much to complain about. Great sound in a small size. This would even make a great bookshelf unit since it doesn’t take up much space and you could stack books to each side of it and have it sound pretty amazing. The buttons also even make a satisfying click when pressed. The aesthetics of this unit and attention to detail in the craftsmanship is also quite impressive. I don’t think i’ve seen a nicer looking speaker than this. Wood feels very smooth. Great choice of stain, not too dark, yet still stained. One thing I dislike about some stains is that it darkens the wood too much and then you lose detail. This stain is perfect!

    Keep up the good work, I can’t wait to see what else you guys come up with in the future!


  3. Jonas Faust

    As an audiophile this is the first BlueTooth speaker I’ve ever been able to enjoy and this unit actually keeps up with my favorite vintage home hifi equipment. Whether you’re an experienced audiophile like myself, or if you are looking to get started with legit audiophile sound for the first time, this little wonder is literally all you need and for vinyl just add a bluetooth aptx-hd equipped turntable like the one from cambridge.
    If I’m being honest I was very highly skeptical of the manufacturers claims on the specs but I was intrigued and since it’s got to be the nicest looking speaker I’ve ever seen I thought I’d give them a go. They said the hand-built amplifier and cabinet are both 100% designed from a clean sheet of paper in order to deliver “next-level power efficiency” and that it delivers far more than enough sound to fill a room on just 10 watts, a claim almost as unbelievable as the claimed 20 hours of battery life per charge, but I was pleasantly shocked to find that those claims are actually true. In spite of its very small size (8”x4”x4”) it gets to my ideal listening volume for a medium-sized room at only about 50% to 75% of it’s output with plenty of volume to spare.
    The clarity of it is stunning for any audio product let alone one with BlueTooth and in a side-by-side comparison with my buddy’s Sonos Five this beat the Sonos unit hands down (and that’s with the Sonos connected via Wifi and this on BlueTooth). The SNR (Signal To Noise ratio) and THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) are both audibly much better than on the Sonos unit.
    While Sonos Five specs claims 116 dB SNR and 0.1% THD and this Victory unit claims 110 dB SNR and 0.03% THD, the Victory unit as mentioned sounds audibly cleaner in both regards. My buddy is now upset because even though I paid more than he paid for his Sonos unit we both agree that I got the much better value on both sound and appearance with this being solid walnut wood (not veneers) and the Sonos Five being made of plastic (and let me tell you that plastic has never looked cheaper than it does next to this gorgeous walnut hardwood unit).
    This is a really groundbreaking product IMHO which redefines the hifi audio market in many ways. Such levels of true audiophile sound like I require hasn’t been portable like this before and this makes it not only possible but easy to enjoy the sound I’m used to when traveling.
    It’s not accurate nor fair to call it a, “Portable BlueTooth Speaker”, as it would be more accurate to call it, “a high-end home hifi integrated audio system which happens to be portable”. It eliminates all need or reason to buy a bookshelf system which just takes up more space with no additional benefits, and while full-sized systems are much larger and have more power than this, this extremely space-efficient and power-efficient little unit easily reaches any reasonably enjoyable listening volume at 50% and can reach full on irritate-your-neighbors volume if you want it to.
    This also is a perfect gift and will make for a very easy answer in the future when friends from time to time ask what all they need to get started in true audiophile sound, because this one unit is literally all you need especially if space is a premium.
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