$17.76 - For America Only.

$17.76 – For America Only.


$17.76 – For America Only.


We are fixing this mess.  Our embattled Republic is in severe distress.

Here at Victory Group, U.S.A. we believe in America ONLY and we have set everything else aside to fight for America ONLY: 24/7/365.

We are and shall be directing and channeling ALL of our resources, include time, energy, skills, brand, current and coming soon products, and everything else God may bless us with into restoring and securing our great Republic.

All of our hopes.  All of our dreams.  All of our plans.  All of our struggles:

It has all come to this.

It has all come to saving the country which makes it all possible.  Saving the Liberty our Forefathers and, even people we know and have known personally, have fought and suffered and been wounded in body and mind and that so many have died for.

We cannot abide with the disgusting turn of events our America has suffered, and we will not abide.  We will not see the freedom so many fought and died for be stolen away in broad daylight or any other light.

We have a lot of work to do, and we hope you’ll join us.  At this time we are in the process of locating and securing property in all 50 states in order to fulfill plans as mentioned on this site, with much more info coming imminently (please allow us to send you updates by getting in touch at the link at bottom).

Your purchase here will buy $17.76 worth of Fuel for the Fire or Freedom and will at this immediate time go directly towards manifold operations already in process which will solve this insane predicament our Nation is in.

Regardless of any purchase or not we most of all want to ask you to please join us:

We absolutely will not allow the egregious injustices America and everyone in it has been suffering to stand, and together our task of restoring and securing our Great Republic as envisioned by Our Founders will be accomplished.


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