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The good news is that thanks to the Maricopa, AZ audit the truth about the election is about to be revealed.

The very bad news is that thanks to the pathological lies of the Left and their Corporate Media and Big Tech:

Half the country will take the truth like it is literally the end of the world.


I’ve liked to compare the situation Trump was in on January 20th to a hostage situation, wherein:

Trump is the father, the actual sanity of half the country is the hostage, the White House is the ransom.

The Left and their Corporate Media and Big Tech allies got the mob all revved up, totally convincing them that Trump is nothing less than the second coming of Adolf Hitler (the truth has absolutely nothing to do with Divide & Conquer). 

So in this hostage metaphor:

The Democrats (technically their Globalist Puppetmasters) have been holding a “knife” to the “throat” of America and have said, “CONCEDE.  Or ELSE.”

Or else what?

Or else suffice it to say everyone is about to find out the real reason why the Democrats have been releasing so many violent felons under the ridiculous guise of, “Due to Coronavirus”.

“A Warning To The Left” by Vic Freeman CLICK HERE

Everyone is also about to find out the real reason why the Left has been calling full-on insurrectionist riots, “Peaceful Protests”.  And the real reason so few arrests of insurrectionist enemy combatant rioters, and why even less of them have been prosecuted.  And why the huge bail funds to make sure that the Leftist enemy combatant insurrectionists who are violent enough to actually get arrested can get right back into the action of causing the chaos the Left desires.

And with all of the above being considered of course the real reasons for “Defund The Police” become entirely clear.


Ordo Ab Chao.  Order from chaos in Latin.  A favorite slogan of The Left and their Globalist Puppet Masters.  Really puts, “Build Back Better” into perspective, doesn’t it? 

“Build Back Better” is only half of a slogan, it has a “quiet part” which is never said out loud.  When we add the unspoken second half of the “Build Back Better” slogan what we arrive at is the truth:

“Build Back Better…After WE Burn It Down.”


Another comparison of the actual situation our country is in, is to compare it to how a psychotic jealous boyfriend/husband:

What the Democrats, and the Left as a whole, is effectively saying about America is:

“If we can’t have her NOBODY can!”

That’s right.  Oh they know Trump won, there is no misunderstanding there.  The problem is they don’t give a damn that he won.  That’s because what we have here is a hostile takeover.


It’s actually remarkably easy to know what The Left is doing and has done:

Simply look at what they accuse their enemies of doing.  It’s a primary MO of theirs and has been for a while.  They want to be able to dismiss any such accusations and charges against them as nothing more than petty political retaliation.

“They are only accusing us of that because we took them to task for it!”  NO:

They are accusing the Democrats/Left of that because the Democrats/Left actually literally DID that, whatever it is. They actually did those things, which is the very reason they accused their target victims of doing those things.

Ever had someone you were in a relationship just randomly start accusing you of cheating?  All of a sudden?  Out of the wild blue sky?  When you know for a fact that you are not guilty of those accusations?  

Uh huh.

For example:

Anyone who followed me on Facebook before I was deplatformed there (my FB account and all of my FB groups and pages were removed moments before midnight on November 2, 2020 what does that tell you about me), anyone who followed me there saw that by the middle of 2020 I was saying that the vast majority of the Democrat Party could be immediately removed from office under Amendment 14, Section III. We now know that the Democrats agree with that by what they cooked up on 1/6, and went hard after framing up Trump in that attempt to disqualify him from ever serving in office again under Amendment 14, Section III.


If you want an idea of what the coming years in America will be like, look at the history of The Irish Republican Army and reverse the roles.

I suppose we could refer to what the Left is becoming as “The LCA: The Leftist Communist Army”.

We are looking at years if not decades of Hit-and-Run Domestic Terror attacks from the Left, with absolutely everyone being an equally appealing target for The Leftists.

And that’s if the Left doesn’t get their way out of the election and related events.


If the Left DOES get its way, and somehow fraudulently hangs on to the illegitimate power they’ve attained:

Well, pick your poison folks.

As horrific as things will be in the event that the Left doesn’t keep the WH and throws the most epic temper tantrum in human history:

Believe it or not things will be even worse if The Democrats/Left and their Globalist allies DO get their way.

In the event that the Democrats/Left do get their way, you can 100% expect:

-Gun Confiscation

-Forced Vaccinations

-Closures of all Churches

-Loss of custody of children for parents who do not 100% comply

-Loss of 100% of private property (under the false-pretenses of “Green/Climate Change/etc”)

-Loss of all privately-owned businesses, either due to forced bankruptcy (shutdowns) or government seizure.

-Then it gets incomprehensively worse from there.


At this time our development group is building Ultra-High Security Communities in all 50 states.  These are places where Americans will be safe regardless of what all comes and when.

These communities will be secured 24/7/365 by absolutely impenetrable tactical defense, trained by retired Special Forces.

We will have everything Americans of all ages need on-site, including an abundance of highest-quality jobs and schools of every level.

A few other notes:

Masks and vaccines are not required for our jobs or schools or for any other reason.

*(Please note: Recipients of the experimental vaccines unfortunately will not be allowed until it can be determined whether or not whatever they were injected with cannot harm others in any way).

Our schools will applaud prayer and will do The Pledge of Allegiance instead of Communist Indoctrination.

If this sounds good to you so far and you want to learn more and be updated please get in contact at the link below.

For more info CLICK HERE


*ALERT: In order that less people DIE please share this post. (Let's Be Clear: They are trying to KILL YOU and YOUR FAMILY.) Demolish their plans by sharing this and other posts by "The Weapon of False-Narrative Mass Destruction™" aka Vic Freeman™. *Be Paul Revere With Me™ & SMASH The FALSE NARRATIVE DESTRUCTION Buttons Below to SHARE

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