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This isn’t an easy thing to write.

The audit in election audit in Maricopa County is getting as serious as serious gets for our country.

It would be nice if they could simply do the audit, announce the results, then everyone shake hands and move on.  But that unfortunately won’t be possible thanks in large part to the Corporate Media and Big Tech Social Media.

As a Trump supporter myself, I should be nothing but overjoyed about what is happening.  But to be perfectly honest calling it bittersweet would be an understatement.

What we have is an extremely dangerous situation on our hands.  Extremely dangerous and absolutely terrifying truth be told.

The Maricopa audit is uncovering the truth.  Suffice it to say that the Left will not enjoy the truth.  Trump did win and by a very long way.

The truth is that the AZ results were so far off that there is absolutely no question that what happened there was no mistake.  Once the AZ election results are fully exposed, the other states will be on the spot and will have to follow suit.  Then those will come out to be shockingly off just like AZ.

So that’s great for Trump supporters, right?

Here’s the problem:

The Corporate Media and Big Tech Social Media has lied and concealed the truth so much that:

The truth will hit half the country like it’s the end of the world.

To say that they won’t take it well would be an even greater understatement than Trump’s “official” vote count as claimed by the Left.

The Left will never accept the truth.  There will be no reasoning with them.  There will be no discussing it with them.  Anyone who thought 2020 was bad hasn’t seen anything from the Left yet.

Add to that the fact that the Democrats have made their intentions clear by Defunding The Police while simultaneously protecting Leftist Insurrectionists from arrest and prosecution for the most part and even raising enormous bail funds so that the perpetrators could get right back into the action.

Where does that leave us?

Add to that the fact that everyone is about to find out the real reason Democrats have been releasing violent felons under the ridiculous guise of, “Due To Coronavirus”.

Where does that leave us?

Where does that leave you?

Where does that leave your family?


There won’t be some little battle and that’s it.  That’s not how this type of conflict plays out.

It’ll be years if not decades of Leftist hit-and-run attacks and acts of terrorism, similar to what history has seen from the IRA but exponentially worse.  Everyone will be an equally appealing target to the Left.


At this time our development group is building Ultra-High Security Communities in all 50 states.  These are places where Americans will be safe.

These communities will be secured 24/7/365 by absolutely impenetrable tactical defense trained by retired Special Forces.

We will have everything Americans of all ages need on-site, including an abundance of highest-quality jobs and schools of every level.

A few other notes:

Masks and vaccines are not required for our jobs or schools or for any other reason.  *(Recipients of the experimental vaccines will not be allowed until it can be determined whether or not whatever they were injected with cannot harm others in any way).

Our schools will applaud prayer and will do The Pledge of Allegiance instead of Communist Indoctrination.

If this sounds good to you so far and want to hear more please get in contact at the link below.

For more info CLICK HERE

*SMASH The FALSE NARRATIVE DESTRUCTION Buttons Below: Be Paul Revere With Me & Share This!

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