If you’re hoping the “divide” in our Country will “heal” then I have to tell you a secret and some bad news.

The bad news first:

The Left is deeply evil, they are beyond morally bankrupt and you need to get your children away from them (and the entirety of their influence) absolutely as soon as possible  (To learn how to live safe from the demonic Left Click Here)

The Left will never stop until they have robbed you of absolutely everything you hold dear, including the minds of your kids.

A business partner was telling me today about some prospective customers who were giving him a hard time about being “political” in business.  They were saying things to the effect of, “If you don’t knock off the politics your sales are going to suffer”.

Politics LOL?  No, this has absolutely nothing to do with politics and I told him as much:

“Politics” and “Hostile Takeover” are not the same thing.  “Politics” is much different than, “We WILL erase you and your entire way of life and we WILL tear down every sign and trace of you ever existing.”

There is a “political divide” in this country, there always has been, but this is not that.

There is a big difference between “agreeing to disagree” and talking out loud about wanting to send the children of people who disagree to re-education camps and meaning it (and having nobody doubt they mean it).

There is a big difference between “live and let live” and:

“Agreeing with ME is the very definition of JUSTICE, and until there is justice YOU will have NO PEACE!”

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