“If at any time the government forms an army, that army must never be formidable to the liberties of the people. The people must never be inferior to any army formed by government in discipline and the use of arms. Furthermore the best possible security against any army formed by the government is for the free people to hold and practice arms for the purpose of going through military exercises as often as is necessary to acquire the degrees of perfection which would entitle them to the character of a well-regulated militia. The people at large should be properly armed and equipped; and in order to see that this be not neglected, it will be necessary to assemble them regularly.” -Alexander Hamilton


There are criminals and then there are predators: You are fooling yourself if you think Militia is less than 1776% necessary.

If you’ve never been Militia or even thought about it, let’s be clear about something:

It is now or never for our Republic.

Don’t worry:

Being militia does not mean you have to rush out and buy any weapons you don’t already have and it doesn’t mean you’ll have to run drills in the woods. While every American should be trained in the use of arms (physical weapons), modern warfare involves a wide variety of equally critical tasks and skills, many of which do not count the regular use of arms as primary or even secondary tasks.

While the current situation in our Republic is the Ultimate Reason our Founding Fathers created our 2nd Amendment and while we do need to become infinitely more prepared to defend our families, ourselves and our communities using arms as may become necessary:

Our Republic is not being destroyed by bullets and bombs. Our Republic is being destroyed by lies and other non-physical means.

This Militia I’m telling you about now isn’t like any militia Americans have heard about before. As you’ll see below, weaponry is exclusively reserved strictly for purposes of defense only and we have no higher priority than to first and foremost make utterly and crystal clear for all the world to know our policy of:


As Patriots living this age of “Identity Politics” and Weaponized Innuendo we have very urgently needed to come to understand the following:

IF WE do not define ourselves, our beliefs and our intentions with the most crystal clear of clarity…our enemies will very happily define us. They will define us in whatever way is convenient to their agenda, and the truth has absolutely nothing to do with divide and conquer.


Imagine if today you found out that a relative you didn’t know left you an extremely rare car in mint condition…and it just so happens to be your favorite car you’ve always wanted.

Would you park it out in the rain with the windows rolled down every night?

Would you loan it out to strangers?

Would you leave the keys with a known car thief?

Of course you wouldn’t and neither would I.


We’ve been left something infinitely more valuable and rare than than the rarest of cars…

We’ve been left a Republic so great it has made countless cars possible.  Yet we’ve treated our Republic with less care than we’d show to a single car.

For years we’ve voted and payed taxes and called it good.  We thought that was enough. Still, at the end of the day:

If you assign tasks to an employee, and they steal and destroy your business while you’re asleep at the wheel:

It’s not their fault.  It’s your fault.

It’s not just your fault.  It’s my fault too.  It’s the fault of every American whether they realize it or not.  I know what Our Founding Fathers would say:

“If you want something done right…”

To say that 2020 and 2021 have been a wakeup call would quite possibly be the greatest understatement ever made.  There definitely could be no greater understatement in regards to our Liberty going forward.

If we are to secure our Liberties we absolute MUST change our ways.  Very dramatically.  If we do not, then we shall have absolutely no right to complain when our embattled  Republic and every last right it affirms is gone forever:

If our Republic is permanently taken from us then it WILL NOT be the fault of the thieves who take it, it will be OUR fault.  You and me and We The People.  Nobody else will be to blame, and if that day comes then no amount of finger pointing will bring back the Republic we will have lost forever.


The men who won our Republic and the rights it affirms were extraordinarily courageous and wise, and for all we could discuss about them:

There is ONE thing about them that we must VERY urgently acknowledge and understand more than ever before if we are to preserve and secure our Republic.  Which thing?

The thing that nobody wants to talk about.  The thing that has been LEAST mentioned by “the powers that should NOT be”.  The thing that is least discussed by, “Fair Weathered Patriots” who want to SEEM patriotic, but who are not willing to lift a finger to walk the walk of the Patriotic show they talk.

The most important thing to know about Our Founders is something that only adult Americans can face in a meaningful way, and it’s the part that the astonishing abundance of overgrown Manchild Americans cannot face.

It’s the part which those who seek to enslave you and your family will NEVER mention.

It is this:

Our Founders were MILITIA.

The most significant and relevant fact about the incomparably courageous and wise men who won our freedom is:  They were full on 1776% MILITA.

Our founders were militia, and they made clear that militia is necessary to the security of a free State.  Not optional: Necessary.

Equally as CRITICAL as what our Founders were, is what Our Founders were NOT:

Our Founders were NOT in a Military or the Military or any Military.


IF WE are going to preserve and secure our Republic, there is no more important distinction to make than the distinction between “Militia” and “Military”.

What’s the difference?  The difference is far more than the difference between apples and oranges.

The Founders were explicitly clear about the difference between Militia and Military because, as similar as their names may sound:

Militia and Military are are completely separate forces.


The Founders referred to any army formed and/or controlled by government as a, “Standing Army”.

The Founders meant, “Standing Army” to describe a completely separate thing than the People keeping and bearing arms.  The Founders very specifically defined the People which are to keep and bear arms as, “militia”.


The Founders did not want there to be a United States Military.  In fact, James Madison described military established and/or controlled by government (such as the United States Military and National Guard, armed police, armed Federal Agencies, etc), as:

“The greatest mischief which can ever happen.” -James Madison

*A quick note to all members of the above mentioned Non-Militia forces of Greatest Mischief, according to James Madison:


p.s. While I state the above facts, let me be as absolutely clear as any person can ever be clear about anything:

Unless forced to act in our own defense, where we stand, The Militia of We The People shall not ever impose nor cause even a single scratch of harm upon any member of any Standing Army including The US Military, The National Guard, Police, nor any Federal agent or Agency whatsoever. 

In fact: We consider all of the above and similar such forces to be not adversaries, but rather to be separate forces, each with unique purposes which are completely separate, and which do not properly conflict with our own.

Furthermore, as according to our Founders who clearly stated that forces of Standing Army “can never be formidable to the liberties of the people”, we shall retain our God-given rights as affirmed by Amendment II of The United States Constitution that we shall not be inferior to any force of standing army in the use of arms and we fully expect that Amendment II of The United States Constitution shall not be infringed.  Period.  (“Period” as in: The word “infringed” is in fact immediately followed by a period.   In other words: There is nothing written in between the word “infringed” and the period which immediately follows the word, “infringed”.  Put another way, “shall not be infringed period.”)


Fulfilling our Militia calling does NOT mean ever attacking or invading or “overthrowing” anyone or any place for any reason, and this includes government buildings and even the worst-behaving politicians, bureaucrats, officials etc.

The rightful Government, which IS We The People, is the only government that anyone is trying to overthrow in this country.

Being American Militia does NOT mean killing any person in any act not immediately and absolutely necessary as a last resort to defend life, liberty, livelihood or property.  Killing a person not in defense is murder, and our sacred 2nd Amendment is absolutely NOT a license to commit crimes and especially not murder.

Being American Militia does NOT mean attacking or invading any government building whatsoever, including The Capitol Building on 1/6 or such as the OK City building:

*The completely insane and reprehensible actions of an extremely miniscule number of whackos do NOT represent The Militia of We The People in any way, shape or form.


In addition to having absolutely no part in such unconscionable acts of cowardice, any knowledge of any such repulsive nonsense taking place, being planned, being discussed (even in passing), or even being “joked about” (not funny nor dismissible) taking place in this country will be the precise opposite of concealed by us.

Every American whether we agree or not, and all Law Enforcement, can 1776% count on us to not only never take part in such vile acts of domestic terror: We shall in fact be the biggest ears to the ground and most alert eyes upon the horizon, as we vigilantly keep watch for even the slightest whisper of any and all acts of violence. 



Being American Militia does mean defending ourselves, our families and our communities and the God-given rights of all of the above: Where we are.

“Defending where we are” means:

Our homes.  Our communities.  Places we belong.  Not any place where trouble can be expected or even anticipated.  Not where we aren’t wanted or welcome.  Not where anyone who doesn’t like us are reasonably expected to be (protests for example, we must and shall avoid such nonsense with every effort possible).


We do not, and we shall not, “armed march” upon any capitols or anyplace else, ever, no exceptions.

We also will not protest armed, ever, in any place, for any reason, no exceptions.

*(As I have stated ad nauseum:  Protesting against or to government puppets who pretend to “represent” us is an absolutely pointless waste of time.  As protesting against puppets is a total waste of time, “overthrowing” puppets would an absolutely egregious waste of time in addition to being a waste of gas, ammo and most probably lives. 

As I will ad again with added additional ad nauseum:

The politicians in DC and every State Capitol are merely  puppets who do precisely what they are told by their Puppetmasters and nothing more.  While they are extremely sad and disgusting people, they actually are not our enemies:  The people who run them are our enemies.  (So, in an incredibly weird and exceedingly ironic twist: We The People have the same enemies as poor ‘ole #SloJoe and Nancy #NeverForgetGeorgeKirby Pelosi.  That’s where the similarities promptly end however since we haven’t sold our souls as they obviously have).

In any event, all the politicians and so forth in DC and in every state are puppets who come from an endless supply of puppets, so there is no reason to “overthrow” them.

Put another way:

The only thing more stupid than trying to “overthrow” puppets would be to expect that such a thing would make any difference whatsoever.

So hopefully that is clear?  That I nor we have any plans or even thoughts of trying to “overthrow” anyone?  Okay good.

*(BTW: 1/6 was actually a certain group who apparently came out of the womb wearing black hoodies.  In fact, some even wore their black hoodies under “Their” Trump hats for the festivities of 1/6).


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