I know what you’re thinking.

“The percentage of BLM protesters who started fires is very, very small and it’s insanely unfair to blame every Black Lives Matter protester for the actions of the very few.” If that’s what you’re thinking then I agree with you in the following sense:

I agree that it is insanely unfair to blame all of the Trump supporters who were in DC on 1/6 for the actions of the very few Trump supporters who entered the Capitol Building (if they were even Trump supporters in the first place). That’s only the tip of the unfairness iceberg too, since now every Trump supporter in the country is being blamed for the actions of the very few in DC on 1/6.

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Should every person or organization who has ever promoted BLM be banned from social media? If they start their own social media and after being banned should their new social media be removed from the internet like has been done to Parler?

The events of 1/6 in DC are being used in the attempt to erase Trump and MAGA and Qanon and every other non-Left individual, group, organization or otherwise from existence.

Those same events are being used to set up unprecedented efforts to disarm all Americans.


Blaming all Trump and Q supporters for DC makes no more sense than would prohibiting all black people from owning or possessing matches and lighters.

Furthermore, in regards to if Trump “incited” any “insurrection”:

If Trump wanted an insurrection, he would have had a real insurrection…

Tell me something:

How many Trump supporters were in DC on 1/6?

Now tell me how many people total entered and committed unlawful acts in the Capitol Building?

And during this outrageous assault on our “Democracy”:

How many of those people were carrying the “assault weapons” which suddenly need to be banned more than ever before due to those who decided to “assault” the Capital using no “assault weapons”? An “attack” planned SO well thanks to Parler that they neglected to remember to bring their “assault weapons” to this “assault””? Wow, it definitely is necessary to ban Parler and every Non-Leftist social media site and user when such pre-mediated attacks take place. Truly:

Only Parler could have facilitated an assault in which everyone forgot their “assault weapons”.

Uh huh.


No, what happened on 1/6 was no Trump led insurrection. If Trump wanted to incite an insurrection or any violence at all, one word from him and the entirety of DC would have become a parking lot well before 1/7. One word from Trump and all of the treasonous “Representatives” who “fled” would have been en route to hell well before 1/7.

Furthermore, if Trump really wanted to solve a ton of problems in record time by using violence:

He could have himself declared insurrection and as Commander in Chief given his followers a list of treasonous domestic enemies who he wanted dead or alive. If he had done that he would have received delivery of the head of everyone he wanted on a stake before nightfall.

President Trump is a truly remarkable man. How ironic is it that a man of such monumental kindness and patience is thought by so many to be the most evil person on the planet? But that’s what the media does and the better a person is the worse they do it.


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