It is a great day for America.  Our enemies have drawn first blood.

Multiple members of the MN National Guard have been fired upon and shot.

As I’ve said ad nauseum, as The Militia of We The People we must not use weapons for any purposes other than defending our own communities, and even then only as an action of absolute last resort if/when necessary to defend life, limb, livelihood or property.  #NeverAttackAlwaysDefend is a motto we take with the utmost seriousness.

Furthermore, we should not engage with anyone involved in the “peaceful protests” going on with any weapon whatsoever including our fists.

The National Guard however…well that’s wonderfully different.

*(ATTENTION ALL PATRIOTS: STAY AWAY From MN and any other of this nonsense. STAY HOME: Guard your own families and your own communities DEFENSIVELY. Do not take any weapons out of your hometown/community. If you must travel with weapons for any reason take ammo and/or lower receivers on a separate trip.)

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Now that MN National Guardsman have been shot at and wounded, we just may get our country back sooner than could otherwise be expected.  That’s because:

Now The National Guard can slaughter them all and hopefully they will do that very thing.

Does that sound “harsh” to you?  If so what part of, “Death To America” do you not understand?  What part of, “No Boarders No Walls No America At All” do you not understand?

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Do you not recognize clear declarations of war when you see them?

Do you not understand that The Left will rob you of absolutely everything you hold dear, including the very minds of your children (and your children in body eventually), if they are allowed to continue their all-out attack upon America?

In any event, here is to hoping that the MN National Guard takes care of business and shows the Communists just how welcome they are NOT in The Constitutional Republic of The United States of America.

“Death To America” is not a game folks. They are not kidding around they are deadly serious about that.

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