Our system has suffered catastrophic failure due to the rotting corruption of the evil demonic mind-molesting needle-raping election-stealing Left.

The Left is putting violent criminals on the streets of America again and even to the full extent of importing criminal gangs along with countless criminals who cross our borders illegally and will cancel out your vote without ID.

Join The Nationwide Militia of We The People below…

The Left are morally bankrupt animals who are creating their fully criminal culture which applauds new perversions each week and rewards violence upon the innocent, rioting, arson, looting and every form of theft of mind, spirit, soul and property.

All of this while The Left poisons and perverts the minds of America’s children while pumping them fully of highly-toxic and poisonous experimental vaccines.

The Left is extremely dangerous and is becoming more bold with every passing day. TAKE ACTION to protect your family and your community with impenetrable defense SIGN UP AT BOTTOM.

SHOCK VIDEO: Black Activist In 2017 Video Brutally Exposes The “Demonic” Left’s Planned Civil War, ANTIFA and “Fake black movement BLM”, ANTIFA FUNDED BY SOROS & CLINTON, Las Vegas Shooting was planned by Leftist “Beasts” and was a “Direct Hit” Domestic Terror attack to push UN GUN CONTROL, and more…

National Guardsman Shot In MN & Can Now Slaughter The Leftists Fingers Crossed CLICK HERE

#WeNeverAttackWeAlwaysDefend #LeaveUsAlone #MathNotMasks #VaccineDeathsEpidemic #CuresForFears

JOIN We The People's Coast-To-Coast Militia
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