WASHINGTON — “The Science” has finally discovered why the Biden administration is stealing everything but the kitchen sink from the American people, while miraculously resisting the urge to steal the kitchen sink also.

Three anonymous “sources” who quite conveniently “know about” the situation have confirmed that while the kitchen sink has been found to also disenfranchise Black Voters along with everything else under the sun, the administration has decided that the optics of stealing the kitchen sink would be bad due to the kitchen sink being white.

One of the anonymous sources went onto say that The Left is concerned that Black Voters could finally catch wind of the fact that the black plight is once again being used to achieve whatever hell the Left is looking to raise up to earth for the benefit of We The People with this week.

“A WARNING TO THE LEFT” By Vic Freeman™ Click Here

In other news:

Democrats are introducing a, “Dreamers Free To Move” bill to provide a 3-time cash payment of $50,000 per illegal who wishes to move out of Florida now that Governor DeSantis is using E-Verify.

E-Verify is a background check system which confirms if prospective hires are legally authorized to work in the United States.

This new bill being the latest move of the Democrats as they fight against the systemic racism which permeates every sensible thought which any Non-Leftist may have.

13 “anonymous” sources who “know about” that situation say that Democrats are treating DeSantis’ brazenly racist E-Verify approach with all the virtue signaling outrage they can muster.

Two of the anonymous “sources” who “know about the situation” completed each others sentences almost as if they were reading off of the same script when they stated,

“The last thing Dems want is to offend the Undocumented Dreamer community just as Dems are smuggling voters who lack Voter-ID into the United States by the millions. The Dems have spent a lot of taxpayer money paying themselves to destroy the Democratic Process and there’s no point in making illegals dependent upon your party if they’ll have to show ID to vote.”

“If ID is required for working then it’s only a matter of time before ID is required for voting, and then before you know it ID will be required to pick up newborns at maternity wards and Creepy Joe tires of his sex toys at an alarming rate. This systemic racism has got to stop”.



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