When they call you, or Trump, or anyone else, “racist”…

Don’t defend yourself or the other person. Don’t get suckered into trying to prove a negative.

They already know you’re not a racist. They already know Trump isn’t a racist (the people at the top know and the sheeple are too brainwashed to convince of a positive let alone a negative).

Whether they know the truth or not, our response should be the same:

Rather than go on the defensive we should immediately say:

“You are a divisionist”.

That’s the truth of it, so make them try to prove a negative (which they can’t do and it also is positively a fact).

When they call you a, “racist” their true purpose is to divide. To divide you from others. To divide you from the truth. To divide you from your focus. To divide you from effective participation in every debate.

When they say, “racist”…


When they call Trump racist they are trying to divide the very people he wants to help from him. President Trump can take it, but the saddest part is that they place a wedge of division between him and people who could very much use the help he very much wants to give them.

I can hear it already:

“Trump doesn’t want to help anyone he’s a racist!”

See what I mean?

Well, as far as many people of color are concerned it doesn’t matter if Trump wants to help them or not because they’ll never find out. No matter how much someone wants to give you something, you can’t receive it if you don’t open your hand and who’s going to expect anything from a, “racist”. Then the folks who refuse to open their hand blame the would-be giver, as they hear, “See I told you that he’s a racist who doesn’t care about you”.

I knew racial trouble was brewing in the fall of 2019, when even CNN was reporting that Progressive Black leaders were praising Trump for historically low black unemployment. We can’t have that. We can’t have the Left losing their stranglehold of control over the black voters they think they literally own (historical reference definitely intended). The Left must keep “their” voters in dependency and that Trump guy wants them to have their own money and the freedom and self-esteem which having your own money and being out of dependency brings.

That calls for a pandemic and a race war, time to call in the CCP and Mr. Soros. Gotta get those unemployment rates back up before the 2020 election. Shut everything down. Then burn everything down for good measure. Make everyone miserable and blame it all on Trump.

The Agents & Agencies of Division know you’re not a racist. They know Trump isn’t racist. They know that you and Trump and MAGA folks are the least racist people on the planet. Which is why they call you a racist.

You’re not a racist:

They are divisionists.

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