Here is how to start a Hot Civil War (a “hot” civil war means gun’s blazing and blood flowing):

Go to a very well-established Constitutional Republic with a very long and very highly treasured tradition of private gun ownership (to the tune of over 100 Million gun owners) and do your level best to ram Communism down its throat.

If you want to incite and provoke violence, there is no better way than that.

“A Warning To The Left” By Vic Freeman CLICK HERE


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  1. This is crap. No one will fight back. You already lost your first amendment in 2020 and I didnt see any fights.

    • The fight has barely just begun. It can be difficult to see the fight, as it cannot (and should not) be a “conventional” fight in the sense of big show primetime “fireworks” such as gunfire and bombs. That kind of fighting (offensive attacks) would yield zero tactical benefit while handing our enemies the ammo (no pun intended) they need in order to persecute Patriotic Americans to the thunderous applause of the mob (they’ve already started their false flag campaign which begun on 1/6, let’s nobody make that easier for them and keep an eye out for “drills” since drills put all the pieces in place for them to create a fiction film which they pass off as the genuine article). As such we’ve all heard the term, “Don’t leave home without it”, well when it comes to comes to weapons: “Don’t leave home with it” (and if you must take a weapon or weapons someplace then for example transport the lower receiver and ammo on a separate trip). In other words, leave no room for misunderstanding and you can’t get framed up nor done like RW. Our Republic is very deep in the process being totally and completely destroyed and they are not using guns and ammo to do it they are killing our Republic with LIES (“He who tells the stories rules society.” -Plato). As such, while Patriotic Americans need guns and ammo more than ever, those must only be used for strictly defensive acts of absolute last resort to save life, limb, livelihood or property. The real fronts of this war for our Republic are information and economic. Also let all be aware that the UN Small Arms treaty is back on the table as it was during the Obama Administration and as such expect the “Eric Holder Brainwash Kids” false flag attacks and more than ever before (the PSYOP intended to brainwash children against the guns which can protect them from evil by attacking schools is back in full-effect, expect our enemies to perpetrate numerous attacks upon schools in their effort to jam the UN Small Arms treaty terms down the throat of America by terrifying kids and parents). For more on what’s happening please subscribe to the BULLETin™ Blog. -Vic

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