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As We Celebrate This 4th We Must Prepare For War

HOW did we get the FREEDOM we celebrate today?  What was required?  What took place?

This year, unlike any in our lifetimes, as we celebrate we must remember HOW we got the Freedom we celebrate.

We must remember that brave people fought for it, we must remember that the fireworks ALSO represent THEIR gunfire.

Even if America’s Leftist domestic enemies think everything they leech off of America is free:

Freedom isn’t free.

IF WE FAIL to remember freedom isn’t free:

We WILL lose it.  All of it.  Permanently.

So as We The People enjoy celebrating the 4th with family and friends:

Look around you and realize that if The Left gets their way, this WILL be the last time.


Let’s be clear this 4th:

America is not, “divided”.

There is no “divide” to “heal”.  There is no “political divide” and there is no “cultural divide”.

This is not “two sides of the aisle” in disagreement over what is best going forward for The Constitutional Republic which this IN FACT IS.  This is about ONE GROUP doing their absolute level best to destroy this Constitutional Republic while committing actual Acts of War in the attempt.

A divide between Americans and the pure evil of Leftism is a divide which should get wider, NOT be “healed”.

America is not “divided” but there definitely are two distinct groups in America:

There are those of us who love America, and then there are those who hate and attack everything America is and everything Americans are.

Instead of leaving, those who hate America think they can take it upon themselves to STEAL this Constitutional Republic and “transition” it into a twisted and perverted Godless Leftist State


The Left will never leave America alone voluntarily.

They will never leave Americans alone voluntarily.  No, they are NOT American’s even if they were born here:

The Constitution and our Republic must be defended against all enemies foreign AND DOMESTIC, and The Left are enemy combatants. 


Context has a powerful effect on the meaning of words.

Saying “fire” out loud in the context of a campsite while sitting next to a campfire…

Is not the same as saying “fire” out loud in a crowded movie theater.

Saying, “racist”…”white supremacist”…”fascist”… in a certain context…


Go to DuckDuckGo or any other non-Commie free speech source of info…

Find literally anything on, “Marxist/Communist” methods of “takeover/subversion”.  Find literally anything on methods of “Regime Change”, methods which have been used all over the world for a very, very long time.

Point being:

While racism, “white supremacy”, fascism etc are not great things…

The REASONS for The Left using those terms and CRT etc reveal the CONTEXT they are using them in…

And the CONTEXT makes their MOTIVES as clear as day.


Over the past year especially, many Americans have argued that America is in fact not racist, white supremacist, fascist, etc.

The answer is: No, America is not racist, white supremacist, fascist etc.

While there are, and always have been, a very small percentage of people who may have personal issues of all types of things to work through, the question is:

Is America by and large screwed up in that manner, and the answer to that is a resounding no.

So WHY?  Why these horrible accusations and assertions coming from the left?

The answer to that is:

In the DELIBERATE CONTEXT within they say and do these things, these are acts of war against the constitution and the republic of the United States of America.

Put another way:

They know America is not predominantly racist, white supremacist, fascist etc.…

They know, and they do not care, because:

Their goal is to destroy America. Their goal is to undo the Constitution.  Their goal is to destroy The Constitutional Republic and turn it into a deeply evil and demented Leftist state.


It is commonly assumed that Enemy Combatants of War are always carrying guns and/or other physical weaponry.  This is FAR from the truth, ESPECIALLY when WORDS have been weaponized and are specifically used as WEAPONS of Mass Destruction as part of executing a specific and deliberate program of hostile takeover as described above.

When the WORDS of The Left are used as WEAPONS in the CONTEXT described above:

Each such word spoken is the deployment of a weapon.

Each such word spoken is a deliberate Act of War.


As I have expressed ad nauseum:

Our crystal clear policy is:


When I speak of defending ourselves, I absolutely DO NOT mean any act or acts of any nature even remotely resembling OFFENSIVE.

I refer ONLY to DEFENSIVE actions:

We DO NOT believe in the use of ANY weapon, whether fist or firearm, in any act of violence which is not an act of absolute last resort in order to protect life, limb, livelihood or property.

“If you drive a Lamborghini you don’t even have to race.”


Like literally every last Patriotic American whom I personally know and will ever associate with:

There is nothing in the world I want more than to get our Republic through these difficult times with absolutely no bloodshed. 

Like many Patriots I know:

I pray to Almighty God both day and night, every day and night, that we may get through these times with no lives lost and with not so much as one hair on any head harmed.

And YES:

That absolutely includes the Leftist enemies of The Constitutional Republic for which we stand.

God loves them, even if they hate Him.  We must also love them, regardless of how messed up they are.  They are children of God too, even if they don’t know it.


The indescribable horrible fact is that we might have no choice but to fight them in DEFENSE of our lives and our Republic.

The ball is in their court, and THAT is precisely the problem:

The ball is in their court, they choose to commit acts of war upon us and our Constitution and our Republic, and after a solid year of incessant attacks including literal physical Domestic Terrorism, they very clearly have no intention of stopping or even slowing down with their incessant acts of literal war.  It is clear that it is their goal in life to be and act as Enemy Combatants of all categories of both psychological and physical Domestic Terror.


100% of everything that comes out of a Leftists mouth is a lie.

100% of everything said and shown by the Mainstream Global-Corporate Media is a lie.

It is a complete waste of time and energy to engage them in any discussion or debate, as they do not discuss nor debate with anything even remotely resembling Good Faith.

They do not want to have any “meeting of minds” in the interest of solving anything whatsoever:

They only seek to engage us in discussion and debate in order to distract and disinform towards their only purpose which is to destroy.

As such:

We MUST stop REACTING and start ACTING.


I have prayerfully devised THE SOLUTION which will solve everything discussed here and a lot more, and I pray that YOU will join The Solution.

This is The Solution we will use in order to fully restore and secure our beloved embattled Republic.

It addresses our problems on 3 KEY FRONTS, addressing each front infinitely more comprehensively than any plan before it:

1. Economic war.

2. Information war.

3.   2nd Amendment Security and Defense Readiness.

*IF WE as Patriots ACT NOW in coordination on #1 and #2 above:

We will not have to use #3.

It’s is absolutely critical that we do absolutely everything in our power, and with God’s help, to avoid having to use #3 above:

We MUST fully restore and fully secure our Republic, but we DO NOT want for any violence whatsoever to occur, and we must work harder than we ever have in order to avoid violence, because our enemies WANT violence (as is evident for example in the extended riot otherwise known as 2020.  The Global Corporate Media which wants nothing more than to destroy America may call it “peaceful protest“ all they wish, but also has pointed out above absolutely everything they say is a 100% intentional lie told for the purposes of destroying America).

*I pray you’ll join us in this critical plan, and please please PLEASE share this post with everyone and everywhere you can:

Our enemies are VERY highly coordinated, and while we Patriotic Americans have much greater numbers we MUST ALL coordinate to the maximum possible.

Please join HERE (Click Here).

Please also sign up on THIS page below (“Be Paul Revere With Me”).

**(Please also see the words below the form regarding the False Flag Threat we face)

Be Paul Revere With Me™
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We must be aware that it is not a question of IF our enemies will attempt False Flags:

It is only a question of WHEN and WHERE.

This is one of the many reasons we as Patriots MUST be ALL about:


Like a broken record.

In this time of “Identity Politics” and weaponized innuendo, we must define ourselves and our intentions with the utmost crystal clear possible clarity, and we must be resolute and incessant about it. As we have seen, if we do not diligently define ourselves with vigilance our enemies are more than glad to define us in any manner which suits their perverse agenda, and the truth has absolutely nothing to do with Divide & Conquer.

WHEN our enemies attempt to False Flag Patriots:

The WORLD SHALL NOW KNOW, that without a doubt:

It was NOT us.

The Invisible Enemy has always used False Flags to great advantage:

9/11 WTC was none other than Reichstag 2.0, the oldest and most tired trick in the book.  (The Reichstag Fire was a False Flag conducted by Hitler for the purposes of imposing his own “Patriot Act”.  Not only is 9/11 now fully exposed for what it was: It’s actually very obvious what it was when we inject just the slightest amount of historical perspective, looking at The Reichstag for example).

The Florida Condo “Collapse” was done the same way as WTC (No the WTC towers didn’t collapse due to the airliners hitting it, they collapsed via Professionally Executed Controlled Demolition and WTC7 makes that entirely obvious and to suggest otherwise is absurd, anybody who denies it simply does not want to know the truth).

VIDEO PROOF FL Condo “Collapse” Was Planned Professional Demolition AND That Biden Knew About It BEFORE It Happened

And of course we have “Reichstag 3.0” aka the Fake 1/6 Capital “Riot”, which government documents reveal as having been planned and executed in large part if not in full by the FBI. The FBI also was who “plotted” to “kidnap” Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, with many of the “kidnappers” were working for the FBI. Furthermore remember the “bomb” scare portion of the 1/6 Fiction Film Extravaganza produced by CNN…yep he was a full on FBI agent (See Tucker Carlson’s feature on 1/6 he lays it all out and also recommends a book which shows the very long history of these types of False Flag attacks/plots being conceived, organized and executed by FBI and other such agencies. It truly is nothing new).

Another historical event we must be aware of in order to understand the big picture of the threats we face is:

The Balfour Declaration of 1917. 

The Balfour Declaration was sent to Lord Rothschild from former British Prime Minister Author Balfour when Balfour was acting as foreign secretary of UK Cabinet.

The Balfour Declaration was the UK’s part in an agreement with Rothschild, with Rothschild’s part being to use Rothschild power in order to manipulate the United States Military into WWI (Britain was being devastated by Germany previous to the US entry into WWI and desperately needed backup).

The reasons for mentioning WTC and The Balfour Declaration is due to the context they provide for understanding our current situation.  In short:

The Balfour Declaration manipulated the US into WWI.

WTC manipulated the US into The Middle East.

The Global “Pandemic”…

The “Climate Change” crisis…

Bottom line:

Our Invisible Enemies are murderous sociopathic psychopaths who would murder every occupant of the WTC without a second thought.

They would murder school children in their desperate effort to disarm Americans.

They would also murder every American via a “Vaccine” scheme if they are able.

On of our greatest strengths in America is one of our greatest vulnerabilities:

The goodness of decent people make it exceptionally difficult to accept or even comprehend that there are people who would do the kind of things mentioned above to us.  “Oh they wouldn’t do THAT!” is something we’ve all heard from countless people as we have tried to tell others the truth.

Oh YES, they WOULD.  They HAVE.  They DO.  And they WILL.


*ALERT: In order that less people DIE please share this post. (Let's Be Clear: They are trying to KILL YOU and YOUR FAMILY.) Demolish their plans by sharing this and other posts by "The Weapon of False-Narrative Mass Destruction™" aka Vic Freeman™. *Be Paul Revere With Me™ & SMASH The FALSE NARRATIVE DESTRUCTION Buttons Below to SHARE

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