So the Left wants to talk about the incitement and provocation of violence?

Let’s do that.

The Left has and continues to accuse President Trump and his every supporter of inciting and provoking violence. 

I can do them 1776% better.  Are you sitting down?

I can prove to you that the Left is right now, as I write and as you read, in the specific and direct act of provoking and inciting violence.

Not only is the Left directly in the specific act of inciting and provoking violence:

The Left is directly in the specific act of inciting and provoking fully-blown armed revolution.

How can I say that words and actions of Gun Control causes armed revolution in America?

Because it is the ONLY thing which ever has.

Gun Control is the ONLY thing which ever has sparked armed revolution in this country.

Not “one of” the things:

The ONLY thing.

Furthermore (unless the Left intends to claim that they are entirely ignorant of history):

Their incitement and provocation of fully-blown armed revolution is intentional and they know precisely what they are trying to directly and specifically incite and provoke.


On April 18, 1775, the British sent several hundred British troops to seize the American colonists’ military stores (“military stores” = the most modern military weapons available at the time and the same kind the British military had) at Concord, Massachusetts.

What kind of stores?

Oh yes:

MILITARY stores.

On that day when The British Standing Army (an army formed and/or controlled by government) went to seize the MILITARY stores of the Colonial Militia (the regular people):

The First American Revolutionary War officially began.  After long-running and relatively non-violent high tensions between the Colonists and the British, when the British came for the MILITARY stores of the Colonists’ (as opposed to any standing army) that was the final straw.

Did I mention that British troops went to seize the MILITARY stores of the Colonists?  As in MILITARY weapons?  As in the SAME MILITARY weapons used by the British Army at the time?  The MILITARY stores which made for a level playing field between the American Colonial Militia and the British Standing Army in regard to weaponry?

The specific and direct cause of the First American Revolution was:



I am going to dig down real deep and bring up a very obscure saying which The Left is clearly not familiar with (their epic ignorance of it being made entirely evident by their delusions that Communism is a good idea).

It goes like this:

“History repeats itself.”

With that nearly forgotten little tidbit having been said…

Well, if you haven’t seen my point yet then you are either quite mentally deficient or even worse are mentally deficient, mentally ill and morally bankrupt all at the same time (aka a Leftist).


Patriotic Americans do not want to fight. 

Unlike Leftists, violence is not the first thing we turn to.  Most of us would much rather go to church and ask God to help us solve our problems in the best way, but you have a problem with that too don’t you?

Granted, a percentage of the Trump supporters in DC on 1/6 (a % which was smaller than the percentage of BLM protesters who literally lit police stations and police vehicles on fire in a little teeny tiny mini-riot/insurrection called “2020”), well those Vikings and obvious meth heads who wear Trump hats over their black hoodies did cross a line truth be told (as the actual Trump supporters screamed “do something” to the police who at the time were busy doing their very best impression of the statues that the Leftists keep tearing down).

We really don’t want to fight, and furthermore:

Nobody is saying that all blacks should be banned from possessing matches and lighters.


If you didn’t know where Gun Control leads, now you do.  And:

IF ONE MORE WORD about Gun Control comes out of the mouth of another Leftist Politician:

Every drop of any blood which could eventually result will have been directly incited and provoke by including those words.


The Left just can’t seem to leave others the hell alone, can they?  Then again, I can only imagine how hard it must be to leave people alone and steal their money and their liberty all at the same time.

It is time for The Left to learn a new skill called, “Screwing off” and I hope they can be fast learners just this one time at least.


We will NOT attack you but do not force us to defend ourselves from your extensive product lines of hell on earth.


BTW tell me, why doth the rattlesnake rattle?

STFU.  Leave us alone.  Literally.  Go away.  Crawl back into whatever demon infested hellhole you climbed out of and stop molesting the lives (and children) of others.  Stop raping the minds of our children and our families and our neighbors.  Stop trying to rape us with your needles for your fake ass “pandemic”/vote-by-mail and economic terrorism scams.



#MandatoryVaccination is:



“If our Liberty is only as firm as the most infirm amongst us then we have no Liberty.” -Vic Freeman

“Fact-checkers check for and remove facts which conflict with the false-narrative.” -Vic Freeman

BTW:  It’s a fun legal precedent the Left has set is it not?  They who incites and/or provokes violence is as responsible for crimes that follow as are the incited/provoked person(s)?  That’s what they’re saying about Trump (in spite of their second impeachment attempt having failed).  That’s what they’re saying about all of us.

So let’s see here….could it be…that…

Having very clearly established that Gun Control not only causes armed revolution in America but is the only thing which ever has:

It may be that from here on out nobody can be charged with any military weapons charges without Joe Biden and every Democrat in DC being charged accordingly?  (I’m not giving any legal advice, and you’ll notice that I said it “may” be).

God Bless OUR rightfully Re-Elected Greatest President of All Time, President Donald J. Trump, and God Bless Our Great Republic America. #TrumpWON


Your Brother Patriot to and beyond the end,

Vic Freeman

Ephesians 3:20


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