In God We STILL Trust. If YOU do too you are also invited to Join Us On this other TELEGRAM (CLICK HERE)

(Ephesians 3:20)

The Great Reset/Green New Deal (aka New World Order) Corporate Psychopaths and their Domestic Terrorist Puppets* in “our” government are going forward with their plans to quite literally bankrupt and starve Americans into total submission and enslavement, viciously attacking food and fuel supplies sending prices through the roof while drastically reducing your buying power by simultaneously and deliberately hyper-inflating the dollar.


*This is readily apparent especially since the Global Communist/Corporate Regime Change Operations which overthrew the United States Government (and removed President Trump), “our” government is an entirely captured operation which holds the door open for Global Communist Government takeover while pretending to fight for the American people.)

My Fellow Americans our country is GONE:  Our Republic is now 100% captured and is under Global Governance as we speak.  A primary VC Purpose of Restoring & Securing our Republic, 100% Lawfully and 100% NON-Violently, is now a recovery operation which must be conducted while building decentralized defenses in order to prevent further advances into our communities by Globalist Forces and their Domestic Terrorist Puppets who currently pose as “our” Government and the illegal agencies thereof including standing army forces [standing army = any armed gov agencies and/or individuals) who illegally operate and conduct Domestic Terrorism within the United States (False Flag Operations) without any legitimate charter].


YOU now face the most important decision of you and your family’s life:

While you are under no obligation to accept our invitation to join us at Victory City (VC), you and most of your family will completely lose what’s left of your Liberty and/or die if you do not.  Your call.

We are building fully Off-Grid-Capable Highest Security Manufacturing Communities in every state, each with NO JAB EVER jobs and schools where prayer is applauded and The Pledge of Allegiance and REAL American history happens daily instead of Communist Indoctrination. 

FOR PATRIOTS ONLY: Houses Up To 100% OFF. For Details CLICK HERE

*Each VC Location is having massive Aquaponic Greenhouse Complexes with absolutely staggering food output including literally unlimited fish for fresh protein to keep your family STRONG while we Checkmate the NWO will the help of Almighty God.

Secure a year supply of food for your family* by purchasing this SUPREMELY SECURE NFT.  An NFT is THE ULTIMATE RECEIPT and Supremely Redeemable TOKEN which can never be altered or counterfeited or erased by anyone ever.

*Based on recommended daily allowance for each member of your immediate family.

NEED A HOUSE? But have NO JAB, NO JOB, NO MONEY & NO CREDIT: NO PROBLEM. For details go to Victory Homes™ Telegram (CLICK HERE)

p.p.s.  You can secure food supply with us OR you can wait for the Great Reset/Green New Deal (aka New World Order) Corporate Psychopaths and their Domestic Terrorist Puppets in “our” government to ROB YOU of everything you have and will ever had while destroying everything else with inflation and by attacking our fuel supplies just as every country under attack of war has their fuel pipelines attacked (oh ya: It’s got absolutely nothing to do with their most favorite Manufactured #FalseDataDeception Crisis of all aka “Climate Change”).

p.p.s.  Secure HARD ASSET FOOD SUPPLIES with us or have all your money stolen by them AND have no food.

***This NFT is redeemable as daily, weekly or monthly supplies (for a year) immediately upon availability at any of our VC Locations currently being built in every State (4 per state initially: NW, NE, SW and SE of every state).


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