There’s been a lot of talk of plots to overthrow the Government lately.  Yes, there most definitely is a plot to overthrow our form of Government and it’s being carried out by the treasonous Left on behalf of their Global Communist masters as we speak.

Now that we’ve established that the Left is actively working to overthrow our form of government, is there a plot or plots by Patriotic Americans to overthrow the Government itself?  No, there absolutely is not.  Even if Patriotic Americans did lack decency as immensely as the Left does, it would be a total waste of time to even attempt to “overthrow” any “government” which in fact consists entirely of puppets.  Removing illegitimate figureheads and pathetic Globalist puppets from office, or even removing them from the earth, would not make a shred of difference whatsoever.  There is certainly no shortage of weak people that are completely devoid of integrity who are happy to be puppets, so they’d simply be immediately replaced as many times as necessary.  Not interested, sorry not sorry.  Nice try Lefties (not really though).

Btw isn’t it hilarious that The Left thinks Patriotic Americans are stupid enough to give them the violent confrontations and attacks they need in order to persecute Patriots with the full blessing (and to the thunderous applause) of the mob?  No.  We #NeverAttackAlwaysDefend so now everybody can know:

Any attacks you hear about being blamed on Patriotic Americans is what’s called a, “False Flag” operation.  (For anyone who does not already know, a “False Flag” operation is when really evil people organize and conduct a real or fake attack for the purpose of blaming it on people they want to falsely accuse and/or persecute, or to manufacture the consent of the public at large to attack others or to pass illegal “laws” or whatever other piece of hell they are prioritizing that day.  For an example of a recent False Flag attack see the CNN co-produced interactive fiction film which was performed quite unconvincingly by including meth-fueled actors who by every very obvious indication traded in their black hoodies for Trump hats for a day).


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  1. The 6th incident was a sad learning day for uninformed Patriots. I even tried to send out warnings to fellow Patriots warning them of the FF. They meant well but were cunningly duped by evil to “hey follow me, see I’ve got my red hat on”. Hmph. Fool me once shame on me, fool me twice well you know, the thing.

    • “Fool me twice, shame on me”. I don’t think so. The Deep State hasn’t fooled me. I was made aware of their crooked ways many years ago. My grandfather, back when I was like 9 or 10 years old, always told me America is headed towards a communist state. “Son you better have lots of ammo. And when you run out, you better have a big damn hammer to knock them in their head! You can bury them little bastards 10 deep and you still won’t kill all of them”! Well he was correct on the first 3 statements and I took that advice. The latter hasn’t happened….yet! Hope it doesn’t never happen.

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