The video below shows how the frequent fake Mass Shooting media events are done. This includes school shootings and many other media events such as the 1/6 “Capitol Riot” in DC.

“You Were Born To Be Militarized” by Vic Freeman: Click Here

Expect to see more and more of these fake events to take place, as with this new administration the UN Small Arms Treaty is back on the table as it was during the Obama administration, which is when Eric Holder was filmed giving his now infamous speech in which he discussed the importance of relentlessly, “brainwashing” people and kids in order to make them think of guns in a negative light ahead of coming attempts to disarm Americans and appease the demands of their Globalist Masters who want to see the UN Small Arms Treaty thrust upon America amongst other such plans for Globalist domination.

Such events are propaganda PSYOP’s (Psychological Operations) done for various purposes including in the attempt to gain overwhelming public support for Gun Control.

All Military-Style Weapons and High-Capacity Magazines have been declared 100% legal

Tyranny can be achieved in a Democracy via the “Manufacturing of Consent”. Simply put:

If “The Powers Which Should Not Be” anticipate widespread public resistance to any particular action they wish to take, they can do Psychological Operations such at these types of events in order to scare the hell out of the public first. That way, instead of resisting the public will beg for whatever type of tyrannical control which will alleviate whichever fears are created by these events.

We can also very see this approach with the Global “Pandemic” which is an PSYOP in it’s entirety, intended to terrify the Global Population into full submission after extensive economic sabotage in order to starve countries and people out, via the “Pandemic Shutdowns” which are designed to economically disable nations and people so they can be conquered.

“A WARNING TO THE LEFT” by Vic Freeman Click Here


Typically these events are organized and set up as a “Drill”. People including actors are hired to make the “Drill” appear as if it is real. The participants are told that the reason for this is so that whomever is the target of the “Drill” needs to experience the greatest realism possible in order to get the best preparation for real life events of similar nature.

For example, if it is a Drill for First Responders like EMT’s then they want the injuries to appear as real as possible so that when they respond to real life situations they’ll have the best preparation.


With all the pieces in place for a hyper-realistic “drill”…

Then they simply turn on cameras and film it just like any other fiction film is made, then they present it on CNN and other such fiction outlets as, “news”. And of course everything looks extremely real and the public has absolutely no clue that it wasn’t a real attack.

Very ironically, this process typically results in Gun Stores all across the USA having record months for sales of guns and ammo, which is proof that the U. S. of A. is still the greatest country on the planet. #AmericaONLY™

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